Chief Justice Roberts, senators sworn in for impeachment trial of Donald Trump

Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in to preside over the Senate trial. He then administered the oath to all 100 senators.
35:17 | 01/16/20

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Transcript for Chief Justice Roberts, senators sworn in for impeachment trial of Donald Trump
This is an ABC news special report the senate impeachment trial now reporting. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon welcome to our coverage of the impeach a president trump that is the scene in the senate right now we're role is being called Ron make sure all 99 senators in Washington DC right now are in attendance. Before the presiding officer of this trial Chief Justice John Roberts is brought in. To decide to sit there will be 99 senators there today senator James inhofe Republican of Oklahoma dealing with a family and mercy subpoena wouldn't sworn in. On Tuesday when he returns shocked the capital but once all the senators are seated here right now Chief Justice John Roberts will be escorted. Either to the senate chamber. Where he will receive the oath of office from the president pro tem of the senate Charles Grassley. And then he will administer the oath to all the senators and intends to do impartial justice in this senate trial. President trump Mary Bruce up there on Capitol Hill it's been a busy day and campers they get prepared. For this trial and the senators. Sitting down now to perform a duty for which they do take a very separate road. From the one they take as senators. Get at George and it is remarkable just to see all of them sitting there. Silently in the senate chamber something we almost never see here on Capitol Hill and there are about to take a very. Particular they would they will raise their hands and take the oath to do impartial justice according to the constitution. And laws and while they will be acting in essence as jurors throughout this trial they are far from impartial jurors if in fact the Republican leader Mitch McConnell has made very clear that he will not be an impartial juror because of course this is inherently a political process there has been a lot of fierce debate here over what exactly. It means to uphold this so what does it mean by impartial justice now both parties do have a had a different take on that in many ways Democrats are arguing that in order. To release a fill their responsibility here they need to be able to call additional witnesses to hear additional testimony consider new evidence Republicans of course are waiting to make that decision that has been the center of so much debate here in the weeks leading up to this and is still one of the biggest variables going forward. And Pierre Thomas achieved just correspondent two major developments today that Democrats say has strengthened their case for new evidence in documents he presented. In this trial one. The public testimony of left harness that and indicted. Associate of Rudy Giuliani the president's lawyer who's now said the president was in on the entire pressure campaign run by Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine. Plus a ruling. Finding from the Government Accountability Office a nonpartisan watchdog. Of congress that the withholding of aid by the Office of Management and Budget was in violation of federal law. Even as this historic. Scene until unfolds here in Washington the news continues to break George we have the situation were a cop and out of Rudy Giuliani indicted. By the southern district of New York is claiming that the president knew about everything you know is doing he's describing himself as the foot soldier the person who was there. To get the dirt on Biden. And that. We utilize direct to all of his food stores and that he did this with or knowledge of the programs that. There you see Chief Justice John Roberts being escorted into the chamber by four senior members of the senate. Senator Patrick Leahy Democrat of Vermont the longest serving senator. Fans and Dianne Feinstein Democrat of California are also on the Republican side senator Lindsey Carlin had a husband firms. Strongest ally in the senate and senator Roy Blunt a producer. Mr. President this time pursuant to rule four the senate rules on impeachment. And united fish constitution. The presiding officer will now administer the oath through jog your Robert shoot justice. Voted on should she. This order. The escort committee will now conduct the Chief Justice of the United States to have diets. To be administered. You see cheap just John Roberts. 64 years old appointed. Supreme corporate president George W. Bush. Came she's tests on the death of William Rehnquist's of course presided at the impeachment trial. Of Bill Clinton. You would do. Senators I attend the senate in conformity with your notice. For the purpose of joining with you for the trial of the president of the United States. I am now prepared to take the oath. Were you pressure left hand on the Bible. And raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear that in all things are pertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John trump. President of the United States now pending. You world do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws. So help you go out I do. She just shut arsenal the presiding officer of this trial he will administer the oath to the senate. Just this time I will administer the oath to all senators in the chamber in informants with article one section three clause six of the constitution. And the Senate's impeachment rules. Will all senators now stand to remain standing. And raised their right hand. Do you solemnly swear that in all things app pertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John trump. President of the United States now pending you will do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws so help you god. It. Learn soon all than any other times for. Only two other times and has United States all senators and it's taking that oath to do impartial justice in the trial of a president. The United States. Ms. Baldwin. And now all the senate