The Briefing Room: Trump to meet with Schumer, Pelosi, and more

ABC News' powerhouse political team breaks down the news out of today's White House press briefing.
15:22 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Trump to meet with Schumer, Pelosi, and more
Happy Wednesday it welcome to the briefing room from Washington bureau BBC news ease. Quiet Wednesday so far we hope it stays that way Amgen's anti key alongside outlet sign. After all our White House team. Ben Siegel up in the senate for us as we watched our standards hold her second briefing of the week we heard a briefing on Friday. Did we actually see this for briefings in this kind of crazy. Tonight though kind of Tuesday evening about to happen at 16100 the president got those dinner with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. And that's it nobody else is calling Ben Siegel on Capitol Hill I know you're watching this briefing with buses while that's so weird energy and what do you thing. Well I think the most and one of the most interesting parts of that to me is that this dinner is coming hours after Nancy Pelosi goes in the Paul Ryan's office. For a meeting about immigration and doctor. So she now has the opportunity to ninth to sit down with the Republican leadership. Talk about immigration and then go to the White House and talk to the president about immigration and there's a real opportunity here for Democrats to maybe find some. Find some room to maneuver and my second the only other thought I have on that is that it's also an interesting position for Paul Ryan to be in. Put enough position buys on president. Because. How much can you promise to Nancy Pelosi what he's saying that meeting that the president. Does or does not contradicted his follow up to her with Chuck Schumer and that's it let's go to very interesting dynamic. That we're seeing. Playing out. It kind of feels awful crimes being bought out here is OK Paul looked learning from those who thinks that president. That's sort of the way that doesn't happen are and how does the president how is the president going to know what Paul Ryan discussed whip Nancy policy and hit me in Reno to watch Twitter. I'm keep an eye care. Theaters in the three. It's it's misrepresented to think that the president. Wouldn't be there. Advocating positions Republicans he's the leader of the Republican Party tax increase in I think after what has buys party label president as a Republican yet and is Aaron is going to be proceeding on those values for Republicans in the American people sell. They're kind. Think that it's not a big deal. Or an interstate you don't have the two leaders and there very this is really pretty small intimate evening. The great yeah exactly the president and in his friend's shop in Seattle likes the same you know what mentioned. In that exchange with armed mercenary you saw defending the right thing. He ever remember and of course she didn't say only we need the hottest yet. Vice president Mike Pence will be hosting another group of lawmakers. At the naval observatory tonight so. We don't news people will be we don't know that Republicans or Democrats or combination. Or bipartisan dinner but insisting it will be interesting to see how the dynamic of their plays out. President went of course. The meetings on capitol the. Equipment you know from talking to people over the last few days they see fit the mood in the president. Improved since that you know come together in the Oval Office he had where he needed deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Appellate fit many people over there president something. His first major legislative accomplishment what the Democrats announced this the third time in eight days that we see the president with Chuck Schumer at that meeting. With that McConnell Ryan Schumer. And analysts see where it announced that deal afterwards the next day he's cautionary and it and now he's breaking run this man he once called clowns crying humor every member here early under the trying to duck you treat admittedly Collins Chuck Schumer and now there. Yeah they're bodies seriously but it in your buddies they go back there also campaign contribution. At that either but Katherine Olson that we at this present has now been doing more of these meetings he had. Democrats and Republicans over last night his democratic leadership over tonight. Hearing as far as the White House thank you want for breakfast yesterday. Where mark shorts. At a legislative affairs for the white. Did the actually feel like they have a legislative agenda now heading into the fall they can get done. Hollywood tonight they think that there's some form of legislative agenda there are lights that victories mention that the with the deal last week the person to be on that be some points on the board right in. What was striking about that. Breakfast with that mark short clips that inspectors he said helped us a lesson. Right we're not gonna do it that way. So what are we unity here we can't get tax upon with. Just Republicans so we realize the importance according Democrat. That's what we're going to do that's different that it planned to stay and have a lot of these meetings and insurance said. It's a matter of weeks it's days they're using this window to strike and attempt to get a legislative victory on the board. So an infant seat liner you're