The Breakdown: NY governor not resigning after sexual harassment allegations

Plus, Amazon employees will vote on whether to unionize and a group of “vaccine hunters” are helping people get vaccines.
27:13 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: NY governor not resigning after sexual harassment allegations
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diane Maceda Tamer and on assignment from. Democrats are making changes to present buying it from Biden's corona virus relief plan an aide tells ABC news that senate Democrats have agreed to target stimulus payments some more toward those most hurt by the pandemic. I key priority for some moderate Democrats. Meanwhile the commanding general of the DC National Guard testified to congress today that it took. More than three hours to get pentagon approval to send in troops to protect the capital. On January 6 and that testimony conflicts with other accounts saying the acting Defense Secretary approved activating the guard and much earlier. Chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz joins me now for more on all of this. Out Martha. First what do you make of these conflicting time lines. And you know the first of all it is very difficult it is a very complicated process to column to DC guard because DC is is not a state so there there is a chain of command there that they have to follow up. But the Pentagon will say that they actually gave the approval. After two and a half hours after some and many many calls. So there is a little consulate there about exactly when that call came and exactly. When they were given the approval. But one of the things I really want to point out Diane is is I think people think of the National Guard can just race out there and get their riot gear and and be on the steps of the capitol it really doesn't work that way with the national guard's first of all they are generally doing humanitarian missions because they hadn't been called looked in great numbers because mayor bows are decided she wanted 340. DC National Guard just to do traffic and then this horrible event happened they're not like active duty quick military response these are citizen soldiers. So you you call up the National Guard in you have to gather people from their homes from their jobs so that's why there was a delay but that was clearly also a delay in giving that order and those conflicting accounts within about a half an hour up each other as well. And Martha major general walker also pointed out that there are conversations about the optics having. To guard their dressed in their uniforms with their equipment and those conversations he's had did it happen over the summer. I I don't think they did happen over the summer they didn't happen it all over the summer with with tags BO and a protest and and the re action to back. I remember standing on the Lincoln Memorial taking some photographs of national car fully kidded out in their body armor and everything else and it's true the military did not write the optics of that nor did this city in in many ways this was probably. An over correction took acting didn't want that image again. But they also. Didn't realize what was going to happen and we have to remember this was is she huge intelligence failures well. What happened that day on on January 6. So the and pentagon official in never in the Pentagon said he didn't like the optics at doesn't sound like a great response. Given the fact that the capital was being overrun at that point but eventually it got to be acting secretary of defense I know the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was involved we gotta get. More National Guard up there to help out law enforcement but from my own perspective that day. On Capitol Hill auction it was a lack of law enforcement in general on Capitol Hill just having no idea. What they were about to face and really truly being so overwhelmed and and as we know those capitol police options metropolitan police officers and others. Who tried to keep those rioters back those insurrection us back. We're very brave very courageous. As a whole and it was that lack of numbers are where they were overwhelmed and when the National Guard did finally show up and I think was about 5530. In the evening. They were very organized and by man and a lot of the people had obviously laughed. But. They quickly took control he. And Martha capitol police now say that there beefing up security ahead of more potential violence on March 4 when we know about. Well yeah. There are some bulletins about that I. I think in many ways this is down trying to be extra careful they've got some intelligence and and we don't know much more about. That intelligence and that that there could be some action tomorrow people so called 3% chairs a militia group trying to take over. The capital trying to breach those stances and those barriers that they've put up. Around the perimeter of their the capital and the National Guard trying to overwhelm them as well I don't think there is a great deal of concern at this point they want to be extra careful and make sure they do get those bulletins out because there was a bulletin that didn't make it out to chain of command very far on January 6 and march want to ask you about Iraq too because we are seeing some new video now the launch site. Of the rockets that targeted an Iraqi base hosting American troops overnight what do we know about this attack so far. There are approximately ten rockets that landed at Al Asad air base we don't know who did it but in the past it has been an Iranian backed militias one of them is saying no it wasn't DOS. That happens to be there one. That the US. House get a counter attacks for something they did it. A couple of weeks ago where they attacked an American base and a contractor who was working for the Americans was killed. An American several American contractors were wounded as well as a service member was under church. And president Biden and yeah his first. Order of an attack since becoming president. Launched an attack a counter attack from