will come forward and actually sign. The other thing let's bring in our team for more analysis of this a Camarillo who go to go to you first as we see is senator Sandia is yeses Mary Bruce said. They are now becoming. Form of juror. In this trial but not exactly they're hybrid. Judge juror and senator. That's right it's a hybrid process sometimes it it's sad that this isn't the legal process it's purely political look at them. This isn't politics. All this ritual the careful reading of every single line prepared in advance is a communication that this is not. Political business as usual is constitutional. And the constitution is a mix of law politics and high principle and dedication and I think that's what you're saying. The notion that they are jurors was confirmed in the impeachment of Bill Clinton. One of Clinton's lawyers kept telling the there's there's that you sit as jurors and one of the senators objected. Chief Justice William Rehnquist sustained the objection saying your more than injuries your court now. They have control. Over the proceedings by a majority vote in a way that no juror would but beyond that for the senators. Jurors just think about guilt and innocence. Burden of proof senate present to think about the good of the country and the constitution their decision making process is very different and this begins. Never far from raw politics either Terry thanks very much on bringing our legal team for more on this and I want to talk about the role she just robbery and second of the case shoppers I just had a smile. I saw the Chief Justice go up there with notes in his hand because we all remember back when he was swearing in president Barack Obama he went without notes and flood via. So refund only very slightly but the president's oath is actually written into the constitution so after that slightly. Off administration there was a little bit of uncertainty about whether the president was actually the president constitutionally so there had to be read you the next day so he got the proper. So I think that Roberts learned his lesson took his notes optimistic today and administered the of the book took at an administrative flawless. Look let's talk about his role more deeply. Right now at an Ames is only happened twice before salmon chase Chief Justice during into Johnson's trial made a lot of republics from the bench even though he thought the whole thing was kind of political folly. Well we saw with William Rehnquist during Bill Clinton's trial he famously said afterwards I did nothing in particular and I did it very well. Yet and you know when people make a direct comparison between Roberts and Rehnquist and they say will Roberts is gonna try do exactly Rehnquist did. It's a little bit of a tough comparisons may because it was a very different trial. There are they basically agreed on the underlying facts there weren't that many. Debates fights disagreements. About what happens all the witnesses have been heard from yes we you know you'll it was basically what should happen. What should be the punishment it wasn't was there sit and it was what should be the sentence. That was effectively what they were deciding here. The facts are in dispute. And as a result you are likely to see it demands from the attorneys from the house managers at setter up. That Roberts get involved in some way shape or form more than Rehnquist in you could expect that he's gonna push back on that. And he can when it comes to key rulings he can first say I'm not gonna make a provisional ruling here I'm going to first allow you the senate. To make this decision on do you want witnesses to you want this witness do you want that witness are we gonna delay all those questions he can punt. All of that first. If there are witnesses in particular there. Editors questioning it's not as if what each and every question he's going to be able to say. Okay senate let's all vote so. If there witnesses. If there are disputed facts and arguments I think to some degree he's gonna have to get involved more than he's come to work and not enough well. To make many people have. And can we knew when you look at John Roberts history when he famously his confirmation he said and just about youngest and umpires gonna call balls and strikes do this fairly. As I can't have stepped in a couple of big times. To make take on his own party with things like affordable. Care act we do know he wants to eat doesn't want to be the prime player X prize. I think that's absolutely right and I think we know he cares a great deal about the institutional legitimacy of the Supreme Court. That the court and that he be viewed in the eyes of the public are standing apart from politics. So I think staying out of the fray is what he would prefer here but I think a lot will depend on how these proceedings unfold if it looks like. A political cover up like a process designed to conceal rather than reveal and assessed misconduct. It mean look more political for him to do nothing then to step in and make some ruling so I think a lot he's going to have to take a lot of cues from the way the senate conducts these proceedings and. Don't bring that to Jon Karl as look at that John is a very different thing for Republican senators on the one hand. To make a vote on their own on whether to call witnesses which witnesses to call verses. Having to take on a ruling. By the Chief Justice the United States. Yeah and this is of course as you pointed out a Chief Justice that was appointed by Republican president. Somebody was a conservative on the court perhaps the center of the court now but a clear conservative on the court but but George it's also interesting that John Roberts. Is a justice who has clashed with the president of the United States. You remember a while back the president president trump. Criticized at a eight a ruling saying it was an Obama judge. And Robert said we don't have Obama judges we don't have trumped judges are bush judges or Clinton judges we have an independent judiciary he is somebody who is. It made it clear that he believes in the independence of the judicial branch. And that they and that those judges do