Antonio Sabato Jr.: 'Our Country Needs Donald Trump'

"General Hospital" actor tells RNC crowd about becoming a naturalized American citizen.
3:33 | 07/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Antonio Sabato Jr.: 'Our Country Needs Donald Trump'
I'm honored to be here. And this November we're going to win. I know I'm not your typical convention speaker. You might be wondering why I chose to speak well the truth is that a never consider myself very political. Or spoken out politically before. Well my belief. In this country. My faith in Jesus Christ. Have compelled me to speak now. That's right. I'm concerned about our country's future. I'm concerned about my children's future. And I believe. We need Donald Trump. Who shares. That's right and shares. My beliefs and my faith. To get our country back on track. In the past eight years state failed policies that caused our country to deteriorate. Our rights have been trouble and I security threat. We are weaker by almost every measure that we are on the wrong path. It is clear even to someone who was not even born yet. I can't do here is states from Rome Italy in 1985. Drive. Ed I Dahlia. I follow all the rules. It finally became and naturalized citizen in 1996. Others. Under the US to live there work. Should follow the same rules. We are in May Shane. Of love's for a reason there should be no shortcuts for those who don't wanna pay or wait. You know my mother was born in a Communist brought. Escaped the Czech Republic and met my dad in Italy. I know. What socialism looks like. I don't want that for my children. Not at all. But that's didn't. With the leader we have. And they candidate he endorses. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton remote division. Don't be fool. But Donald Trump as Ford beauty T. A. Trump. Believes. In one America. Where liberty and justice for all. Having secure borders protecting its citizens. None of this is hateful. Isn't the responsibility. Of the government. It is the right thing. Donald Trump we'll get it done that put us back on the right track. People know this and that's why they have voted as they have. We can no longer afford to be sonics. Our country needs Donald Trump to make us great again. Thank god bless the united states of a man.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"\"General Hospital\" actor tells RNC crowd about becoming a naturalized American citizen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40684728","title":"Antonio Sabato Jr.: 'Our Country Needs Donald Trump'","url":"/Politics/video/antonio-sabato-jr-country-donald-trump-40684728"}