This day in history: July 12, 1984

Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first female vice-presidential candidate.
4:52 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for This day in history: July 12, 1984
Good evening against the big news today is Geraldine Ferraro it is the first time it's ever happened and all across the country. Her selection to be Walter Mondale's running mate came as a big surprise. Perhaps even to the congresswoman herself. Ms. Ferraro left San Francisco late last night to join Mondale in Minnesota for today's big event ABC's Brit Hume is there. The Montel motorcade rolled up to the Minnesota State Capitol where this campaign began eighteen months ago. Over his vice presidential toys and it today in an explosion of approval of him. And the woman he is chosen as his running. This is an exciting choice. I want to build a future. Mondale tried to go on but the applause welled up so he said it all over again. Let me say that again. This is an exciting night. I look for the best vice president. And I followed her and Gerry Ferraro. What Ferraro often looking down her face seemingly filled with a motion. Mondale told why he had chosen her and in so doing sounded a theme that seem certain to pervade their campaign against the Reagan administration. She's murdered her way here today. Like most Americans. She's worked hard for everything. That she's it she. And working Americans. Average income. We'll find in her a vice president who knows them. And will fight for than Ferraro made clear she is no reluctant candidate. Thank you vice president Mondale. Vice president. When such a nice ring. Ask yourself out of a glamorous symbol of feminism but as a tough lady politician from queens. It was sticks up for the little guy. I grew up among working people straightforward solid Americans trying to make ends meet. Try to bring up their families and leave that country little the better off than when they moved here and and those are my values to. No questions were allowed but there will be plenty later especially about whether a three term house member with a little foreign policy experience. Is qualified to be vice president and thus possibly president. Brit Hume ABC news with the Mondale campaign in Arden Hills Minnesota. This is lame shirt in her home district in Queens today the TV announcement was required viewing. Damaged going to be queens that White House is that a Hollywood that's all right. Doesn't matter man woman so they get the job. Years ago what kind of girl being vice president. Went abroad I was brought everybody was not think what was she the president of the United States. I'd move grounding unpalatable but today old exchanged. 32 years ago when she was graduated from high school it would have been unthinkable. Her widowed mother had to take a job crushing beads onto dresses to support the family. For Gerald. Her first big job break thanks to a cousin who was a district attorney. Was as a prosecutor in the Borough of queens the experience sharpened her investigative skills and made her both a liberal and a feminist. Women have always had to prove that we were better. An order be accepted is boom is good and I mean that I honestly. With her three children nearly grown her husband is real estate developer John's a Carl in 1978 Ferraro won her first race for congress. In a working class district that was the model for TDs all in the family. Kim Washington house speaker Tip O'Neill took a quick liking to the new representative and her star began to rise. She sits on the budget and public works committees and the select committee on aging. She's known as a team player whose votes tend toward the liberal. Against the Reagan budget tax cut and balanced budget amendment against the sale of awacs to Saudi Arabia and against money for the MX missile. Although opposed to abortion personally as a Catholic she supports the right of other women to choose abortion. This year as chairman of the democratic platform committee most prestigious appointments for Ronald won praise for her efficient and diplomatic performance. It was that role that first brought her to national attention and earned her the first visit to Walter Mondale in Minnesota. As a result Geraldine Ferraro will not make her mark on the convention here on the floor with the rest of the New York delegation. But up they are on the podium as the vice presidential nominee. At that point on Thursday the Democrats are hoping that the site of a housewife from queens and a major party ticket. We'll be sufficiently electrifying to send Walter Mondale to the White House. Lynch or ABC news San Francisco.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first female vice-presidential candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56572613","title":"This day in history: July 12, 1984","url":"/Politics/video/day-history-july-12-1984-56572613"}