impartial. Justice regardless of what president. Appointed them to the bench and of course president by the way it hit back at him for that he's a little don't we do have Obama judges. He he he shared it we also know of course that he is going to be presiding over two cases and Supreme Court in this term dealing with the president's tax returns or whether they should be made. Public tremor and you cover John Roberts for a long time. I haven't and a judge can have influence over a trial in a couple of ways the most. Forceful and dramatic and an obvious way is through Rolex and you mentioned that how. How much will he get pulled into the into this trial to make rulings. The others in the way. In the ways that. He's offered or she is honored to run the proceedings what kind of courtroom what kind of a senate isn't going to feel like as they fight this impeachment that you heard just a hint. In his one short statement he said basically the exact same thing the Chief Justice William Rehnquist said in the senate. Saying he's there in conformity with their notice of the trial that's what William Rehnquist said. John Roberts added a little phrases and I'm here in conformity with your notice to Jordan you. They join with you in the trial that's very John Roberts in the courtroom. In the Supreme Court he say he talks about each of the advocates as friends he says your friend said this not your opponent and I that your adversary not the other council. Your friend said this about the law what do you have to say. And to build on that they'll also take to join you because he's here he's also a hybrid in this trial. And as well as the presiding officer of this trial in some ways he becomes also a member of the senate who can break ties if he chooses to. That's right and that's written into the rules there he is given a lot of authority. He is not strictly a judge here he's the presiding officer of the senate sitting as a court of impeachment. And has a vote. In that court if now they they will vote if they vote to break back into the senate he's just another person in the room. But as long as they're sitting as a court of impeachment he has power. Wherever is one of the things we know is that he's going to have an office in the senate he's gonna do his work in that in the in the Supreme Court in the mornings come to the senate. In the afternoons for the trial he's allowed to do outside work. I during the trial the senators are. Now the senators now have to be focused squarely on the task ahead of them and that becomes very difficult. A particularly for the four senators who are currently running for president they are going to have to somehow. Find a way to do both be present here for this trial as is expected of them the democratic leader has made very clear that that absences are not going to be. Looked upon finally here and also find a way to somehow be out on the campaign trail and the timing George. Is not helpful we are of course just weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses it puts a lot of pressure on these four senators who are also running. The I have boxes on Monday February 3 Jon Karl the State of the Union Address is supposed to be. On Tuesday February 4 we were erecting 1999 Bill Clinton didn't give his State of the Union Address as a senate was still sitting in their trial. Unclear what's gonna happen here all we know from the White House is they say they think a trucking. Be over by that. The White House hopes the trial is over before the state of the union they want a two week trial that's what they're anticipating. But George you know full well that once this trial gets under way. It could end up Rudd going considerably longer the big question obviously that would affect that but not the only question. Is whether or not of the senate votes to have witnesses but it is not inconceivable and all that the president. Would be coming back to Capitol Hill giving that speech in the chamber that has impeached him the house chamber. At the very time that the other chamber is engaged in this trial. Course the president hopes that he comes after the senate has quoted an advantage appears he still has the boats at the outset. Of this trial for an acquittal but it to pick up on the point Jon Karl is making. Great there Kate we really don't know the dynamic once the trial actually get started. What happens inside those rooms of the senators particularly when and if as they did during the Bill Clinton trial they go behind closed doors and deliberate in private right. And I presume the Chief Justice is going to encourage them to work out some of this. Out behind the scenes right particularly questions of the appearance of witnesses. So I do think it's possible that at least in theory the Chief Justice could cast a tie breaking vote if there are fifty senators who wish to hear from witnesses. In reality I think he's going to do everything in his power to avoid let's think about presidency basically 5050 says go buy clothes were to make sure. Connecticut they're not gonna wanna do that either an ethical lot of them are going to be protective. Of of Robert's dissent not all of them but they're going to be enough I think it will prevent there from being any situation. We're suddenly it's 5050 and Roberts estimate called. One other thing we talk about that the fact is senators have to be there right. If it's not just that they have to be there. Every day it's that they have to be there would no electronics at all and think about that we think about whoever you are whatever you do. Having to sit and listen what is right here yeah. I have to admit this to have to listen to what is going to be a time is boring long. Com you know it's gonna be most of it is going to be somewhat compelling in some way shape or form we talk with the people running for president. They're not going to be able to do anything else as they're sitting nor any. And that is and it's a great question the other day we don't know how that cuts you know chairman and we are talking about how this process can take over and people. Today take their responsibilities and wouldn't. Looking back at history. It's also