July 26, 2009: Sarah Palin steps down as governor

Sarah Palin steps down as Alaska governor.
2:45 | 07/24/18

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Transcript for July 26, 2009: Sarah Palin steps down as governor
ABC news headquarters in New York this is world news. Good evening. A year ago she was pretty much unknown outside of her home state tonight she is a household name as he steps down as governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. Leaving office tonight dogged by ethics investigations and declining poll numbers. But there is still enormous interest in this question what will she do now. ABC's Neal Karlinsky is in Fairbanks Alaska tonight. Sarah Palin spent her final hours as governor here serving hot dogs to the people of Alaska at a picnic in Fairbanks. Short leash you'll walk on to this river boat for a brief ceremony and then officially stepped down from office handing over power to the State's lieutenant governor the little known Sean Carnell. It breaks my heart. Because sound we thought it for. She made the seven hour drive into this town overnight in a camper loaded with her husband and kids. Writing on her Twitter page along the way about the rock and country tunes she's listening to. No reflecting no looking ahead. I think we'll river's smooth transition. We'll have a new governor who is pouring. And we'll be back to politics and government as usual in Los. The whirlwind political journey of Alaska's youngest governor ends a year and a half early but why does tell us how you plan to order for the yeah. Or political action committee Sarah pac has already raised more than a million dollars just this year. Next month she's been invited to appear at a GOP event at the Reagan library and there's talk of a book deal. But the self proclaimed hockey mom who's become one of the nation's most prominent Republican leaders in less than a year isn't seeing what her plans are and neither is her husband. He's very happy to serve residents of Alaska and end onto the next chapter of life. Well that's the question what's the next chapter fighters left the way to soon. Peel and likes to talk about her disc taste for politics as usual today she's demonstrating that in the most extreme way giving up political office early. Leading pundits and analysts only to speculate. She hasn't time to figured out which doesn't have an endless amount of time she probably has about a year. And once the mid term elections take place next fall she's really got to decide. Just a short time for now Governor Palin will be taking the state behind her last official act as governor just a short time ago her closest personal advisor told ABC news. We will soon be seeing a lot more from citizen pale and he travels the country to campaign for issues and candidates that she believes that Dan. He could be even more visible now yeah Karlinsky in Alaska tonight Neil thank you.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Sarah Palin steps down as Alaska governor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56790376","title":"July 26, 2009: Sarah Palin steps down as governor","url":"/Politics/video/day-history-july-26-1990-56790376"}