Concrete wall was 'never abandoned,' Trump says

President Trump defended his promise to build a solid border wall all along the U.S.-Mexico early Monday.
1:39 | 12/31/18

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Transcript for Concrete wall was 'never abandoned,' Trump says
The nation will start the new year with the federal government partially shut down president from bringing in Tony nineteen from Washington. Tweeting this morning and all concrete wall was never abandon. The president of responding to coverage of John Kelly's parting words as chief of staff. Kelly told the only times the White House has given up on the president's signature campaign promise. Saying to be honest it's not a wall the president still sells wal. Halted arms frankly he'll say barrier or been saying. Now he's tended toward steel slats and we need law sources told ABC news the president has been calling political allies are conservative pundits. To reassure them he will not back down on his five billion dollar demand for border wall. The reason we're not talking. This becomes the house Democrats have told us there's no way no how you gonna get anything he wore. Yes we need to enhance border security. But we are not willing to pay 2.5 billion dollars or five billion dollars. In wasting taxpayer. Dollars on a ransom note because Donald Trump decided that he was going to shut down the government. With house Democrats set to take control this week leader Nancy Pelosi is promising to act swiftly to in the shut down. Exactly how remains to be seen it puts the number. Crips and a much more powerful position now that's the speaker. Pelosi is going to be speaker messengers that Democrats have a huge advantage in the house now I don't think it changes that dynamic setting both sides are dug in. Federal workers are entering the new year with uncertainty about their pay. Imported you tell the US Coast Guard members were risk of not being paid today but the drug administration says that figure out a way to make a one time payment during the shut down. Kenneth movie ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"1:39","description":"President Trump defended his promise to build a solid border wall all along the U.S.-Mexico early Monday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60092700","title":"Concrete wall was 'never abandoned,' Trump says","url":"/Politics/video/concrete-wall-abandoned-trump-60092700"}