very possible to pick up on Dan's point there in their six hours a day without being able do any other work essentially trapped that might encourage him to get this done more quickly. Especially George since there aren't conclusion. It's pretty much foregone bot barring any kind of shocking new. Development in evidence or otherwise the president is not going to be convicted and removed from office because it requires 67 senators and that's. That's probably far more Republicans that are willing to abandon him based on the evidence as they see it. Now there is however the wild card which is that this impeachment is different from the other ones. Because the House of Representatives. Did it very quickly and the leadership of the House of Representatives has we're still investigating we may send more evidence do you. The the interview with leather harness. The Rudy Giuliani associates appear talked about is new evidence that may want to get factored in and this is. I compared almost. Two they're trying to assemble. A high performance Formula One race car. While the race is already underway and they're going down the the track at high speed it is a very complicated thing if in fact. More evidence comes then if John Bolton comes out and speaks if there's more documents that are released these are things the Democrats want. But it's very difficult now to kind of shoehorn them into this process especially since that time is so precious it. Moos claimed that Pierre Thomas we also know at this it is this is going on. That the southern district of New York which has indicted left harness is also investigating rule legion Rudy Giuliani we don't know how or when or if they're going to act but also we're waiting on a major judicial ruling from the appeals court. And whether dom again. The presence president trumps former council of course he was implicated deeply in Robert Muller's investigation. It has. Has immunity from testifying as well. That's correct and that may play a huge role in terms of whether you in fact. Have witnesses and whether that privilege can be even if you'd be invoked in and how much can it be invoked in and George. But the things out I want to emphasize here with this new news about harness today. He is now at odds with Rudy Giuliani who in one of the interviews called him a quote proven lighter. Now that's significant because. We have multiple pictures of how often he was in the company of Rudy Giuliani in fact there is video of Giuliani taking let partners to the funeral. Of the president of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush. They are at odds and the key here that point is is. If pushing on is that there are people that would have you believe that this was just about corruption in general. Harness this thing no I was directed to focus on the Biden's. And the Biden's alone and also to focus on getting rid of Marie Ivanovic who was a former ambassador US ambassador to the Ukraine. He's directly acknowledging the effort to get rid of her and he's apologizing fort. Can we now know that is being investigated. By infect ukrainians are investigating whether or not she was harassed during her time in the Ukraine and we've heard from the show and House Intelligence Committee Adam ship of course we that's managers well. He expects to release more documents from love harnesses well Larry personally bring you in. I'm just as we've just heard of course that. Right now it doesn't appear that they're going to be 67 votes attempted to convict a president tropical though anything can happen but there's another key number here. And that's 5151. Senators can make. Are the majority that can make any key ruling on witnesses on documents on things like that and so that means if your four Republicans willing to break ranks from the president. And majority leader Mitch McConnell they gain control of this process. And right now George there are at least more Republicans who have said they aren't at least interested in hearing potentially from additional witnesses and it Romney you talk. Most outspoken saying that he would actually like to hear. From John Bolton the former national security advisor who is that he would testify if subpoenaed so while the Republican leader Mitch McConnell has made very clear he's not interested. In hearing from additional witnesses he wants to get this over quickly and he has said he will be in total coordination. With the White House has no plans this trial. Much of the powers in the hands of these new Republican senators when it comes to whether or not. We will hear any new testimonial or hear any new evidence being considered. And Democrats are very hopeful that they can hit some way these Republicans especially. As you begin to see new evidence raising new questions like allegations from leather harness and. Both Dan Abrams those horse owners may not have the last were either take the case of John Bolton said he would be willing to testify after the house. Acted on impeachment before before the senate did its very possible that even if he does then received a subpoena in the president coming in to can claim executive privilege. Judge John Bolton not testify in front it's not deposit if not happen it is not happening. He knows exacts a very Smart guy he knows how to process works he knew he didn't say I'll volunteer. He said if subpoenaed. So when people say he's offered to testify when we he's agreed to abide by a subpoena. If he were to get testified that he got a press covers now threatens correct but what what does that mean you know. That means that OK let's assume that they get the 51 votes and they say we want John Bolton testified. He shows up and then there's going to be an argument on immunity and that is going to be an argument on executive privilege and the president is gonna say it is my executive privilege here it is not his decision. And it's gonna work its way through the courts and they're gonna say we don't have the time and John Holmes not to. It deftly and work it's written reports case show or could the chief justice and they couldn't Illinois affiliate. I Hilton could still testify if I think there could be