Dayton mayor talks top concerns ahead of Democratic debate

Nan Whaley, the mayor of Dayton, Ohio, prioritizes action against gun violence after a major mass shooting in her city.
3:52 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Dayton mayor talks top concerns ahead of Democratic debate
The political universe is descending on this city. Tonight ahead of the debate 15100. Ticketed guests. We'll feel that debate hall later today a lot of them handpicked by the democratic campaign for Democratic National Committee among those gas. Is it the mayor of Dayton Ohio Nan Whaley one of the rising stars in democratic politics. Also someone who was taken on Washington directly on the issue of guns. We caught up with her showed short time ago. They're experts industries are you talking to us so impeachment. You talk ago highlands about it do you think the president's conduct necessitates. Removal from office even though it may. Complicate some of his priorities that you talk so much about. I mean it's a sad and somber time for our constitution right now rate that we have to take these steps what the president is. Allegedly. Is very very troubling to our constitution. And what it could have ramifications on the election in the next year but really that's not what the priority is we have to protect our constitution first and foremost though. It's sad that we have to have this. I'm just guns and trade and some of these other big issues you've been a Washington trying to lead the charge if those fall by the wayside you think that's just fine right now and might have the certainty. I'm disappointed we're showcase I mean what you see from the house to succeed in taking action I mean I was at the house judiciary the next day. Talking about the assault weapons being. But trump cannot think of anything. But impeachment and so that's the challenge you know when he's sitting watching you guys three and four hours today he's not getting a lot of work done on issues like. And open epidemic like I'm finally. Slightly abolished and a White House's court on guns they are to come up with a plan only an ideal you know I was in you don't love what he was Dennis you know as Tennessee and an out. It has been just two months of the groups since longer just two months since the tragedy in your city how people doing some community viewing were concerned. Well look I think date Spain just amazing it's doing what it does that's to take care of itself and take here at each other. It's greedy resilience. Strong city. But it's still painful you know we have people that are having trauma opposed the events we're working with them to make sure that they get the medal haul services they need. And Dayton will not forget this accident and is driven to see action around Ahmanson's legislation and that's what I hope here tonight they're going to be at the debate tonight as their candidate not master endorse anybody I endorse you've endorsed the endorsed an endorsement he engines bigger on top of their pizza tell us what you like but his plan on guns. We'll look I mean he's. Thoughtful around the gun issue right here is that we need background checks which nine out of ten Americans and islands agree with his for an assault weapons ban. The majority of Americans agree with. He's where public sentiment is on gun legislation and he actually. That's missing and the White House. Finally we have taken a trip around Ohio chicken and in the GO there's a lot Ohio take advantage of great state. And has been ravaged by the oak yours epidemic in your city in particular has really been hit hard although you'd get. Along with others have helped to successfully turn that tide what made the difference what what can be applied elsewhere elsewhere in Ohio and elsewhere in the country. Where you know we had at ground zero epidemic 2017 and the twenty team did an excellent resistance I have an average human lives and our community and I was actually written a book about it so what are the mayor street attend the city's read the books we haven't shared that with other communities. Bullets she is having everybody come together. Collectively to impact issue and over 200 organizations. Coming right around addiction issues. About taking away the stigma and treating it like the disease that it is and that's really really important. We do a terrible job in this country around addiction issues. At that are actually mental health issues and as you've seen the betting. Mental health services that's what you see such addiction issues in our community and scratching their experts their excellence it's much.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Nan Whaley, the mayor of Dayton, Ohio, prioritizes action against gun violence after a major mass shooting in her city.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66299431","title":"Dayton mayor talks top concerns ahead of Democratic debate","url":"/Politics/video/dayton-mayor-talks-top-concerns-ahead-democratic-debate-66299431"}