COVID-19’s impact on education

Students struggle with school work and mental health due to the pandemic.
5:30 | 11/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID-19’s impact on education
The majority of American public students. Are now well into a virtual school year and data from around the country is starting to show that middle and high school students are falling behind this week Fairfax county public schools in Virginia one of the biggest districts in the country which reported an 83%. Jump in middle and high schoolers earning f.s this year compared to last year cash any independent school district in Houston. More than 40% of middle and high school students are failing at least two of their classes. And Saint Paul, Minnesota the superintendent reports nearly 40% of public high school students have failing marks double the normal number. Joining us now to discuss that the superintendent of Saint Paul public schools. Joseph got third and doctor Hannah she actor psychology professor at Wayne state university and an expert on adolescent development thank you both. For being here this is such an important topic. For so many at Joseph starters I think he can what's the biggest surprise for you when it comes to the challenges of virtual learning. I think most of the challenges and me we are district thirty saw students all out and I had all. Struggle to war. Com who can't quite get onto the Internet but I think our greatest challenges just students accessing. And we can do everything digitally. It is possible and making sure assignments are ordered to remain at. Abu we have many schools and worse now means that. Students who need to our students and eateries and her and and students who are losing moderation. And best structure notes or are. And Johnny do that he's in a normal school year students will inevitably different level of support they get from their parents and other resources but at least mother in the school building their presumably getting the same education so what do you do now that their. Home the whole time. There's some of the things we learn from now we don't just she's learned for quite some time and so I think our teachers our staff. Can be had become our down debt. On developing rooms. In support centres and students and two virtual. He gets worse or better using technology to have a pretty sure. My group. That our students are really right yearning for a. Anyhow let's talk about that the academic disengagement and given the stress that kids are under right now even the CDC reporting the rise in suicidal thoughts since the pandemic can't what do you do about this right now and and how truly trying get ahead of it before it gets even works. We heard. I'll tell her job. Comes another academic engagement are so injured probably. No fly zone when you're in her dealings emotionally distressed there in just their ears and procedure. Can he told her ability. To motivate our English one thing you really thinking about how to prioritize. Students emotional needs and finding ways. To go bruising breeding age years here at rations in the virtual environment can relief. I'm opportunity not only should work together. Only eat or emotional social action. And Joseph given everything you learned it to this point and we all continue to learn as we go here what's your message. Two struggling students and their parents. Lawn work and are gonna give up on any of our students we just can't do that and our staff and our schools are you need your support select direction meg horse. And fire students were struck based on Larson she lets really think creatively right now. On ways that we can differ and that we're. And sadly we have to be in a virtual setting right now that is important stuff or are we are gonna continue to hope we transition to. Earn. Are we are now car or digital our students we believe and I'm and we need. And get through the school year gets really difficult time fighting stand up. And Hannah weaned been talking about this this afternoon that if students don't just learn the academics at school this is also the place where they grow socially and emotionally so how can schools parents. I stood and help support kids and teens on the front right now. Even just validating this dress and knee and can. And making them know that. He's okay are feeling overwhelmed and and you know we're all. In the same boat to provide any opportunities are hurt in formal or shocking and are both teachers parents giving a news. Lots and children alike the opportunity. Human voice. Artist or when Britain what can you don't mind me and you better. And creating this environment even in the mind earning a piece. Not just about getting through your bio top horror history and it. Not trying. Hard one under your your should again ensure strategies coat injuring. Or. It's time superintendent Joseph got her doctor Hannah sector thank you so much for being with us today. You time.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Students struggle with school work and mental health due to the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74406198","title":"COVID-19’s impact on education","url":"/Politics/video/covid-19s-impact-education-74406198"}