Biden supporters’ react to the Ukraine investigation

538 senior political writer Clare Malone and Sirius XM Radio Host Mike Muse discuss how Biden supporters might react to the former vice president’s entanglement in the Trump-Ukraine inquiry.
5:59 | 10/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden supporters’ react to the Ukraine investigation
Speaking of Joseph Biden we don't know Joseph Biden's fundraising numbers just share for the quarter but we do know he's getting much more scrutiny. In this race right now in part because of his role in his place in this impeachment inquiry involving president trump. And the Ukraine those questions about his conduct as vice president and giving some Democrats a little bit a pause as they consider their front runner. If for more on this hour bringing clear Malone reporter with 538 adjusted deep dive into the stated Joseph Biden's campaign she's joining us. From the road issues reporting also Mike muse is here. Our good friend like news from serious accident joins us from New York came might start with you Claire. It your story is fascinating and here's the headline in the story it's Joseph Biden. Front runner question mark. What Fuller abilities have you uncovered there with Joseph Biden right now with which voters. Yeah so it's interesting that Joseph Biden is really quarter basis support comes from African American voters. And one thing that we watched over the summer. I'm is Joseph Biden kind of had his record and with race through raked over. And allotment piece was was trying to figure out what they're not support black community will whole. I think a lot of you know question marks our heads the headline a lot of question marks are rising especially as this. Hunter Biden Ukraine. Sure I'm been tested each student skin folds. Even earlier this little. It's factual basis for those allegations that trump is making I'm Biden plus corruption in the news greeted me he's giving some voters paws so he's been a little bit more anemic in the in the polls lately and we seal is war nipping at his heels. So trying to figure out whether or not Joseph Biden. Who is run for president three times not accidental that. MI music you know as Claire was alluding to and it's it's written about in her piece. By his banked his candidacy time. The durability of support among African American voters especially in South Carolina and a you've spent some time down there. It is this pretty much sewn up for Joseph Biden among African American voters and ISIS' is done at this stage if they haven't. This prime rivers have been peeled off O'Connell Harris Cory Booker I mean is it is pretty much yet. No nothing of the guaranteed. Twain's when he everything is still up in the air I don't think any demographic has really keyed in on who their candidate is going to be. But I would say though that the vice president Biden's position with the African American community is really strong. I think you have to look at it in two particular segments and African American community. When the segments is now causing odors generation. And in their second one is the millennial Twitter verse of young African Americans. So the younger African Americans care a lot about digging into his past they care aloud about. What he represented Maine a really keying on is a crime bill. A lot of young act Americans really care about criminal justice protests is reform. The prison pipeline with a reversing course than those scenarios laid dig into his record they see trouble with that. Both the older generation though you see a split because they were there during that time they reckon I think context what was happening in a crime bill. They also recognize that it just wasn't Joseph Biden who supporting it those also church communities it was a black church leaders who support his crime bill it was a black community who was also support this crime bill. Is on the black community no older. Had that history they have that context and they had an understanding of where we are then vs where we are now. The thing I have to as a biting campaign is are they doing a good enough job and really bring an end. The context of the history in what was going on around that time period in two of them black community were supporting it. And then winning and doing now to in dress. Criminal justice reform but I think the older community that bridge is his association with President Obama and that things are BO Bob minutes ration did too and they do their best to curb criminal justice in protest reform and we off. When a police commission. Yet and at all that concern all that history might that you talk about. Has been out there now it's been litigated in three debates that. Clare Maloney mean it'll what is it gonna take you raise some questions to talk what's in the yellow flashing lights potentially for the Biden campaign. With African American voters what he did did your reporting tell you about what might be enough. To break that that watershed of support. No one and it's interesting to watch Biden Q on the road is it kind of over competency almost four. The Crandall so when he speaks on the road he goes out of his way you talk of Allen's sentencing reform and his new criminal justice plan. And sometimes he talks about the crime bill. Almost so much that it obscures a lot of the issues the contemporary issues that I think a lot of young voters lot of young black voters care about in general so you know. The school to prison pipeline his mansion but also things just about you know the minimum wage and the environment is kind of and you are issues where I can. Biden and titans team. Q how big answered if chip on their shoulder at the crime bill and about their petition that they and talking about it quite a bit. I do think you see it in the numbers that they younger black voters. Don't have. A good feeling about about Joseph Biden now they're stronger. And that other Yahoo! groups in part I think only because. The Obama connection. But I think Biden in struggles with younger voters struggles to connect with them on some level. He's done a lot of just dwelling on his own history. And I think that starts to make you look a little bit out of step with a lot of the changing ideas. About social justice at the parties discussing right now. Really astute analysis it's a great piece 538 dot com. Front runner question mark by Claire will launch its top booking we're happy we got her day. In the reading room Claire thanks a lot and I think she was always Mike muse great conversation guys thank you so much they here.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"538 senior political writer Clare Malone and Sirius XM Radio Host Mike Muse discuss how Biden supporters might react to the former vice president’s entanglement in the Trump-Ukraine inquiry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65991424","title":"Biden supporters’ react to the Ukraine investigation","url":"/Politics/video/biden-supporters-react-ukraine-investigation-65991424"}