Chief of Staff John Kelly: 'I'm not quitting today'

"The View" co-hosts discuss Kelly's role in the Trump administration.
4:52 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for Chief of Staff John Kelly: 'I'm not quitting today'
chief of staff John Kelly held a strange press conference saying he's not the nt one out the revolving door at the white house. I would offer to you although I read it all the time pretty consistently I'm not quitting today. I don't believe -- I just talked to the president. I don't think I'm being fired today. I will tell you this is the hardest job I've ever had Okay. This is his hardest job. The man did three tours of duty in Iraq. It was easier for him to handle Saddam hussein than Donald Trump. I have a lift of all the people that were fired or quit. It's an enormous list. Steve Bannon, Anthony scaramucci, reince Priebus -- is that a skin disease? Sean spicer, the list goes on here. I thought it was important for him to say when he talked about I wasn't brought in here to control the president. Don't judge me by whether I am controlling him. I thought that was an important distinction. I'm one of those people why isn't anyone telling him. I put that on anyone that was close to him. What was interesting he said I wasn't brought in here to control anything but the flow of information to the president. He is controlling the message. He's controlling what gets to the president. Is he turning off Fox News? Is he ripping off Breitbart? Meaning is trump getting news from the times. General Kelly is a certified bad blank. He's an absolute hero and well respected within the military. By all reports he's brought stabization to the white house. That's why I thought that was someone starting drama. We've seen a ton of white house. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not going anywhere. The leaks have stopped since he took over as chief of staff. What occurred to me was he said it was the hardest job he had. He didn't say it was the best job. That sous his time in the Marines his sense of service, his sense of duty is uh surping everything else. I feel better knowing he's controlling the information going to the president. I have faith in this particular man. We all feel a little better. You told me the other day -- I always feel like trump has the nuclear codes. If he's so impulsive and gets angry and blows somebody up, then we get blown up. You've said there were checks and balances. If you want to talk about people around him. Henry mcmasterers, general Mattis is the general Patton of our time. He's an incredible warrior. If you want to love the military today Google some of his quotes when we invaded Iraq. It will make you love America. He's a warrior. These are people president trump has in office. I have friends that say are we going to war with North Korea today. There's no red but on the oval office. He can't do that without the military. What people are afraid of as an accident. That there's a miscommunication with trump's big mouth, not that there's going to be an assault from a country. That somebody will make a mistake and Kim Jong-un and his craziest -- you know who has the hardest job in the white house, Melania. Probably. It's not trump we need to worry about. It's Kim Jong-un. He's completely irrational unlike the great horrible dictators of our time who still have a semi-brans of the politics of being a dictator. Kim Jong-un is an absolute -- I think me father calls him a fat kid psychopath. What decal him? A crazy fat kid. He's rocket man. John McCain is a -- Let's take one more look at the man who holds our fate in

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{"id":50467861,"title":"Chief of Staff John Kelly: 'I'm not quitting today'","duration":"4:52","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Kelly's role in the Trump administration.","url":"/Politics/video/chief-staff-john-kelly-im-quitting-today-50467861","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}