you're there on the hill what do is happening right now as far as the GOP's legislative agenda from outside Pennsylvania. Yes aftershocks of that deal that president trump struck with a democratic leaders last week. Is that really you know screwed up the window that they had for getting tax reform done. They had this plan. You know Steve mission the Treasury Secretary kept moving back this deadline we're gonna get done this summer. We're gonna get done by August September you know the idea but then what happened was that when trump agreed to this deal with that would Democrats. It did basically took December off the table for them and they had to. They have to now re adjust to that reality and and they have a very narrow window to get any legislation done tax reform. Instantly before December starts and they're dealing with a government funding again so another big big thing I'm going to be watching tonight out out of this meeting at the White House is you know what. What gets agreed to in that meeting and how does that impact what what you know. The rank and file conservative Republicans want to get done because as much as trump is you know putting putting. Some some points on the board in terms of legislative victories he's really screwing with all these grand plans. That Republicans up on Capitol Hill had you know. Paul Ryan for weeks has been calling this you know once in a generation attempt to tax reform. And president trump potentially narrow the window they have to get that done last week so what's the what happens to that today ambitious. Agenda after after some of these meetings were Democrats. Let's go over the White House where refining BC's congressional correspondent Mary groups who really got lost on her way to work today can he celebrate him. Mary you know you asked that question this air standards and our response which talked about Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi she said it these people wanna come together bush. President Trump's agenda. That really doesn't sound like something that shock humor Nancy Pelosi is going to be dealing I don't know Mary this is your area of expertise what you thing. Paramount has been here hitting a bit of a glossy picture perhaps by the White House looking. Still a pretty wild back and right now you have the president. Who just months ago it you know things about the nice names about Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is now sitting down for dinner without having to be a while but while at this Neil. How does that go over is really interesting and it. Because it scenes the president recognizes that he does. Means that even though you know asked if there are standards that she's it isn't about needing it's about. The president being willing to work with anyone's willing to work with him but there's no denying the fact that the president his administration has tried to basically. Going along with just Republicans pushing through the president's agenda just. Republicans in congress and we all know that hasn't really part look at health care as the prime example of that now the president seems to realize it he reached across the aisle. You have a chance of getting some of his legislative agenda through. Given what we know idea very public writs that in his own party. But I have to say just to be sitting there in the brief government have the Press Secretary reiterate. As she was asked. You know several versions of this question that the president. Is a Republican. Is a pretty astounding thing is a lot of people's scene about reaching making. To Democrats seen his is political history the fact that he had in making you know at times in the past that the reviewer into the independently backed the Republican and outlets are registered Democrat Mary and actually. Let's not act. I think people are asking well actually I've seen and now have the Press Secretary trying to clearly you know. Reiterate know me as a Republican that still is based but that he recognizes that means if he wants to get some of these big items opted to do with. Yes no actually he's going to have to work with them. Well Mary the other group that he has to work with ease his own party that meeting he had today with senator Tim Scott long time in the works and. And we've got some news that actually that the president apparently is intended sign. That joint resolution. They came out of congress just a few days ago condemning the violence and child but we didn't realize that one comment. No we did and in fact. Arriving on candidates and that's that we talk really about this. Sarah Sander said in the briefing that they had an honest and open conversation and this was the first of many conversations. That they're going to hop on. On these particular issues would it. So much going to as much. The topics of it but it is an eight discuss Ireland's. His feelings on the matter whether the president. You know condemned. Hate groups they're Sanders stood by that I. Stood by his feelings towards it but that was the news anything new that it. Important person that are ten Scott the only African American Republican senator to discuss Charlottesville and in some of the issues surrounding that you know right after. He incidents in Charlotte's the violence in Charlottesville Tim Scott said that the president's moral authority must compromise right he was