Collins delivers opening statement at impeachment hearing

Ranking Member Rep. Doug Collins attacked Democrats, saying they have already decided to vote to impeach President Trump.
11:00 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Collins delivers opening statement at impeachment hearing
You live a famous moments in impeachment. There are famous moments and impeachment we don't border famous lines from Nixon live what did the president know and when did you know. From the Clinton impeachment there was I do not have sex without won't. Lord we know about this one is probably where's the impeachable offense. Why are we here. Obtain this may be though become known as the focus group impeachment. Because we'll have a crime we don't have anything we can actually ban and nobody understands really what the majority trying to do except that interfere embrace big. Make sure that they believe the president can't win next year if he's engaged. The focus group impeachment takes words and then takes and the people say how can we explain this better we will have a fax to match it. A focus group impeachment says you know we really are working with a good fact but we need a good PR move that's while we're here today. This is close this is all about a thus it last week o'clock in McAllen. And it really became evident to me that this was true. Because last Wednesday after we had a long day of hearing here. The next morning before anything else to get started the speaker of the house. Walked up to the podium and said go rot Oracle impeachment. She just she just stopped build a little bit basement. I appreciate that the majority practiced for two days this weekend only this hearing I appreciated the fact that you gotta trying to get Iraq to try and convince the American people are your problems which are speakers already undercuts you. She took them leave the real out of the room. Your rotting articles of impeachment. Why couldn't we use say that time today and if you're gonna rock your impeachment go had to ride them. Well there's probably a reasonable that go this. Chairman laid out some amazing Klein's. None of which I think after this hearing today. The American people can honestly look at NC. If there is overwhelming evidence there's a proper reason he abused his power because as the speaker another statement she said bit to do impeachment you have to be so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan. All of which we are not. So why not why are we here. Well I think we can do this is look at let's look at. The three things that typically associated with making your case or crops most of it against what the majority is said nothing they have motive. Bev main they have opportunity. Was promoted its November 20 point it's been said over and over and over again the chairman said it again this morning. Smith said all do we have to do this because that we don't impeach him he'll win again next year. The reason initial is clearly is last week on the jobs report in the economy and it. The heady a man come up to Maine and the grocery store this weekend he said keep doing what you're doing is that I've never seen an economy this good he said are he said people were working people being taken care. And this is just a fatal distraction over president that they don't lie. Motive is easy November 26 thing they lost. January 27 saying just a few minutes and the lost imposed confirmed whatever democratic and talking about now the time for impeachment. Received weight after tweets and now let's get that it's amazing that they starlet impeachment and then they spent two years trying to figure out what we and they Jamal. Well the means. McCain. What we see now. The means is it always talk about impeachment always say this president's overall just say he is illegitimate as the chairman has said before it is not even old go legitimate president. It's against constantly pared down at a president who is working almost half of the American people. The sham impeachment we go through this. I think the chairman says something is inching he said the president should not be above the law to be held accountable for the over there all but nothing congress ought to be held accountable for their oath of office as well. In not to do what we're doing what now. And that is running process that doesn't. Fit fairness or decorum to run a process and it fact pattern that you're having to force against a president you don't lot. All of the opportunity. The opportunity came last November. When they got the majority. And they began their impeachment run they began the process even as reflecting the chairman the chairman said how would be the best person for impeached. But this November but last year. Before we had any hearings before we had even worse forty end to this congress. For any want the media are watching won't say they are watching in this friend for anyone to think that this will not abate deal is not. Up being honest with themselves. He's safe presumption. Has now become the standard instead approve. As you called anyone. To begin to question because the entire case is built on a resumption or as we found out last week from three scholars bit imprints is okay. If you just to infer that that's what they mean the looked like that. I'll uninteresting line. The only is inching they've made their whole case bill phone boards on when you go so you have a lot today. He testified that he presume that the aid was connected to an investigation but he said nobody ever told him that. But fumble and even asked the president directly is that what you all the press little nothing old list inability ran out Ukraine did nothing and got the aid anyway. The legal hot note that this is also problematic experience just look over the past three weeks when the chairman of the intelligence committee about the weight is absent today. Yes he can't back up his own