The Breakdown - Georgia to certify its election results Friday

Plus, President Trump’s latest attempts to reverse his election loss, and the U.S. broke new COVID-19 records as cases soar.
24:53 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for The Breakdown - Georgia to certify its election results Friday
A. Hello everyone thanks restricting what goes on the breakdown I'm Terry Moran and and I'm Diana Saito Georgia certified its election results today officially declaring Joseph Biden the winner. The top campaign is still entitled to request a full recount the Georgia's Republican secretary of state says the numbers reflect the verdict of the people. Acting as an engineer throughout life and I live by the moment. That numbers don't. S secretary of state and I believe that the numbers and that we are present today are correct. Meanwhile president Chavez invited lawmakers from Michigan to the White House and a last ditch effort to reverse his election loss in that state. Struck legal team is hoping to convince several Republican controlled state legislatures to ignore the voters. And instead choose electors who would vote for trump when Electoral College meets to finalize the election in December to desperate last ditch move. That may not be legal. Meanwhile the US broke new records yesterday with nearly 183000. New Kobe case is. And more than 80000 people hospitalized with the virus or more. On the growing Kobe crisis and hold on the horizon let's bring an epidemiologist doctor John Brownstein. Doctor Brown's and that's our hope heart shall we Pfizer submitted her an emergency authorization used for their vaccine from the FDA today. We're hearing some Americans could be getting messed. By December so windy starts seeing this really make a practical difference. Right Alton the majority of the population won't be well into your nearly every one more shocked seeing their swords all credible and the attitude distributed immediately after our nation but keep in mind and course. What he got back in the hand health care provider Frontline workers essential worker. And the honorable. Want to keep that he distributed to long term care facilities are. Talking in here again. Great news and it Brockton that they are. How they know. Now president elect Biden's advisors say they're planning for a massive testing expansion. Is that feasible and you think it'll be too late if they have to wait until he's inaugurated on January 20. Yeah clearly there's a lot of promised there the promised to make it more widely available and more from all we know demand or increase the screening or you live now I mean RT doing what impact Millie cut it and it. Increasing so ultimately we're gonna need more options to articulate the lights in our. The and and that's why you know there's great news that we live Leah. We Ichi I won't you'll need more suitable American how do we. Yeah. The date yet to be approved by the FDA knuckleballer. Let likelihood that he's been an. What did he bring out to get our control. And on that note the White House front buyers task force briefed reporters for the first time in months yesterday they won the US could reach 2000 deaths per day. By Christmas and suggested things like closing indoor dining and urging Americans to take the usual precautions that we've heard. When you listen to that what kind of shut downs do you think that Americans should prepare for and how does that weigh in hearing CDC director Robert Redfield for example say that schools on he had the other hand should not closed. I mean look and he learned a lot about the bar them to my head and tried to block on the jewel in the the old shut down the economy is not something anybody watching that are being and he did you incurred by the administration you are the worst. Which is really like we targeted intervention. Community the Turkey and the the most impact that are really aren't about to walk down. He'd be huge increase in heat and how are going down their mobility and you're gonna get like this fire under control are in short order what what the common porcelain and. All right doctor John Brownstein we appreciate your time thank you. And doctors and nurses continued to battle the virus on the front lines of course they are truly the women and men of this pandemic year but as case numbers grow teachers students and parents of are feeling more of a burden to get him. I understand that the candy thanks as always seem real to people who are not. Frontlines everyday. Are things directly affected by could be. And Kobe is 30. We are at a crisis point right now. It's a little bit we yeah. And shortening news Matt Stairs not having that time here on campus really Christmas I really enjoyed united Kansas would. Blake says festive holidays kidney team Thanksgiving and winter break easily but. It's understandable. And lake especially with everything spiking again I would be really comfortable being on. Yeah I go to Syracuse university and I am prevalence of costly here. And as athletes in order to go home. Florida holidays that we need to receiving negative Kobe test pilot days or less taxes leave me and if you're someone who lives stage. Then you are going to have to quarantine once you get back to campus. So we're obviously super careful because they want had a seasons here. PM. Even now we are onset of cold it. We keep wearing. Or ask my hospital and pretty much every hospital in Nashville is either old. Or very close and that impacts how we operate in the emergency department and I am personally tear five. In my hospital being sold could result in someone dying in the waiting room it's the worst it's ever bent. Find many metrics. But a gospel. Including our Tennessee governor just don't really understand those