assertions of privilege and then I think the chief would be in a very difficult position to just say. You know senators' you work it out there let's let the court process run its course I think they're be a strong argument that. The comparative advantage on the ruling on this important constitutional question about the privilege the wave of caught the president's communications with his advisors are subject to disclosure and where and how. That's a legal and constitutional question that the Chief Justice is better situated to answer than the members of the senate so it. Truly feels doesn't want to answer that question and as a result he walked home. I'm I think he may feel that it looks too political to try to avoid answering her question and he was he making. In Tbilisi and I think I know John Carlson hasn't been all over the map on John Bolton in all of the witnesses. Yet times he sounded like he's want he wants to have a lot so witnesses out there Mick won't mania is acting chief of staff. His secretary of state Mike Pompeo. He has said I asked him directly just last week if he'd. Be willing to see John Bolton he said all I've got you know I'd have no problem without but then he immediately added. Bought you know the lawyers are concerned about the precedent that that would set for future presidents he can't have your national security advisor up there. Answering questions it raises real issues of executive privilege so he has been all over the map but it's no question that right now George. Where they are in terms of strategy for this trial is to fight for there to be no witnesses telling press you. It I'm John Bolton and and and what he knows Sen and what he might be willing to say we know we had a tough relationship. With president trump he says he resigned the president said at the time. I that he was fired we know he was unhappy with the goal it was going on. We've Ukraine but we also know that he is that pretty significant player in the Republican Party doesn't want it really did a lot of allies. It's like he is he is somebody who briefly once ran for president himself he also has had his own super pac supporting. Our Republican candidates he is a party man. He is a conservative. He is and ideologues he has very firm views on foreign policy and national security some of which. Were at odds with his former advisor really starkly at odds with president trump. But it is almost impossible for me George to imagine. That John Bolton Republican stalwart. Would emerge as the star featured witness and it partisan. Democratic impeachment effort I just. I had a hard time imagining that what happened we shall see the final senators now are signing girls let's go back. To the room. Recognize. And if senator who is not in the senate chamber. At the time they oath was administered through the other shutters. We'll make that buck onto the chair so that the oath may be administered. Efficient as possible. The sergeant in arms will make the proclamation. Thirty here you hear me. All persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment. While House of Representatives is exhibiting to the senate of the United States. Articles of impeachment against Donald John trump. President of the United States and majority leader is recognized. He's mister Chief Justice for the information percent of a mob found out of this defenders democratic leader. I'm about two per pound several unanimous consent requires. That will assist reorganization of the notched up a vision for students. They deal largely with necessary paperwork. Pentagon to the trial. Therefore I should out of concerns that the shaman should be issued a new usual form provided the president may have until 6 PM on Saturday January 18 torn declined. To file a sensor with a shocker that Shana. Which will be spread upon the journal. And the House of Representatives have until twelve noon on Monday January 20 cloning cloning. To follow him to follow its replication. With the suckers is on found ask and found that the sector is gonna be authorized a proud. As the senate document those documents filed by the parties together to be available to all parties. Is there objection. Filed objection so ordered. (%expletive) out of himself out of the House of Representatives wish to follow probably urge. It be filed with the secretary of the senate about 5 PM on Saturday January date change Torre cloning. Further that if the president wishes follow trial brave. It be filed with the checkers it's not about twelve noon on Monday January tornado warning cloning. Further that if the house wishes to file rebuttal brief. Could be problems suckers and senator about twelve noon on Tuesday January 21 point cloning. Five I and found that the sector this ought to be authorized to proud. As a sign a document all documents filed by the parties together to be available. For all parties. Is there objection and without objection so ordered. And then I should not of themselves that in recognition of the unique requirements raised by the impeachment trial got drawn trump. President of the United States the sergeant at arms shall install. Appropriate equipment and furniture and September during all times. But the senators sitting in for trial with the Chief Justice of the United States presiding. The appropriate equipment furniture. And computer equipment in accordance with the politicians and provisions. Announcement as the dust and that they be proud of. And Robert. Is there objection. Without objection so ordered. Should not concerned that the senate should another quarter of impeachment of the journal on Tuesday January that's on its first Tony cloning. At 1 PM. Is there objection. Without objection so ordered. The senate sitting as court of impeachment is adjourned until Tuesday January 21 at 1 PM. So there have at this and move on quite a fast track presence here is invited to sent in a brief by Saturday the responses coming in from the Democrats who. Bottles and final documents and by Tuesday January 21 when the senate will reconvene at 1 PM on to say for the trial. Of president trump the senate is adjourned. Until then and it Dan worry what we're gonna