them that was in Syria. And now all president Biden has said you know be careful don't don't come back and try this again and yet somebody did and I think one is in just to do Diana's look at Iran. And Iran and Iran in backed militias there are several people who do not want to engage with the United States who do not want to get back in that nuclear deal so they're kind of pushing. The Americans are pushing. The US to perhaps overreact. I Martha Raddatz always great to have you Martha thank you thank stand. A New York governor Andrew Cuomo issued an apology this afternoon after a third woman came toward accusing him of unwanted sexual advances. In his first on Kim her appearance in a week Cuomo said he is not going to resign but that he would fully cooperate with the state attorney general's investigation. He said he never touched anyone and appropriately and never meant to hurt or offend anyone. But that he's sorry let's listen. I now understand. That I acted in no way that may need people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional. And I truly been deeply apologize for. I feel. Forceful. Barrett it. And frankly. I am embarrassed. By it and that's not easy to say. But that's the truth. But this is what I warn you to know and want to know this from me directly. I'm never. Touched. Any one inappropriately. I never touched and you inappropriately. I never knew. At that time that I was made keen anyone feels uncomfortable. Senior investigator caricatures he has been following the governor very closely he joins me now for more on this. Aaron this is homeless first time responding to these accusations on camera he had issued written statements before. Denying the first allegation then attributed to second allegation essentially to a misunderstanding. He never responded to the third at all. Now Cherie is apologizing but when asked who he's apologizing to he only mentioned one accuser. He only referred to Charlotte and it didn't she she says the woman. Cool I'm needs feel uncomfortable. Any talk about aka Bennett's accusation and New York Times where she was alone. In his all respect in June and he started asking a series of repeated. Sexual questions and and left her with the impression. She wanted to sleep with her that was the only allegation that he appeared to address directly. Otherwise he said he was simply sorry he all saw his apologies to the people of the state and New York. And he asked them. To please withhold judgment until the investigation into all these accusations is complete. Aaron given the different responses. And lack thereof he's had to these three different accusers. Do you think that was. Just misspeak on his part and he he said woman instead of women or do you think this was strategic. Given he is under investigation. You know it. Hard to imagine Andrew Cuomo being anything other than strategic and deliberate in his words and actions that's just the nature of how he how he functions so are you imagine it was a deliberate choice. In the past he has flatly denied the accusations. Lindsay Boylan the first sorry tecumseh lowered it in recent days but funerals. She had also made her accusations on Twitter initially in December of the governor denied them then he continues to deny them. And I'm a rooks accusations in the New York Times went. She talks about making her feel uncomfortable during 12019 wedding reception. She said that you know that there's probably hundreds of photographs of him. With his hands on cheeks as he was photographed it's in the New York Times she. Without a roof and and he said that's just his customary way of greeting and he said he learned from his father the former governor Mario Cuomo. And and the governor noted times has changed. And if she now says that he is. Fully cooperating with the New York attorney general's investigation what is the status of that invade investigation now that this third accuser has come. Aren't. You know it's just getting under way now and we're waiting to see who lead the attorney general selects as outside lost firms are committed and into the all of the of the work or whenever it ends. It's going to result in public reports this is a commitment that each state attorneys general made it it is the nature of the statute and so this isn't the kind of saying that the governor is going to necessarily be able to hide behind or T control of him will have to become public and at that point she says it will be appropriate. Soros or the public. To make a judgment about his behavior. Of course a hands. People aren't necessarily waiting even as the governor was offering his remarks today a number owes his critics were were questioning the sincerity of his apology and really questioning his judgment. As Cuomo was talking about not realizing she was making women I'm comfortable in certain situations. Some critics were on Twitter saying well if you're not realizing your making people uncomfortable how can we trust your judgment to be the governor. When he was asked flatly whether she would be resigning. The governor said no that he works for the people of the State of New York. And I think until there there's some movement in his public opinion calls perhaps he she just relies on that standard for awhile. Then he made that statement quite clearly but Cuomo is also under investigation. Prison minute station's handling of pandemic related nursing home deaths now state lawmakers are moving to strip him. I'm his emergency powers and he said today that they reached. An agreement. It was a really curious way to Como put it isn't it Diane because this is not how state lawmakers and they don't see themselves agreeing with Cuomo based on here's on his nursing home death data. Channeling they they see themselves as she and Cuomo and acting as a check on his pandemic our soul on Friday both the state assembly and state senator going to call in all likelihood passed legislation. To give them a say over what emergency directives are initiated. House for the remainder of the pandemic and our health emergencies going forward Cuomo tested as this grand