report. But he started his own hearing bomb making up the factual call. When he made it. He started the fairy tale there were having today. If you can't even put the transcript in the rot Condit Jews will read it. Chairmanship couldn't even read the transcript he had to make it up because if he didn't make it it didn't sound as bad. It didn't senate race took the lead he said let's Mike doesn't art that's not what was that the transcript the chairman misled. The American people. As an attorney for the chairman as a member of congress who swore an oath until the basically to breed for honest with the American people and uphold the constitution that was such a massive. Malpractice. I've never saying because you don't want again they don't care. About what actually it was in the transcripts they'll actually care what happened and we heard last week from win. This is they don't even care that the eight were released. They're simply looking at the facts to make it fit their narrative. Oh what else happened. You know this is also the chairmanship to also said that the using collusion in plain sight. It is already Blair before the lower court ever came out that all this was going to happen which you know I guess I got my need to does not stop. Commenting on chairmanship and his full gospel got out may end up on the next phone records subpoena. As we go forward. EC we've taken and dangerous turn. In this congress. Subpoenas are not properly done and should be done properly thought. But they should never be at the expense of a political and and been data. Professor turley. Just filed last week presumption is no substitute for proof the current legal case for impeachment is not just woefully inadequate in some respects and dangerous and the basis for impeachment. Of an American president. Today what we're supposed to get was like oh well I'll love my parental note on the majority of this committee said Mueller and we got the lower court. It didn't know her well. So we outlaw. Hearings didn't go real well we finally got Bob Mueller and they said this is they'll be the movie version in fact what happened they did and my colleagues on the a majority had. Live readings from Capitol Hill they may dramatic podcast they even wrote a comic book rendition of breathe life into the lower court and it didn't work. So low work because of the movie version they told Robert Muller's testimony would be the thing that people watched and will be convinced. Yes war. But what demands can go back to fill flat. Which you know today I guess is the movie version of the ship report. Except one thing the star witness failed to show up mister Nunez area his staff is Eric. Leading hit love is there ship report but where's mr. jail. Lower. Robert Mueller testified. Against a lower court against all just about. The author of the show for board is not here instead he sending his staff to do his job for him. I guess that's what you get when you're making up impeachment as you go. So look bored here that we plenty of time to discuss the factual case for this in the statements that are not been made. What is very detrimental to me though is this this committee is not hearing from a factual witness this committee is not doing anything past hearing from wall school professors and staff. We've not been given the press the German says something about the present not ever come. Show me where he would actually have a proper process in this does not talking to staff and not talking law school professors look at actually have witnesses will be called up both sides. But I'll say this in the ending. I love this institution. Alice here is a nineteen year old kid. As an intern. Almost thirty. Two years ago. This institution as we see it today. Is in danger. We see chairman for issuing subpoenas for personal vendetta S. We see. Committees such as the Judiciary Committee. There's still many many substantive hearings has been the very centerpoint of impeachment being used as a rubber stamp because we get not our marching order from this committee and what should be doing. Well from the speaker and the intelligence committee chairman. We're not able to do what we need to do. Because we're a rubber stamp. I love this institution but in the last three days it's over last year for three or four days I've seen stuff that does bother me to know and it should bother everyone. The speaker of the house after game one day of testimony and usury committing sin Colorado articles. Facts be damned. Al Green another member of the house majority. Said we can keep impeach him over and over and over and over again. Adam shelf. When he told us he wasn't going to come instead hot behind a staff. He also told us there we're gonna keep investigating. Because they know this is going nowhere in the senate. And they're desperate to have a impeachment vote on this president. The economy's good job creation is military is strong our country is safe. And to do district committee. Has been relegated to this. Want. Because they have remains that a motive and they have the opportunity. And at the end of the day all this is about. About a clock and the calendar because they can't get over the fact Donald Trump is president of the United States and day. Don't have a candidate that they think can beat him. It's all political. As we assault about before this the show unfortunately today the witness who's supposedly the star witness. Chose to take class. And let a staff bash reports that a you'll.

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{"duration":"11:00","description":"Ranking Member Rep. Doug Collins attacked Democrats, saying they have already decided to vote to impeach President Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67598055","title":"Collins delivers opening statement at impeachment hearing","url":"/Politics/video/collins-delivers-opening-statement-impeachment-hearing-67598055"}