numerical concerns did. Well you're listening to some college students were on the country and some doctors from the state of Tennessee in that state spike in cases is straining health care systems as we just turned one. Does suggest that in some places schools don't appear to be significant sure sources of spreading the virus the State's largest. Teachers union is sounding the alarm about Tobin nineteen in their schools and Tennessee education association president Beth brownies here. With me now for more on that good afternoon baton thanks for being with us. I don't want to pick up on a letter than your union road to Tennessee's governor asserting that. Data shows in person instruction does increase infection risk and that infection rates in schools staff. Are higher than the communities in which they serve so what are you asking the state. To do with this. Two minutes and appreciate your need to be here. We did this letter to governor early and wore a number of things including a mask ending or Tennessee students and educators. We are also ask or. Polity. T and an increase in. Investment in. Air systems H system's air purification and we're recognizing that eight. Higher infection rates among educators. Is continent she had to leave the classroom to go into quarantine. Exposure into our infection we. Or significant in days and I'm a weak dollar 88. Lee compensation. Also hazard paint or our educators are. An increased risk that they indicate that they are telling inspected at a much higher rate and he interpublic didn't need to which they live and teach. Doesn't the data ago World Health Organization also suggests that. The infection rate is due to end the introduction of the virus by other adults by staff themselves and their children don't seem to be. As much of a transmission risk and as that of concern to the members. Of the teachers union guys are right in the middle between the virus and the parents. Who are desperate to get their kids back in school how do you handle that. We have to recognize that. We all agree that it in person inspection is what is first and and we have to prioritize the health safety well being numbers and art educators. And when the data indicate that I'm educators or be much higher rate we have to tutor. There's a do we have to consider the destruction just learning that cod and educators are problems aren't seeing. And the lack of teachers you to cover where educators. Are being president. Kent and so just strike that balance forming that you just mentioned what in the end. Are you concerned would be more detrimental. To our children's health being exposed. 22 corona virus perhaps being source of transmission. Or losing out falling behind and and losing the social opportunities that. The fort for reforming a formative opportunities to score presents for those kids by moving classes online. We have to recognize that we are in a pandemic. Or may not be any. Perfect option and so we have to go with its safest option and that is protecting the health safety. And well being attended these students and educators. Didn't see educators are highly trained professionals. We know that once we get it once did about evenly and ultimately return you. I think what we consider normal we have ability to catch her students. Or any sort of Obie wanted learning we indeed that. And what are the ways that are generally bring in governor and it went that. The professionals who know what we're doing. It's a invest. In the resources that educators are going to need help combat in east sort of learning officer over the slide. Laura Beth brown. Thanks very much for being with us. Thank you. And congress is heading home for Thanksgiving with how passing a pandemic relief bill. Roughly twenty million Americans are current read now currently relying on unemployment benefits. And many are turning to food banks for help but millions could still face hunger markets mores in Arlington Texas with more markets. Terry good afternoon that war we talk about the need here in this country we look to the millions of families that are struggling to put food on the table and I wanted to take a look at this long line of cars here. At Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas this is part of a massive food drive that be a local food bank has put together and they expect thousands of families to come here for meals. For Thanksgiving. Had many of these families are seeking help. For finding food for the very first time and it gives you a sense of how this has continued. To develop for so many families here I want to take a look at what we saw last week in neighboring Dallas where there were cars lined up for as far as the eye could see. At a food giveaway there and then even more striking images from New Jersey. Of these images. Really. Illustrate. The growing and the accelerating pace of of hunger here in this country as job losses mount. And also as unemployment benefits began to run out. And we have some startling numbers that I want to share with you from a feeding America food banks may save that. They have seen a 60% increase in the need for food at their food banks. Since the start of the pandemic that fifty million people could face hunger this year all as a result of this crisis and that number of includes seventeen million children and Diane and Terry that is why events like this are so critical at a time when families are struggling and they are seeking relief. And what we have heard though. From the food bank operators here in Texas and across the country that that be long lines that we see here today. Will not be going anywhere anytime soon. A long hard pandemic winner Marcus Moore thanks very much well up next. Doesn't like Joseph Biden he. Continues to prepare to take