Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucus

An ABC News analysis shows Joe Biden trailing in second.
2:37 | 02/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucus
We are following breaking news in the race for president ABC news can now project Bernie Sanders the winner of the Democratic Caucus in Nevada. With New Hampshire these are back to back wins for the Vermont senator and according to entrance polls a decisive victory. Senator Sanders invested in this contest with a ground game which is so important a caucus where you need to drive. Groups of voters to those caucus precincts. Our campaign report racial Scott is live in Las Vegas and Rachel that hard work by the sanders' campaign seems to a paid off. Tommy had one of the largest footprint in this state more than 250. Eight campaign staffers on the ground that's the most of any other campaign and he was riding into this contest. With a wave of momentum fresh top of that New Hampshire victory reading some prove that he S been staying power in this race. What you'll be heading into the next contest. In South Carolina in just seven days as the winner to beat Tom. All right Rachel thank you again Bernie Sanders the winner of the Nevada caucus I wanna go to our political director Rick Klein and Rick from the data were seen in a one up there on the screen now. Sanders actually got stronger in the second alignment essentially meaning he was also the second choice for a lot of voters whose initial Cano didn't reach a threshold. That last column though that's the ball we're showing you that's the most important. Yet Tom if you look at those numbers you see that Bernie Sanders when he into the room with a certain amount of support and that support actually grew when other candidates were forced essentially drop out of individual caucus rooms. The senator's campaign is gonna pointed that. As evidence that he is a consensus candidate it's not just a loyal base is other Democrats were increasingly. Confident that he could be a candidate to beat Donald Trump and that last number as you mentioned is a slightly different metric that's what we're gonna determine a winner and that's where Bernie Sanders gonna walk away with the delegate lead that he might not surrender for the rest of these contests. Now rip we are seeing a pattern from Iowa New Hampshire are not Nevada entrance polls showing this electability and health care the two most important factors for voters tonight and it's clear now at this point in the race Bernie Sanders. Is the front runner. That's right and if you drill down into the health care numbers you seeded. Signature policy of Bernie Sanders is actually quite popular among voters look at that 62% of folks say they support the single Payer Medicare for all an idea that Bernie Sanders has made a centerpiece of his campaign. That is a notable number particularly in Nevada which has a lot of labor unions that are skeptical of this idea. Bernie Sanders is able to make the argument that he isn't just out just hijacking a party he's taking over party that wants to be let in a certain direction. All right Rick Klein for us tonight. Rick thank you get if you just seen in Bernie Sanders the winner of the Nevada caucus tonight we'll have much more on ABC dot and ABC news live we thank you for watching I'm Tom dumbest nor. In Europe we now return to our regular program.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"An ABC News analysis shows Joe Biden trailing in second.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69151724","title":"Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucus","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-projected-win-nevada-caucus-69151724"}