agreements. That and that she helps to negotiate. And that that's just not how lawmakers think would train it. Cuomo is under federal investigation by both the FBI and the US attorney's office in Brooklyn. For how he handled the that it didn't data about nursing home doubts in the pandemic. She is already conceded that he withheld that information from lawmakers when they asked worse. And it's never been entirely clear. Whether he's been forthcoming about the amounts of just in in New York nursing homes and whether any of those deaths could have been prevented. All right Aaron good Jersey we appreciate it has always Aaron thank you. And voting is underway and Bessemer Alabama as Amazon workers decide whether to form a union. The issue has attracted national attention with the likes of president Biden senator Bernie Sanders Tina Fey and actor Danny Glover all weighing in. And joining us now for the latest on what's at stake here the president of the group conducting the unionization drive strap a bomb is here for a Stuart thanks for being here. Julie. Good afternoon tears or if you can't first just walk me through villages six noticed started last month. And because of the pandemic you're allowing mail in voting that will go through the end of the month hasn't going so. Our. Ballots were mailed to showed you her. Consider Zhu. On March 29 points and did she say it's gonna go now we're just citing. The insistence. Of Elvis songs are referring to be conducted in person in the middle down. In a state. Since she breaks. And you've got 5800 workers and voting on this you need a majority to get it passed. How do you expect that vote to go. Her parents the most aggressive and told union. Address are seeing there is no question in my own people would be O union but it was honest trying to meet people straight. Hands they are even telling why should people. Are telling people so they may rue search options yeah soon because they shout out the story. They're telling people to help the union is this seriously yeah so. They're joined Gary don't know how down. Is that right works and go for 68. Anything less why should they told people they needed to get here our march Ers. Even so those winds march 20 nine's they'd even. The social circles install. A special mailbox. The facility. And this whole people they should be true. Mail trashy she's just restoration. And that you know we should mention that we had not museums and has not had the opportunity to respond directly to the criticisms you just launched by. We did reach out to the company in a spokeswoman there says. That the company starting wage is fifteen dollars per hour with benefits and that 90% of workers there say that they would recommend Amazon. As a good place to work so why the push to unionized. And Amazon is home turf and some. Employees. Are mature and a son or some day why do you. People know. Amazon could be doing better Amazon cut off. How soon they were getting people at the end just many. People were getting cast in congress and senate decided Bristol township. Wilson managed. I'll ask people lost money and it's not colors Amazon. Joseph where I'll just occasional social and she was on. Drugs don't. Option the organization option. Reports show that it's just base hosts gave. His workers so Melissa. Schuermann shots shock tolerance. It would still wealthier and sit. People also know. Not what. How much base course is paying that. He's not treating them with respect the working conditions. And power or. Shall many people lethal. From each chart shows Stewart. I'm art interrupting now we're just we're very short on time and I want to ask you one last question which is if this goes through Amazon is the largest employer in the country if it happens what does this mean for Amazon workers and what does it mean for Amazon Custer. Ers. While the importance of this election shrimp sentenced this. Facility and it even transcends. This one company truly to shake should war is sword shall bow. I believe we're waiting to choose also to Lee who organize and get some facilities are cross Cotchery. And tell. Other facilities are well cross is sure this is almost a quarter union elections. Set for now. Aren't stirred up a bomb we appreciate your time today thank you. Q. And if you're having trouble getting a common vaccine it may be time to call in the vaccine hunters and the group sunny Internet helping strangers find vaccine appointments so what's their secret. We'll find out after the break and. Welcome back continually three months since the first American got to cope when vaccine dose but still those who qualified to get the vaccine. Are struggling to access them now so called vaccine hunters are popping up around the Internet to save the day. Offering tips and tricks to help thousands find appointment. Mary and young priest used to spend every day online looking for vaccine appointments but after weeks of searching she found nothing I have been looking for a vaccine. For a while now and I was hearing that other people in other states are getting a vaccine. And I started to get kind of worried and anxious about that because we had not heard any gains but all that changed after she joined the Minneapolis vaccine hunters FaceBook group. Less than 48 hours later Mary Ann and her 74 year old husband. Had their first child. I'm just I'm elated we're sitting there. Waiting for our turn an advocate Steve and I said can you believe. I mean we heard justice served. In what was going to happen that day the young boys ages two of the countless people now being held by so called vaccine hunters were vaccine angels strangers on the Internet helping people find vaccine appointments. End goal is making sure that shocked. Are. There our priorities set to make sure that communities that are most impacted and that have the highest risk. Get them first but at the end of the day our biggest goal is to reach herd immunity into protecting her community. After hearing about FaceBook groups in Tel Aviv alerting residents about expiring doses and Tulane university medical and public