Carson defends new HUD policy which could evict 55,000 children

Jorge Soto of the National Fair Housing Alliance discusses the effects and impact of a controversial new HUD policy which could result in 25,000 families losing aid.
8:51 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Carson defends new HUD policy which could evict 55,000 children
There's a new trump administration policy announced recently by the housing and urban. I development. Agency that could evict 55000. Children from federal housing. Housing secretary Ben Carson was on Capitol Hill today to answer some tough questions about the planet got quite contentious and emotional. Part of his effort is to purge Federer housing. For families with mixed immigration status of this is comes back to immigration are and clarity who covers immigration and housing agencies here with us and Bob tell us what this policy does when people need to know about these new rules that were sort of slipped in under the radar. Rate will DeVon will we know is that a lot right now does not allow people who are undocumented immigrants to receive any kind of federal assistance with federal housing method for some time and that has been for sometime so what they have done for the past twenty years has come up with a formula an assist both and Republican administrations and democratic administrations. To say that we will that the federal government we'll pro rate the assistance that families received so. For example a child was born in the United States that his family might not happen to be eligible speaking from an immigration standpoint. That would still receive some money now that money would be pro rated so wouldn't apply to everyone in the house. And do what at how this changes it is that secretary Carson is proposing a plan that would basically say. Every went in the house who receives. If a household receives. Federal assistance everyone must be meet up eligible immigration require. And so in other words of flip that around if anyone in your household anyone right family and it's not illegal resident of the United States is no need housing needs for anyone in the femme. That's that's correct and that's why we're expecting Hud's own analysis of this. Is that little an little impact about 25000. Households and in those households. Are about 55000. Children. Well so this is and the shift that could have a very big impact do as you were watching this hearing today up on Capitol Hill. Hot as could be predicted house Democrats are very emotional. Many of them from immigrant heavy communities. Media Vasquez of New York was particularly outspoken we have a look. At some of the grilling of secretary Carson this afternoon on this new policy people. You are going to put children. On the streets. To open up for any five to 35000. Units on. Where they don't involved and we're going to the shelter sees them. They would become homeless. They continue to ask you questions. And not allow you time man's room I mean that's you know that's pretty selfish pretty. Bad behavior so that means it does seem a little Italy to have a hearing US component question and you can't answer. Seems like more of a platform would that yes that might yield any rate now. You call me self I yield yet I tried I got cordial and an. Insurance we have to think logically rather than just emotionally if we're gonna solve these problems. To the secretary there and talked talking about. The logic here and around Andre in motion which certainly got a lot of people riled up but. So what is their logic what are what are they saying their logic is wise extra cost savings why cut out these famines. Is there about four million Americans that are on a wait list to get federal housing that's a lot I mean in in cities like LA could take years before you get federal assistance. So this is part of president trumps America first and Ben Carson said it you know I want to save this. For Americans but as we found the congresswoman pointed out that actually would out of four million people on the weightlessness would probably open up 25000. Homes or are you know vouchers section eight vouchers and so forth so. If this probably won't have a big impact except for the people who are on the receiving. Potentially impact American children. Who are children of undocumented parents exact. Incidents thereby being disqualified her best friend has 55000 are in the country illegally by the hunt asked him. In thirty thanks for your reporting for different perspective on this now want to bring in Jorge Soto. He's the director of public policy at the national fair housing alliance in New York Jorge it's great to see you Sahara advocates like yourself view this and. What can you guys do to fight back. I'm think is much for having me and yet so one of the things that we are planning on nom engaging and right now it's you make sure that we're working with all over national and a local and state based organization I'm partners that. You know Carolyn about these issues and work is about to win. Will be directly impacted by this. You know one of the things that I'm comes after a policy announcement late this or change in policy announcement like this is an opportunity for the public to react. Not for organizations like the national council. Others to submit comments. On base and their perspective and you know their analysis of of the proposed regulation and national housing alliance ethnic definitely going to be engaging in a process of doing that in court meeting armed number no and numerous partners across the country to try and to train express you know. Concern an average for those outraged. About the whole the policy change that this administration trying to pursue don't. And what about the families in all this Jorge I know the organization. Works with a lot of families that are seeking for housing. In the New York area what can be done to identify those families how how can you reach them particularly given the immigration status of some of their. Their family members. I think a lot of this is going to reap what first and foremost in the primary objective for costs and for her are poor record as it should that this policy doesn't happen. The reality is that has been mentioned before that. Emmys will be broken apart children will be put into Foster sponsor care or taken taken by other family members an end and a lot of other things we just really don't understand the full impact of just yet what's gonna be really important is making sure that folks on the ground organizations that have direct services or arm all types of damage but in particular people who speak to undocumented immigrants and give them advice and counsel. Since to be resource and to be able to address cut it to be able to address these Pham is very real needs. I'm if this if this program actually or rather if the policy does take effect and building a little bit. It'll take a little bit of time for it to be fully to take aliens wolf come into effect fully. So you know I think one of the things we're trying to make sure we do right now is get a really strong sensible Atlanta. N Jorge you know and I want to ask you about the secretary's comment that this is a logical. Approach in certainly had to play devil's advocate there are many people in this country who might. Look at the new policy and say you know hey it's kinda common sense. That the limited number of resources tax dollars should for housing aid for example should go do. Two Americans that they shouldn't go to our undocumented persons. While what do you say encountered of that argument why is it important for these families. And why should they did deserve this money. Never studies showed that stable affordable housing is one of the best ways of reducing I'm overall arc tacks here cost for just about anything. I'm so if you have a strong stable I'm faced live. You can essentially you know. Have axis all sorts of resources. You know kind of live your life according to this and of the status closer to speak so that you don't have to fear eviction or anything else like that. Or any of the negative harms alluding in sub standard housing. I'm the reality is is that this this policy is hot actually going to open up any more housing in fact it's actually gonna cost more money arms for this program for this policy to be implemented. I'm that bend than anything should Hud's own analysis actually says that it's gonna be over 200 million dollars. Two just replace mixed income or mixed status families with full. Fully on certain makes status and was with Lee. I am fully qualified fully eligible trim so just going back that's to say it again. It's gonna 200 million dollars just says justice switch out. Mixed status families with full staff with fully eligible families. I'm and then that doesn't even get into the cost that we were somewhat describing earlier about what happens to children who are separated from their families and and in Munich beyond and beyond the costs. You know what people perceived an undocumented immigrants had to eat in this country. And this doesn't get at heart of the affordable housing crisis this is not a solution politics. And certainly gonna continue to be a matter of debate as he said it doesn't going to affect yet this is a proposal by the house and secretary there will be entered into the federal register but certainly one that that we will continue to follow here in the briefing room Jorge Soto. With the N national for housing alliance thank you so much sir for coming ensuring you Beers. They use any.

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{"duration":"8:51","description":"Jorge Soto of the National Fair Housing Alliance discusses the effects and impact of a controversial new HUD policy which could result in 25,000 families losing aid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63184043","title":"Carson defends new HUD policy which could evict 55,000 children","url":"/Politics/video/carson-defends-hud-policy-evict-55000-children-63184043"}