The Breakdown – President-elect Biden addresses nation ahead of Thanksgiving

Plus, the presidential transition is underway and food banks are on the edge this year.
25:26 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for The Breakdown – President-elect Biden addresses nation ahead of Thanksgiving
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed on him. Then and your Phillips in for Terry Moran the transition is finally underway president elect Biden's teens she is now communicating with. Every federal agency but even with that said president from still says he is tight is a long way from over he's threatening to file. More lawsuits now aimed at overturning his election loss but the challenges had hit the dead ends the truck campaign and its allies have now lost at least. Thirty cases meanwhile Biden is speaking out about the challenges ahead saying this is not a third Obama determined that we face a totally different world. Then we face in the Obama administration. Fighting gave a presidential style Thanksgiving address this afternoon speaking directly to the American people about hope and coming together in the hard days ahead. And this Thanksgiving. And anticipation all the Thanksgiving as the car. An extremely again. Plus committee that's commit ourselves. To thinking not only ourselves. But of others as well. Proof we care for one. We hope we're on rather than British and our fists. We kid with the help of god she and. I didn't vice president elect Harris. On Monday the White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us now from more Karen. As we mentioned president elect Biden is set to start getting those briefings on Monday why. In those briefings were what are they looking for and wire those briefing so important to other important. They wanna be ready on day one when they step into the oval office on January 20 after being sworn in and day and this is the briefing -- kids all of the threat assessments everything that the United States would be dealing with -- your home and around the world of course -- think of the presidential daily briefing we think of national security threats terrorism and international issues. Element -- course of the pandemic and yet this -- been a big thing that Biden and his -- have been pushing for over the past three weeks that they need to be up to speed on where things stand with the fight against -- in nineteen and that means the production of a vaccine that means the distribution plan and a vaccine because it's gonna be coordinated through the military that's on the drug administration has set this up so today we're hearing from the Biden transition team that Monday it will be that first briefing that he need each and they'll get it somewhere in Wilmington in the secure facility and Karen has -- reached out of body and at all since the election. He has not deny don't think we should be surprised by that and Biden's teen says it's also not the worst thing that those who are not talking beaches below them add the and I you know and level an official level public health officials public government officials there talked in that's a big deal is here and said earlier you know they're now talking to everybody at all of the agencies commissions within the executive office of the president's that's right they're at the White House and that's the very quickly the GSA on Monday night making that official ascertainment of Joseph Biden has the apparent winner and the president elect and in just less than two days they've reached up to everybody's so still a lot of work to be done but the initial contacts have been made. And Karen millions of Americans could face hunger over the holidays in long lines at food banks and just today another 778000. People filed for unemployment benefits. Whipping stand on our relief bill. They don't stand anywhere right now Diane nothing is being done in congress went home for the Thanksgiving holiday without any movement on a renewed stimulus plan which there were negotiations back and forth between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Treasury Secretary Steve minutia and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell over the fall but you know in the seeded moments of that preelection period it wasn't surprising that nothing got done but. Now that the dust has settled on the election there's more of an urgency to do something which they passed that massive bill back in March and they did very quickly he had a lot of not a debate about it the times but since then the debate has been stalled last week Chuck Schumer Nancy policies said they want to sit down again with Mitch McConnell and trying to hammer something out in the lame duck but really it's a big issue about numbers they're talking about trillions of dollars Republicans say they're just not gonna get that high now an important wild card factor here in all of this is the president elect Joseph Biden so far has indicated he supports the democratic leadership. Pushing for that higher number but a big question for his team that we've been talking about is isn't getting something done better than nothing is if they wait until January 20 to try and push it through when he's in office it's going to be really hurting for people. Question so many are wondering right now Karen Travers thanks for asking it we appreciate it. Six months ago today George Floyd's deaths under the knee up at Minneapolis police officer prompted hundreds of thousands of people did take to the streets demanding justice police reform and an end to systematic racism. Now one plan for major police reform in Minneapolis is at a crossroads City