health student Brad Johnson created a similar FaceBook group for the Marlins the -- of vaccine hunters group then inspired others to start groups for their own areas. Including Colorado entrepreneur or Doug ward. We have over 131000. Numbers across these are big 48 these groups now I can get demonstrate. At a need and aren't a true need is seen as they figure out these these kind of rhymes and rhythms to you need to find appointments or even access sex scenes. They're like I need help others. Before Daniel Patterson was helping strangers on fees but get vaccine appointments she is trying to make sure her elderly neighbors in West Philadelphia knew how to sign up. Out of the kind of community where people are not technologically savvy that they don't hit a nation and Michigan at all the way both of which is boredom mount. As a former candidate for state representative people came to Daniel for help. And she found most of them vaccine appointments to the black doctors call the consortium. Which aims to reduce corona virus among African Americans through education and advocacy they even provide transportation to vaccine appointments. A lot of people don't have any way to get the next. What a way to BC he got it over and around the Berry neighborhood churches that people are very familiar with age well. Christina shirk was determined to get her 71 year old mother at the vaccine as soon as he was available. After her father died from cold at last spring but she struggled to find an appointment until she joined in Maryland vaccine hunter FaceBook and I started reading a couple hits and tricks. You know the right ideas were each. If so how well because I was. Those questions you get any worse than he bargained through wet. When she got an appointment for her mother and other elderly family members Christie then helped her daughter's preschool teachers booked their appointments. Now she's scheduled vaccine appointments for eight other Maryland residents. Through the FaceBook group she originally joints to get her own questions answered. Once used he had not people who are currently eligible yet you realize how frustrating is that I was. You can't how try to help men. Get an appointment. In college students Sylvia Palo started her vaccine search when her grandparents and other elderly relatives face technology challenges and a language barriers every. This street in English there's nothing that translate it translates it into a different language such as wheat. As out of their children or their relatives have that community or them because they don't know get the information. Registration was asking. Or have been so far Sylvia has helped nearly twenty people who speak only Spanish get vaccinated through the Houston vaccine hunters group. Her efforts inspired by her mom who volunteered to be part of the matier and a vaccine trials. Must products. Oh and take that vaccine when it was still a clinical trials. Com that's what it. Prompted me to do want to make sure and all of my essays. The young Quincy for them vaccine hunters have been a lifeline especially now that they're waiting the birth of their second granddaughter in April. And will be fully vaccinated by the time she's born speculate or getting part of our lives back and you know that's priceless and. And if you are looking for a vaccine you can also that a vaccine finder dot or its online portal to help locate code in nineteen vaccine doses in your area our thanks to all the vaccine hunters. And everyone else who share their story with us. Meanwhile one county in Pennsylvania is now offering its employees money to get vaccinated. Under new program workers for Allegheny County will receive 100 dollars when they get their -- that. Cove in nineteen vaccine joining me now for more on that program is Allegheny County executive. Rich FitzGerald good afternoon rich thanks for being here to figure this why and how. Did you come up with this program to give a hundred dollars employees who get vaccinated. Heart. This is all day we also see prior to. Doing this. All of talking well now people who want to get seeing. There's not enough and are known to do that we also know entrances or percentage of interest earning forty. Louis international older get a seat. We saw that our mind. And wish they are all California and CE only two did. So we wanna ensure that we keep our report he's healthy the holidays are healthy and also the key worry. We see I heard were so. They don't want us. Thousand caller. Last year we pay about to order or at all or. People to stay home. Gore team and not work so why are you say we want people weren't more usually call. So based on Latin vaccine hesitancy that you started seeing among some of the employees particularly those in vulnerable are areas like you know like nursing homes as you mention. Is this work now that you are heard this 100 dollars or kind of an impact leasing. Being. Racers don't question about that now we only. Yeah there's Raleigh doing it people who aren't hey which you are breweries are were smaller animals here. Mercy home correction officers are so. Yeah. What he's also or. All of the situation. Percentages much. I ever a long lead the didn't really get it. And as we just son that he's has been a lot of confusion around the vaccine rollout appointments can be hard to come by. What are you doing to try to make that process easier for your residence. Well Aurora beauty all that's why. The market only gets about 10% of the backseat. You eat. Her little backseat. To our health care hospital has already. About 5080. Billion dollar and a chorus she's the county all our kids are trying to get so worry. Somewhat serious ball player and not just people. I and we are with united way so people can go all you want. Don't have access the Internet and so they are you're. Right. They let you die. To have you and that does it for us here on the break and I and I and the state loves you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern until then. A great day Stacy you. A.

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