waiting. Ahead of the kkk neo Nazis. With he other protesters and we knew that he has also said he felt the president meeting needed to have more in her actions. With people of color and learned what these people have experienced it's likely that. Senator Tim Scott who hasn't Geary strong personal story he probably shared a lot of kids that concerns and experiences and and hoping to get through the process right. And Mary EU EU obvious here on capitol every day and I know you've spoken to Tim Scott many times. This meeting he really wanted time one on one with the president. Here too expresses our let's just mention that he's his own personal story and power relays the violence that took place down Charlottesville. It's certainly did and it seems that that the president appreciate it at that that Tim Scott was reaching out wanna to explain why he had made. Those comments that fit that really got so much attention when he said that you know the president. Moral authority was compromised by his response to Charlottesville. And it does thing that the White House appreciate it got to start this dialogue something else that. There are Sanders mentioned that it's worth reiterating here is that it seems Tim Scott urged the president to take. Boost up the diversity within his own administration to me. Bring in someone else to help do a little bit of outreach more outreach with the African American community someone who has more experience. With these matters perhaps more experience in government and she's at a the president is open to that she wouldn't mention any names. Who might have been joining in that role but but it doesn't that there has been a dialogue that has been started here. One that as you mentioned senator Scott was eager to have. And as we look ahead to the rest of the week here wholeheartedly were already at Wednesday. The president actually heading out of Florida in March the tour that damage from hurricane. Hermitage it mr. ripped through that state. Mary that it not too many details just yet everything he's going to do but really. The first time he's going to be down there on the ground to survey damage we know he's going to be going to Tampa. And other areas what else we learned about that trip. Yet at the White House says he'll be also and in Naples Fort Myers area we don't a lot of who he'll be meeting with. But it is worth reminding folks that you know the president twice now went to Texas after hurricane Harvey and after perhaps some push back some criticism from his first trip. For a lack of time that he spent with those directly impacted by the hurricane the second time he went Downey spent more time. On the ground scene really the aftermath firsthand I suspect that they will have learned some about lesson from their first go around perhaps will be spending more time. Viewing that the real laughter at meeting with people affected by it but in general you know this isn't it test for this administration for this president. How they respond to these hurricanes this incredible double back to back punch. And the president has been receiving pretty high marks for not just I was administration has been responding but for how he personally has been responding well. I just Tennessee and I'm gonna go to our resident Texas us and he. On the ROR let it's far is the president of Harvey pretty high remarks liberty Texas lone star state. Yeah really the governor and senators Ted Cruz and Jon corn and the local representatives they've been happy with the way that the president. Had respond to an end reached out to folks. The girls in apps keep watching and is this isn't just because hurricane. Herman hurricane hurt here overt it it's not over now and they still have so much of the afternoon and there recovery. Efforts and they're still looking to the administration potentially later on for more funding for FEMA and other efforts to reach all the states that isn't going to be a long term tests. Up front presidency. So before we go every week and I know our bodies listening to our powerhouse podcast always funny EC. You are doing double duty you're involved in this one because old friend of yours is our. It's an old friend and my doctor and cars you and your Nickels oddly well yeah he or best. I reach Palestinians who baggage is not today little. I don't have that yet on who want us he crossed. That's I'm contract now. Yes and unless they're testing us we talk to abduct him Ben Carson. They'd have a secretary at housing and urban development lot of other working a lot about the hurricane. He's visited Texas plans to go. Down with the president to to survey the damage on the ground so news out of him there. It gives CEE. You know. It's it and let in addition to he talks about. Bipartisanship. In and welcome. Fact that the president was working with the Democrats next to compare himself to. The president in the sense that they both ran outsider campaign so. He seems pretty receptive to the friends that second Nancy and. Yet it's TV in his work out hope promotions thing for him. Maybe it shouldn't have been. And ended that thanks so much for joining us on the briefing room for Mary first Ben Siegel our let's I think Katherine falters on jobs and QG. If there's a briefing will be back. Always catch the latest Ross on ABC news dot cop. A great debt.

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