Council members had voted to dismantle the force and remove it from the city's charter. But the Minneapolis city charter commission rejected the changed. The proposal may go to voters next year meanwhile activists have lodged an effort to preserve the murals and art that popped up on thousands of boarded up businesses during the height of the protest over Floyd's death. The initiative say the boards to memorialize the movement. Has collected more than 500 plywood boards from around the Twin Cities organizers are now working to make the collection available for public feeling. Well coming up next. Pandemic has been especially hard on people of color those communities suffering from higher infection rates and higher mortality rates from coded. Now weeks away from a vaccine a group of black medical professionals are urging black parents to take that vaccine immediately once it's approved by the FDA. One of those doctors joining us live. Plus we keep seeing those. Breaking pictures of long lines at food banks across the country how you can help those in need right now. After the break. But the vaccine possibly weeks away many Americans are looking forward to tourney new corner in the fight against Kobe nineteen and perhaps no group of people. Would benefit more from that and black Americans CDC data shows that people of color are now telling more likely to be infected with Kobe nineteen their also more likely to die from it but polling shows that people of color specifically black Americans are skeptical of being vaccinated. Now several black doctors and nurses had teamed up to issue what they called. A love letter to Black America encouraging black people to take a vaccine once it's approved and available. And also holding their colleagues in the medical field. Accountable. Respect for our black bodies and our black lives must be a core value. For those who are working to find the vaccine for this virus. That has already taken so many of our love. Our colleagues across health care. Know that we are urging our community to take safe and effective vaccines once available. However. For this to be successful. They must do more to earn your trust now and in the future. Jamie now is one of the doctors who signed that letter doctor Leon McDougal the president of the National Medical Association and a professor of family medicine at the Ohio State University. Great to see you thanks so much being with us doctor. Good afternoon. Well the letter was put together by the black coalition against gold in nineteen as we mentioned walk us through the significance. Of this organization and YEU feel it it was so important to sign this letter. Is critical. And in you spoke to earlier about a lack. Oh trusts. We come together. And let the black community know that we're cargo and overseeing. A data for example. A National Medical Association. Established a cold at nineteen past awards. Where we have assembled. Experts. Who have been meeting with Kaiser we have met with -- -- we have met with. AstraZeneca and so we're looking at bed paid up all slow. We. Plan and all can be an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration. We're page. Side by side. Boys. That we'll look at bad data. And also share our thoughts on AP the vaccine so there could be more competent in an. And doctor Leon upset about some of things that cause that some level of mistrust or at least contributed to it because. I would like to staying at the quality of medical care that you receive in this country has nothing to do with your skin color but studies have found for example that black patients. Are less likely than white patients to receive treatment for pain black mothers are more likely to die in childbirth. Why does this happen and how is it affecting how the pandemic is impacting black Americans. About news speaking to. Racism structural. Racism in his legacy and all going in bins. Today in many in communities that his mind here in Columbus. Ohio. We'd speak layered racism. And state public health. Crisis. Soul. And also there are historical be incentives we Tuskegee. That was experiment. I'd bet beings and we don't have the goal bag to the 1930s. We can focus right here on one any money on how black and brown people. More being counted and it's lead or it is. Pandemic are finding information but there is distress image and it and we don't have to go bag in his creek we get a little bit phony money. So doctor at this this love letter of Black America. And at act as a black doctor personalize. This time for me will you what is it been light. And adds it to deal with this pandemic and see so many black moms dads children family members impacted. By co bid in such high numbers. Yes so. I made Stanley position. Practicing on the near east side of Columbus, Ohio a predominantly African American community. And it really hurts my heart is CB. Thanks called it nineteen on the community. Or example. One of my patients. Around 35 years of a former college athlete Exley. A hard to. Contract being cold at 190. What happened it was an icu or all were a month. I had to be placed on dialysis. Or kidney failure job. And end it's tragic now. I have some good news he he was able to transits and are quote dialysis. It just minutes each suit. Is not just a well Webby. Do you may live it or you may die know there are chronic jail Wednesday. One can develop related suit be. Hold it nine team MX. And end any hear about family members grandmother's. Dying ends. San net effect being the mental health of other people in the family this is really adds it. Well doctor we lift you up for what you're doing now is a position but just a human