Clinton campaign official talks Clinton's op-ed, Russia meddling, Mueller report

Amanda Renteria, former national political director for the 2016 Clinton campaign discusses the Mueller report and the potential of impeachment proceedings for Pres. Trump.
3:46 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Clinton campaign official talks Clinton's op-ed, Russia meddling, Mueller report
Wanna bring and I guess on Mandarin three are from my New York she's internist who's a former national political director. I'm Hillary Clinton's campaign also actually happen have been down at the sheet issued of people women of color conference and and it's great to see you went straight to be here. So what a picture in your reaction to secretary Clinton's it's sort of prescription for the Democratic Party. As we head into this campaign with respect to the Muller reports she's basically saying. I don't rush to judgment on impeachment keep the investigation going. And focus on the agenda something that sort of they can do at the same time do you think that's a good approach. I do and as I was reading through and I was the chief of staff and US senate. Worked there for about nine years and it very much ran it what should the senate do what should the house view what's the right policy process. And it is true there's no reason arrest rush to judgment. And in fact you know there's a thoughtful report that really did leave different strands to investigate and as. You know what happened on the hill as everybody dies in of that policy work. And follows it through and I think she's absolutely right about let's do this in a thoughtful way no need to rush and let's see where it leads us. You make of of Elizabeth Warren's argument that we need to launch headlong into impeachment the evidence is all there are no further. Investigation is needed and in fact. Democrats even as Hillary Clinton says can walk and chew gum at the same time and should also focus on policy. Do you think that that would be political. Liability for for candidates try to challenge trump. You know I I read the report. Particularly spend a lot of time reading volume two and it is hard to get to the end of it and not see how this doesn't lead us to an impeachment proceeding. But I think it's Smart and I think it's worth the time to spend a really understand all the different. Really all the different actions a took place and particularly important. With the lens of making sure this doesn't happen again mean there's no doubt as I finished it. I couldn't help but say we cap we have to do everything possible. To make sure that no for an enemy enters our demy and democratic process and anyway and when each one. Yeah you're pretty a high official in the Hillary Clinton Campaign obviously directly impacted by the Russian activity in 2016. As you look at this field of candidates you look at the reinvent invigorated Democratic National Committee. Do you get the sense that the party is on proper footing. With respect to Russian meddling in that could likely continuing to 20/20 do you think lessons have been learned from Alaska around. So I think lessons have been learned from the campaign side I have seen very little on the cyber security side on the investment side there are bills out there that have been waiting. To really put some teeth accountability enforcement and resource is to making sure that 20/20 orb. So making sure no one is able to actually enter the tweets when he election except for the American voter. And so what I do hope is that every single candidate. We'll start to think about that on a broader scale how we protector democracy when it comes to coming to that when it when it comes to going and voting box we have to bring back that trust again. And Amanda before we let you go I'd be remiss bread and ask you about the and the Biden news today. By former vice president game in the race what do you think it Joseph Biden. I love when candidates jumped and I am one of those people were very early on we've got a lot of time to get to know everybody he's gonna have some questions answered no doubt. But it's also great to have a voice who have some polish foreign policy experience. Whose generic really bring a different perspective to the table so I think this is exciting. To see all the different perspectives across the Democratic Party. Amanda renteria former national political director of the Hillary Clinton Campaign has great to see a matter thanks so much for coming in appreciate your time it's great to be here.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Amanda Renteria, former national political director for the 2016 Clinton campaign discusses the Mueller report and the potential of impeachment proceedings for Pres. Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62637814","title":"Clinton campaign official talks Clinton's op-ed, Russia meddling, Mueller report","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-campaign-official-talks-clintons-op-ed-russia-62637814"}