office in January meeting in person today with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. More on that and a closer look at what business odors in Biden's home state are open from them. President elect and knows so well plus despite a loss after loss that total loss the president trumps legal team continues to fight the election results will look at how. And what this could end after breaking and. It was stated beautifully. And I'm representing a lot of people. And I'm carrying on a very important tradition. And just do a great job he wants me dude ranch it was thought Paul. And it took time to do it and I appreciated and I called him and thanked him. You know usually it's a good look lots of blood have fun. Enjoy yourself from I've seen him I mean it's like I. I saw another one recently where it was sort of that this was a very well thought out. As president trump but talking about what he described as a thoughtful letter that President Obama wrote to him. During the last presidential transition but almost four years later president trump shows no signs that he's preparing a similar letter. For president elect Joseph Biden. Instead he's meeting with Michigan lawmakers in an attempt to reimburse his election loss. Now Biden team says they are quote running out of patience with the trump administration's refusal to participate in the transition process. ABC's think the movie joins me now from Wilmington Delaware with more on this trade abiding yesterday said he has no intention of resorting to legal action right now but ash. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now says that the house is ready to help much if trump continues to delay. Well howdy see this playing out. All good afternoon Diana the elect is really trying to walk a fine line here between raising the alarm about the potential damage of presidents from blocking his transition also projecting confidence that everything is still going -- with this transition plans and that he's talking to experts and he's talking to world leaders and making decisions about his administration he's already made several staff announcement and he's indicating that he could make an announcement about his Treasury Secretary each sometime next week he's also reaching out to congressional leaders within his own party meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer today and meeting coming as Biden continues to push for coven nineteen relief package for families fighting and hurting in this pandemic but as you know congress is heading into a holiday break right now with no such relief now you. In Wilmington Delaware for awhile now how people in that community do I'm. We're talking to local businesses in the area and there really like what you heard from the president elect yesterday that the one B a national locked down hill like the idea of him fighting for a club in nineteen relief package here's part of our conversation with an executive staff. Of a local business. All the sanctions. That we can frivolous and birdie. Anytime diner and receiving I have through cables and weather permitting notes that whole. It's not happening. So it really is hope to. Kinda juggle everything in and still have that high level. Service and food restaurants or the linchpin of the economy we have we so many people. Can you take that away the economy it's gonna sort rubles to the source mobile. So many people are employed by restaurants. Not just in the Steve little most of the country so. Is there really needs to be a step a from the government if we do don't know for sure showed them because the it can't sustain. And right now there is a spotlight on Delaware and a lot of these local businesses are hoping it turns into tourism dollars and becomes an economic boost. The center of everything. I think it really for Delaware to have something really cool at the we'll get more people that actually. The hotel down the street. It's always good to to see a local person and swallow it. Whether it's an actor or actress politicians. Sports. You know hopefully he gets in there are those what needs to be gone. Get things back on the right track and you know we go back to business as usual. So as long in the fifth and the president elect's own state are feeling the pinch just like many others across the country the president elect is working hard to show them that he has a plan in place. Once he gets into office. Right faith and move in Wilmington Delaware thanks thank. As elections are being certified affirming Joseph Biden's victory the president and his lawyers are still clinging. His legal hail Mary pass his buddy in the courts where evidence gets scrutinized and authenticated and tested under rules developed over centuries to determine truth from falsehood. Well he's getting hammer we take a closer look now at those battles and at the president's strategy. President John laid out his playbook months ahead of the November 3 election the only way we're gonna lose this election. As if the election is rigged to remember that. Hopefully the courts or protect us I have to protect us. But that courts don't work that way the reality of the nineteen post election lawsuits filed by the trump campaign so far the courts have. Quashed sixteen of them with no finding of fraud from any judge state or federal Republican or Democrat. Trump's lawyers are vowing to fight on portraying an alternate universe. This has been a massive attack on the integrity. The voting system the greatest democracy on earth but they're refusing to lay out the evidence we're gonna proven in court. I would love to release all the information that a half I would love to give a dual. Except most of you wouldn't cover. Rudy Giuliani made his first appearance as head of the president's