being. And we always appreciated good love letter doctor Leon McDoogle thanks so much for your time today. Oh thank you. Here's one parent and Education Department workers story about what she's dealing with every day. My name of young local and I bring its case and hasn't paid okay let your daughter Annie. Video of sun and liking school blaming the LA de kids aren't sleeping schools never expecting that and we're seeing it we never had one case. None of my coworkers got sick we had over a 120 Q. I felt pretty comfortable coming into the cloud that is blown right now I am working any middle school. And the kids across the daily noted that Clinton McCain ruled they're more than that you aren't independent and we do you know when the whole thing a coworker you know we're always succeed apart wound up my son was three years old he won banknotes and I condemn. It hasn't really affected him why he and that he now aren't ski can help teen he's out of there would be nice move. The culinary bombing can't help but it's time and to the Philly get angry and fearful delaying. Linda singing single mother council that happens placed systemic. School. Because they don't have anyone else who lives and it's very difficult having little it's just nice easy. He has personally I don't mind a little else thought yeah end their QB Jimmy. Because young kids very happy in his good friend you have the song. I'm my daughter action month Larry King as dominant in its long it's a hopeful spirit but. I think that he had his Jerry quarry. Words from a mom trying to do it all like so many right now the majority of American public students. Are now well into virtual school year and data from around the country is starting to show that middle and high school students are falling behind this week Fairfax county public schools in Virginia one of the biggest districts in the country each reported an 83%. Jump in middle and high schoolers earning -- this year compared to last year much any independent school district in Houston. More than 40% of middle and high school students are failing at least two of their classes. And Saint Paul, Minnesota the superintendent reports nearly 40% of public high school students have failing marks. Double the normal number. Joining us now to discuss that the superintendent of Saint Paul public schools. Joseph got third and doctor Hannah she actor psychology professor at Wayne state university and an expert on adolescent development thank you both. For being here this is such an important topic. For so many at Joseph starters I think he can what's the biggest surprise for you when it comes to the challenges of virtual learning. I think most of the challenges and me we are district thirty saw students all. And I had all. Other able to connect we factory. Ordinance or policy goals who struggle to war. Com who can't quite get onto the Internet but I think our greatest challenges just students accessing. And we can do everything digitally. It is possible and making sure assignment order in every match I'm uncle we have many lead and arsenic in. Just sorry for quite some time and so I think our teachers our staff. Can be have become our doubt. On developing room. In house support centers and students come to a virtual. To get some others or are better using technology to have a pretty sure. Group learning and into people's personally asked there's still nothing. I can say is true and physical person interaction. That our students are really. Yearning for a. Anyhow let's talk about that the academic disengagement and given the stress that kids are under right now even the CDC reporting the rise in suicidal thoughts since the pandemic hit what can do about this right now and and how truly trying to get ahead of it before it gets even works. We've Schuermann heard. And I'll tell her job. Outcomes and their academic engagement are so injured probably don't fly zone when you're dealing emotionally distressed there and just. Her ears and her seizure. Can you get told they're already. Engaged and you look at me or English one that you really thinking about how to prioritize. Students' emotional needs and finding ways our. Rooms and breeding age years here rations in the virtual environment can really. Does I had an opportunity not only should work together and only eat or emotional social connection. And Joseph given everything you learned that to this point and we all continue to learn as we go here what's your message. Two struggling students and their parents. Lawn work and are going to give up on any of our students we just can't do that and our staff nurse you're shooting yourself or select direction back source rules and our students or struggle based on Marshall received let's really think creatively right now I'm on ways that we can differ and that were. And sadly we have to be in a virtual setting right now what is important to our offer we are gonna continue to hole we transition to. Our. To. Earn a car or digital our students up we believe and I'm Reid. Saw. And get through the school year this really difficult time finding stand up. And Hannah weaned been talking about this this afternoon that if students don't just learn the academics at school this is also the place where they grow socially and emotionally so how can schools parents. I spoke. Help support kids and teens on the front right now. It even just validating the dress me and I can. And making them know that is okay they're feeling overwhelmed and and you know we're all in the same boat on her right he's opportunities hurt in normal. Or shocking and are both teachers parents getting news. Iowa and children alike