learn a lot over the next few days number one we still don't know. The hope this schedule that Mitch McConnell has in mind for this trial we have not seen the briefs from either side. Depth and we don't know how this trial's going to unfold. These are so many critical questions we don't know the answers to. And you even those of us who study the long all the time can't possibly give you the answer why. Because impeachment are so rare. And the rules are entirely up to the senator asked how they want to move forward etc. And so it's not like a typical trial in that sense that we could say well the judge is gonna this is when the person gets indicted in this is when the next step happens in this is when the motion to dismiss. A lot of this is going to be kind of winging in. Based on using that the senate rules and determining you know how do we move forward from here. And had of the senators take their responsibility. You know they took this oath to do until impartial justice under the constitution and the laws. And you know I think a lot of legal scholars think that does mean they're role is fundamentally different than their role in their ordinary day jobs as senators. And so would be should be a bleeding pre judging ultimate outcome and in any of this. But of course it's difficult to shed that ordinary troll but you know I didn't convince point. We don't really know how what's gonna go play out yet and I don't think they do yet either I think a lot of this is being worked out behind closed doors and witnesses will there be witnesses how many what kinds of lines of questions how will hear you know that I think is very much to. Question the fact this is this then we talked about this before I think it's important. The fact that did proceedings. Is sue Solomon serious. And you have the Chief Justice now we first for the first time seeing John Roberts sitting in that chair presiding over. The United States. With a 9900. Senators sitting there just taken an oath. That's not an image Donald Trump it's and it's not an image I think some of the Republicans in the house want. Because as we saw the fights going on in the house a lot of the time there were constant interruptions. Constant efforts to sort of minimizing to grade the process. And here with the Chief Justice the United States sitting there it's going to be much harder to do that. The term are all this is against the backdrop of country is deeply divided as we've seen any generation and the views on impeachment. I divided basically write down the middle right now which is quite different again from president Clinton's impeachment back in 1999 when a strong majority of the country. Was against conviction. That's right were 5050 country on so many things but one thing that history shows that the country is basically united on is that impeachment and removal from office. Should be very rarely invoked right this is only as you said the third president of 45. Who has stood trial on impeachment charges none of them of course. So far removed from office for. And in at 230. Years or so of our constitutional governance devoted toward impeachment altogether and only eight removed from office. This is a different process altogether and I think right now. You would they they must feel as as lawyers and jurors and litigants and defendants field at the beginning of any trot. Our data for all of the great order and solemn solemnity that we've just seen. There's real military say is saying no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. What this trial begins partly because of his dances are so many unanswered questions and partly just because of human nature. You don't know what's gonna help me Bruce does it feel different on Capitol Hill these last 24 hours. Absolutely there's no question about it it feels different even in the senate Kennedy yesterday there is a very somber and serious. Tone here today it's also very differently on the senate side. It over on the house side. As you were discussing so far this process has of course been over in the house and added eight very fundamentally. Different body than the senate it is actually why there's been some discussion over who will be on the president's team because. Here in the senate you don't necessarily have. Some of those fierce defenders of the president like you do. Over in the house that he be able to speak up in the same kind of why it's why they've been discussing navy putting on the president's team members like. Congressman Dornan congressman rat put some of the president's top attack dogs. On the hill because Donald Trump likes. Fierce defense and whether he's going to be able to get that here in the senate in a very different body he will be defended but but it will be a theory. A different tone and a very different chamber Troy. And Jon Karl perhaps he is the biggest wild card of all president Donald Trump he's back and just sit back and watch this. What he causes those shots so we've seen that in every arena so. Like I said they they've got a legal team in place not formally announced yet in terms of who'll be doing the arguments on the senate floor. We have a pretty good idea they've got a battle plan ready to go but the president is is a gut is somebody you who governs an ax by gut and he can change. In a moment we've seen him gone back and forth quite. Wildly and what he expects out of this trial whether he wants. A long. A trial that fully exonerates him and gives him a chance to call witnesses like Joseph Biden at Hunter Biden. Or or whether or not he wants to move. Immediately. As quickly as all as possible to dismiss office he will ultimately be the one who was calling shop. We will be watching that for today the senate trial is adjourned back on 1 PM on Tuesday of course will be here for that as well wanna leave me today with that remarkable photo as we see it right there. All 99 senators in attendance taking the oath to do impartial justice in the senate trial of Princeton child. Our coverage continues on ABC news live of course a full report tonight on world news tonight we can't hear have a good.

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