Constituent loses his temper at Rep. Tom MacArthur over health care

A town hall attendee called MacArthur "the single greatest threat" to his family.
11:09 | 05/11/17

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Transcript for Constituent loses his temper at Rep. Tom MacArthur over health care
In March. You'd hold us. That you practically broke her arm. Patting yourself on the back for not voting in January to just eliminate the HCA due to hold us that that was because. You didn't think. That health care could be solved in a couple of months it's too complicated. To hook Hugh. This week weeks. Three weeks to go from its true conflict get a. And it can't be done quickly through I've got a few violent extremists here that is a horrible mess of a pill that 70%. Of the population wanted that the CBO says it was get a kick to -- four million people all the health insurance. Three weeks congressman. Three weeks Tommy Boy that's all it took for you. To go from I'm not gonna do it back quickly to I've got a yes vote in my pocket I'm gonna use it. They took that boat off the bill because they knew that it wasn't get a pass. Us. I thought thank. You. Thank god we're not gonna have to do that. A couple of days. A couple of more days in this summit we got the MacArthur amendment. Congratulations. You're in history. Here in the national spotlight. That's one thing I wanna talk about the national spotlight. You keep talking about all the constituents that you have to adhere to. All right in this county they believe one thing and over in this county they believe another thing and you're trying to thread that me. We haven't threaded it at all. Edgar one that is going to be losing for on this you have not address you have not addressed it properly and not addressed a fully you have ignored us I have called your office incessantly. And I get people who don't know what's going on I don't get any return phone calls if I ever create. Fax or email I get a form letter. That informs me about what I contacted you about and why you can't do anything about it because it still in committee you look forward to. Taking my opinions into consideration. You have not. Taken my opinions into consideration. Can do complicated. It's not gonna get done in months three weeks. Don't purchase it all we have an even begun. I've not done with you yet I got the Mike and I'm not going anywhere cut out the power I got. This ain't over yet. My wife. Was diagnosed with cancer when she was forty years old. She beat it. Every day every day. She lives with it except. Every pain. Every knew something going on somewhere it's coming back. Is this cancer to have it again is gonna kill me it is time to get take me away from my children. Speaking of which children. Both have preexisting conditions from birth when cardiac when thyroid. You have the Ian. The single greatest threats to my family. In the entire world. You are the reason I stay up at night. You are the reason that I can't sleep. What happens if I lose my job I'm very fortunate there I have a really good job and I really good health insurance and we could all be a bit have. Peace of mind. But now my wife. Every day. Is wondering if she's get a get cancer is it happening now. But what about now. Now also has to contend with what my husband loses his job. If I lose my job we could. Next up fourth the Oprah. We can't afford to get private insurance we get it from my employer. If I lose that good spot if I lose my dog on a Monday if I'm lucky enough to find its but to think which never happens. They want not have insurance ready for me I would not be eligible for three to six months. If by lapse might coverage within 63 days. Suddenly. I'm and a high risk pool. My preexisting conditions which I don't give a (%expletive) about build up to me come out to me I don't care but you came after mind. Why the you came after kids. I have sympathy for your mother. I have sympathy for your daughter. You did not learn the lessons they were trying to teach you because if it's quite a few days. It can put its. Bid. Good luck didn't drink. You can not let that could your actions. Back the entire country. There was no one in this country that your actions are not going to look back to. So everyone's voice. Is important and went 17%. Of the populations that don't do it's. You did it. That's bad it's correct when he said that you brought it back from death. Ryan said its debt trump said its debt. And you said no. I got a better idea. Last time it where it's out you told us. That you went to congress to fix problems that you didn't watch you decorated chair. Bet you didn't want to choose between being obstructionists and now want to get something done that was the cleanest of your intellect but you only had two choices upon have you. Don't be obstructionists. Or make something better whatever the horrible bill available to you from our horrible cook of people who believe that we don't does our. Help insurance they have set. On TV on Cabot but it you're not paying attention. And that's your responsibility. They said it. They said that if we get sick it's our fault is let people that are eighty your party back you'll working whip. This let people that did not look flat that's techno. It's. Like were truly. Whom did not to have an open. Concerns but we can't afford it. That it insulted. That is detrimental to the mental health above the that nation. Thank. All of all of this Bob. The totally misses the point. Health care. Is not but good. You do not buy health insurance the same way you buy a car the same way you buy a house. Both are already complicated things to do you gotta know about cars again and nobody out at least a little bit but there are reasonable ways to be educated on those things and make reasonable choices. I work in health care sir it is complicated. The only one that doesn't believe that it's complicated is it orange haired followed sitting at a White House. I'll be responsible for because he's going to be fine. You'll working with them you're working with ride you're what you of people that don't care about us. If you want it makes a big matter. You could have made the eighth DA better directly. You couldn't make sure that all the funding that just say that we need right now. Are there. And Judith a belt she told me what you're made out. She made that you know what's going on but you can actually do this update is that a signing with people that clue late. By that archer of their own words. Do not do there. They want their money back that's bad words about compassion. Working. Put up points and. Kids. Is that healthcare is not like mine. Or else. You can had not expect. People to be good consumers of health care and other. Talking point thank god for the GOP for keeping us. We need to keep better consumers of health care. You're supposed to be betting doctors and bedding hospitals and knowing what it MRI costs and knowing what a CT scan costs. And if I need a market capitalization how much does that cost and as the cost it but I have this doctor or that's doctor it's a completely. Immoral. And this is the point congressman. This is the point because. Health insurance as up or profit business is immoral. Can't wait lake you have. Don't. But you. It's not. That the insurance companies have up our beloved and they would fascinates you. Okay. Forty years and we have been slowly going to sleep. Just watching reality TV that's American Idol and 8 o'clock that's what's important about. You came from mine came from my wife. One not just. I want to protect. I don't want to hear your response. I'm not interest. I've heard it already. High priority in the west Arafat to the watching you want. TV and I read the bill that you spots are but what they you'll willing to say yes do. I know exactly what's going on congressman I'm not an idiot I see it everyone here knows what's going on I don't want in the country knows what's going on. You all it's every one. You are fundamental. Principle it's flawed. I don't have any choice whether to insurance company. I have no value to an insurance company I can't do anything to their CEO I can't do anything to their employed nothing. I can argue July blew up face. But a single pair. Run by the government only and it's got problems but it's also got elections Peggy you're gonna climb back down to 28 days.

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{"duration":"11:09","description":"A town hall attendee called MacArthur \"the single greatest threat\" to his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47338603","title":"Constituent loses his temper at Rep. Tom MacArthur over health care","url":"/Politics/video/constituent-loses-temper-rep-tom-macarthur-health-care-47338603"}