the opportunity. Human voice. Artist or when Britain what can you don't mind me you better armed and creating this environment in mind learning communities. Not just about getting through your IO time or are his but it or. Not try and talk with one. Other years here yeah student. And share strategies coat injuring. Or. This current superintendent Joseph got her doctor Hannah Schechter thank you so much for being with us today the acute and well homelessness and hunger have always been a heart wrenching reality in our country but says this pandemic hits the number of families going hungry has been astronomical. Millions of our neighbors will struggle to put food on the table this holiday season leaving food banks overwhelmed and volunteers working overtime. Victory komando joins me now from Miami where thousands of people lined up early this morning just to make sure that they can eat today in Victor. Tell us about some of the people that she met. Well we met people from all different backgrounds those who have been hit especially hard depend by the pandemic like. Those who have lost a loved one or lost the job and then we also met those who just recently started relying on these through distribution programs she and we also came across one couple who just said look we have a neighbor who's a little bit older she's afraid to leave the house right now so they actually waited in line for a few hours. For her to bring back some fruit were actually on another true distributions that right now this is outside of a church on Miami Beach you can see until bags of food being handed way are at their protection nothing compared to what we saw this morning in mind springs take a look at. Some of the video from this morning there. This was a feeding South Florida event and the organizers tell us that there was enough food to feed more than 4000 very grateful people ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday some folks waiting in line for hours there beating south port in the parent organization feeding America. I've distributed more than four billion meals since the beginning of the pandemic but they need is. Only growing and now they are concerned it will be able to continue to meet that need for crude gear up. It's about four billion I mean how are exclude banks even keeping up with distant Mann act. Short answer. It's not easy feeding South Florida for example they have been holding daily food distributions since March but back then receive about 160. Trucks. Full of food per week now that number it's down to about. Fourteen truckloads. Per week one more point that the CEO beating South Florida told me was that. Part of the cares if food assistance program here is up floor for them and runs out in just a matter of days on November 30 and that will make their job a whole lot more difficult to glisan. It's going to be difficult to continue this especially as well as we see the did they care sector funding expire so what happens after November 30 after the November 30. These South Florida are feeding America network sister who bench across the country over 200 of us. We're gonna figure out how to bring in food and make sure that families have with a table. Yep so they will have to get creative and police are relying. A little bit more on donations and if you're not a position where you can. Donate money you can always see if you can donate your time as well a lot of these food banks across the country are looking for volunteers guys. And then they'll take a victory can no thank you so much. Can't really is shocking to see so many people in this country struggling to put food on the table and a cure on Monday we ran your east. On food insecurity which I honestly think is one of the most Arthel if not he most powerful he's we have aired on the show so far and the reaction to it. Has been a huge so what was it like to talk with those families and what are you hearing from people now. Well person I appreciate that so much Diane it's very generous or you and I I well I I have to say this is one of those stories that com I just was so. Proud to tell because of the impact mean you're looking at Sean a gray right now mom of three special needs kids who never ever. Expected to struggle like this her husband there a dishwasher. She worked as a server they lost their jobs unexpectedly. You know the. You need school they need food they need the daily re T and they don't have it and they are not the only family Diana I didn't met. Dozens and dozens of families like this and even the head of the split Banc hearing DC said you know we a lot of food donated but remember the days when all the food and supplies you can even find him in the grocery stores looks those grocery stores and donate the price so everybody's. Feeling it Diana and it's it's moving -- to see how so many people given back not only within our company but outside of that company as well matter of fact our parent company Disney. Said it's going to donate 500000. Dollars defeating. America an organization that we have talked about the delivers the fresh fruit and produce to all the food banks all over the country one that I went to a large one in DC so if you want to get involved you can visit to visit Disney dot com forward slash Steve beloved. And of course will continue to feed the love throughout this this. That as of press here on the breakdown Diana always great to be with you thank you so much for having me here at thank you for joining us tonight diet Maceo we will see you back here on Monday. At 3 PM eastern wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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