reelection legal team in a Pennsylvania courtroom Tuesday. The attorney mark around chick argued against him in court bit more mr. Giuliani apparently talked. Only about. I heard somebody else say something tell me want to say now. In Nevada Republican lawyers claimed their observers weren't close enough the judge snapped. At what point does this get ridiculous. Still president trump and his allies are bombarding Twitter and conservative media with conspiracy theories about fraud. That just don't hold up to legal scrutiny. Trump tweeted this week dead people voted his campaign shared obituaries and cited specific examples in Georgia and Fox News followed suit. The B hard to find anyone who's got a bad word to say about Deborah Jean Christiansen those who knew her were set when she died last may. But he might be surprised to learn that even after her death. Deborah Jean Christiansen still managed to register to vote and then cast a ballot presumably for Joseph Biden. Her husband was shocked to learn about what the trump campaign was claiming Aaron Reno creek Arizona Paula. And opponent. The gays and Georgia election officials debunks that claim Christians and last recorded vote was in 2018. The year before she died. In a statement to state election officials said Ed. Any claims of fraudulent participation in the November 3 general election in this Christian Anderson's name appeared to be false. Unfortunately we are aware that there are individuals circulating this information intended to undermine trust in the election system. Oh. Well once again the courts are where these things are approved and so far the trumpet her campaign has not been able to prove anything however there to campaign is still bombarding supporters. Looking for money. Claiming progress in its legal fight saying things like this election is far from Auburn were gaining momentum. But read the fine print 60% of each contribution does not go to his legal team but first to save American that's the new political action committee. And presenter of himself has set up. So for more on this let's bring in Brandeis University history professor Leo Wright or gor professor thanks again for being here how. Unprecedented. Is what we're seeing play out right now with his election. Certainly unprecedented and recent history and and I mean that can use rate possible. Leaves you know we had and contesting it. Elections or we've had bitter elections are into the closest to something that we've seen with its recent in the recent moment it's like push or into als and even and that moment. Eat the outcome on election when it became clear that this election there was no viable. The court had ruled against. The lord incidence. We know that gore conceded it he did so relatively quickly so weak deed. This moment. In session we're seeing right now is really different were seen Donald Trump average use to a knowledge and Joseph Biden in the president elect him want to ID even knowing don't have evident in even knowing you losing in court. So that kind rigidity is news is very deep and Berrian and it. And only about to ask you that. 20/20 LX has been called by the government's top election security official the most secure. In US history and present comes trying to overturn obviously has lost. State of Michigan is now a key target Wayne county Republicans initially refusing to certify. The vote citing unbalanced returns but I only wanted to part of Wayne county. Did not certify does Detroit obviously predominantly. A minority city even though some of the white suburbs had higher rates of those under house interns perhaps knows the facts so. What you call that. Voter suppression at least attempted voter suppression. All interesting about it is backed other instance and orders a passion I know a lot of people point to stop like tossing people's names. Voter rolls. Like you know I'm driver's license and I eased discrepancies shutting down linked places. This is an explicit and very unique to our borders action like we've really seen sands you know the voting rights act in 1960. I mean we're being human arrow level voters actually could be idea here is simply to get rid of boats she don't like 'cause com and Detroit and becomes a com dominantly black area. Trends dumber. So how do you think this this all affects our democratic process in general and how we move forward from this. You know it. It isn't the kind of being admitted and were able to succeed and were able to find song by Campbell. You retaining the presidency while costing out millions of boats. Reappeared at the end of democracy and it states. This is a week. Including Latino boats boats including Asian American it is. Almost no matter what we're seeing rain out as an attempt at the United States. Those are boats. End of democracy. How do you were bought. In Milan is at the norms and I'd close ninety of barriers are usually and an. We might even car irony is posting common took place. In short of its smooth and that it there and we seen a lot of that lead this is why I know that elections the election that we had you know in in recent US history. We see those kinds and also I think what is important to meet me is that president elect to Katrina ice and what this country. A steady eight and keep a steady hand. Keep moving towards the dish and went you know when when it's time. The electors to about December they do the right honored the boat the voices of the people. And that ultimately will be the deciding factor professor Leo Wright were gore thank you as always. You. And that does it for us here on the breakdown I'm Terry Moran and I'm Diana Zdeno have a great weekend everybody we will see you back here. On Monday Stacy.

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