Countdown to Election Day

Sports franchises are turning their arenas into massive voting “super centers” to accommodate a large influx of voters with Nov. 3 now 50 days away.
5:31 | 09/14/20

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Transcript for Countdown to Election Day
And to ensure those voting in person this election can do so at a save social distance some sports Arenas are being transformed into voting supercenters. ABC's Devin Dwyer has more on that. ABC news got an inside look at Capital One arena in DC is officials prepare for voting booths just steps from center court in Centre ice that are gonna check in right here. Under the Bud Light sign and I. I'm never gonna pick. And then their credit capital six and then there didn't these are going to be voting booths all the way down this concourse you got yet. What the typical precinct has often just a handful of voting machines. This super center will have dozens be able to process thousands of voters in the day with plenty of social distance. Once they voted. They will com further down the corridor. And who put their put their ballot in eight tabulating machine. Get there have voted sticker and they can exit from the one directional floating these people wondering devoting if you whom the minute that that alone. We'll end up driving east. Efficiency the efficiency of big sell for poll workers who've been harder to recruit this year because of health concerns to convenience. Potentially enticing to reluctant voters. Who might otherwise stay home. Our players are incredibly motivated she. Encourage people to use their voice have been OK and they have been pushing both houses of yeah employees to get day. Players across the NBA and other pro sports are pushing to make polling places more accessible are forcing. We heard oh vote is being counted and you know distance it's a huge push for us as a nation. Two to take their right. NBA superstar LeBron James leading the effort. In part as a response to national protest for racial justice after the death of George Floyd when you have the kind of presents. And success Sobel LeBron I'm sure his voice is a bit. More influential men others. But the good news is virtually every player in the NBA virtually every franchise in the NBA is trying to have a positive impact. Tony wrestler owner of the Atlanta Hawks was the first professional team. To open its 700000. Square foot state farm arena as a voting super center for an election that's officially good business Sam please understand. Our fans they overwhelming majority of their fan base is so excited we took this on Democrat or Republicans such a success the arena is expecting huge turnout starting next month when you moved to sixty processing stations. And 300 voting machines to give you a sense so it's going to be a much more substantial effort much larger and. He would many many more boaters anyone in Fulton County any registered voter in Fulton County. Will be able to come to our facility to vote. And debt into our joins me now dead and with so many people expected to cast their votes in these supercenters how hard has it been to try to ensure. They can do so safely without getting or spreading covic nineteen. Yet and supercenters that people might seem counter intuitive during a pandemic but public health officials actually tell me. These large spaces will be significantly. Safer than those smaller polling locations like school gyms. And libraries of course besides social distance invent a way she sought in the peace. Organizers are preparing these one directional flows of people to cast their ballots they will move. Very efficiently in keep their distance from people. Of course they do caution though there will. Bob be a lot of sanitize or on hand a lot of PPE is well we saw that firsthand here in DC hundreds of thousands of wipes. Stockpiled. And ready for distribution to these supercenters. How they plan to wipe the machines down after each voter. Thank Matt and Adam one potential issue though when you get so many people in one place is long lines and wait times and we've seen in other circumstances that make all these great plans for what happens inside. And then you would have seen pack people packed outside waiting to get in so. What kind of backed the plans do they have in place if any. For that. Yeah I mean supercenters. Are not going to be super quick necessarily this year. We've seen those lines before election officials tell me and emphasized keep your expectations in check you will wind up. I'll likely awaiting a line in fact the lines might look longer. Then they normally do because people have to space out at six feet apart so you may see them stretching down the block just to get into the arena. But if you're in line to vote you will be able to cast a ballot. But in just its importer remind everybody vote early you don't have to go wait in those lines on Election Day many of these places including here in DC these Arenas will be opening for weeks ahead of Election Day. So cast those ballots early but lines will be shorter than van so just to clarify if you're online at the time that that precinct is supposed to close they will stay open. That's right in most states. The secure online if election officials at the precinct point see people in line they will allow everyone in line in the door to cast a ballot. People go ahead and find out where they're supposed to cast their vote and is there any thought that having me supercenters might make that part of the process easier. Yet definitely I mean a lot of these arena has already opened their doors right now to registration drives and make a plan right now. In fact I you can go to vote dot org to nonpartisan one stop shop where you can check to see if your registered. You can request a mail in value can find a polling location or super center. Near you to cast that ballot vote dot org make that plan right now bands like seven drier forests in Washington thanks Dan and.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Sports franchises are turning their arenas into massive voting “super centers” to accommodate a large influx of voters with Nov. 3 now 50 days away.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73002359","title":"Countdown to Election Day","url":"/Politics/video/countdown-election-day-73002359"}