Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses

ABC News projects that Bernie Sanders will be the winner in the Nevada Democratic caucuses.
5:58 | 02/23/20

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses
This is an ABC news election upped it. I'm going to die in Las Vegas, Nevada where eighty is new that's protecting Bernie standards as the winner of this state. We'll get an in just a second but right now we're at Joseph bite headquarters. He is still great I mean he's shaking and he is meeting his supporters he just got off the stage where he was in good spirits that's. A dud he feels alive we still don't know how he's gonna place but it's. Eve were hugging they were incredibly excited. Molly Nagel spoke to is even said that. 82 place finish would even be eight victory her that name in for them. At a rate down the numbers add eight U that's political director Rick Klein and he'd seen read what you see right now. Yeah is during this is looking like it's gonna be a pretty convincing win for Bernie Sanders and one that diesel is likely to have a whole lot of Democrats just finally saying the words Bernie Sanders front runner. And if you look at how he is secured this victory is apparent victory is ABC news is projected it. You're seeing him a grow his vote share in between. The different alignments and the caucuses which means more people were supporting him at the end of the caucus process that at the beginning in part because other candidates were able to garner support that is significant and if you look. Inside the numbers you see some really interesting things here I'll look at how Bernie Sanders just blew the competition away when it came to younger voters voters under age 45. Up 56% went for Bernie Sanders well more than half that is notable NE seven person field it is hard to get anything close to majority for anything in. That is that is of the source of the of this rank the Bernie Sanders able to enjoy it and if you look here about about his strength among different racial groups you see potential. A hole in the armor look at that as among black voters only 27% Joseph Biden they're gonna celebrate right behind you see numbers like that. Particularly going into the South Carolina primary with its disproportionate share. Of African American voters just a week from today. And finally I'd like to look at this it it be the E Street that he has among Hispanic voters this is the first state. With significant diversity you can't forget the other two states the vote were overwhelmingly white one of them was in neighboring state for Bernie Sanders but in this state with a large Latino population. Bernie Sanders was by far the consensus choice 53% of voters according to the entrance poll supporting him. All of that powering what looks like eight in overwhelming victory in the Nevada caucuses. I despite this being a very crowded field despite the concerns about the Democrats turning to a self described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is now won the popular vote in three would be straight contests. He's likely to have a delegate lead at the end of the night tonight and Dorian a lot of Democrats and I've talked to. Are convinced or concerned that it may be a delegate lead that he does not surrender to the rest of this process. Rate your saying he's looking more and more like the front runner well he hit about hit the state getting in San Antonio Texas. We still haven't heard from and after this big win with announced that Mary Elkhart it ask the deputy headquartered right now in Las Vegas. There else you have followed very standard in. Incredibly closely. What are you hearing from the team right now. Look his team was confident going into an about a caucuses but they're even more confident now. Headed into Super Tuesday you know one of the biggest differences between his campaign in 2016 and his campaign this go around is to not of staff and infrastructure that they have. Coast to coast and they are utilizing and maximizing that staff now Rick's right they are gonna be excited in celebrate that number with the Latino vote. Our entrance poll showing that he did so well at the Latino vote here in Nevada well they're gonna hope that they can do just as well the Latino vote. In California and Texas those state that have so many delegates. And we're frankly he has huge teams on the ground. I spoke to want to bring senator's campaign advisors just last week. Who said that while before they even knew these results from Nevada they were confident that he would have more delegates going at a Super Tuesday than any other campaign. That they were a position to win delegates in more states than any other campaign you can imagine after a night like this they're gonna feel even more bullish. As we go into stupor Tuesday. Just over a week from today. Very out you are not at Super Tuesday but before that comes this South Carolina primary Joseph Biden just was onstage. I eat that you're going to South Carolina and here didn't take that back at that you're gonna take this race back to whatever go to ABC's Rachel Scott was looking. The South Carolina Rachel what hit me that we are just one week away from their primary. Yeah as a marine while the democratic primary is now in high gear here and rewrite next up is South Carolina and the reason why this state was so important was because the data was the first test of which candidate could appeal to diverse voters and in South Carolina. Black voters make up 60%. Of the democratic electorate so that vote is going to be critical part of the reason why were vice president Joseph Biden was betting on. Natalie Nevada but also South Carolina he's betting on minority voters to turn out for him. But also after that. Super Tuesday and if you notice while we are still here in a bad as some of the candidates have authority laugh there Ari. Campaigning in those states that vote on Super Tuesday or they will be on their way out tonight looking to get ahead in those states. You know someone else that's also zeroing in on Super Tuesday. Billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg as you know serene from covering him he is the wild card. In this race and everyone has their eye on him look to see how he appeals to voters. On on that day three. Rachel that's going to be one to deathly live you and I will both be in South Carolina covering this whole story. For more election every keep rising at Britney disease lied I'm green dam.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"ABC News projects that Bernie Sanders will be the winner in the Nevada Democratic caucuses. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69152007","title":"Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-projected-win-nevada-caucuses-69152007"}