Democratic candidates debate: Climate change

Univision’s Jorge Ramos asks the candidates what meaningful action will they take to reverse the effects of climate change.
8:34 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Democratic candidates debate: Climate change
After the recent fire scene DM us on. Some experts suggested that eating less meat is one way to help the environment you're begun sees 2014 that's obviously a personal choice. But president from Brussels president was an auto are concerned that climate change Britain relations would affect economic growth. So should more Americans. Including those here in Texas and ending idea well. Follow your diet. Com you'll perform wanna say no actually I want to translate that into Spanish. Know they're all now. Look on lets us be clear. The factory farming going on that's assaulting this corporate consolidation the agriculture industry one of the reasons why I have a bill to put a moratorium on this kind of corporate consolidation. Is because this factory farming is destroying. And hurting or environment and you see independent family farmers being pushed out of business because of the kind of incentives we are giving. They don't line up with our values that's what I'm calling for. But I wanna I wanna switch because we don't have crowded debate stage we are talking about Afghanistan and Iraq. It it it annoys me. We have a conversation about our troops overseas. And we didn't say one word about veterans in our country. We have a shameful reality in America. That we send people off to war and they often come home. With invisible wounds hurts and harms they're disproportionately homeless. You hear stories about women weeding four months for gynecological care through the day. It is very important as we. Country understand it you're not gonna solve every problem with this outrageous increase militarism. That we also make sure that we stand up with the people that stood frost. We and our National Anthem with home of the brave it's about time we make this a better home for our bravest home congressmen over or. Hurricane hardy hit he found. Two years ago and not only Deanna some burning Reno and is melting at a record pace. The last five years have been the hottest ever recorded and we have our viewers question. About it. What meaningful action we would you take to reverse the effects of climate change and can we kind of new to follow through if you're donors are against it. Yes we will follow through regardless of the political consequences or who it offense because. This is the very future of our planet in our ability fur children. And grand children to be able to survive. On it. We will make sure that we get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than the year 2050. We are halfway there by 2030. That we mobilize five trillion dollars over the next ten years to do that that we invest cheer. In Houston Texas with pre disaster mitigation grants to protect those communities that are vulnerable to flooding. Given the fact that this town has seen. 3500. Year floods in just five years you'd like to think you're good for 15100 years Richard Knox they're coming faster and larger and more devastating. Than ever we're also gonna make sure that we free ourselves from independence. On fossil fuels and embrace renewable wind and solar energy technology as well as the high paying. High skill high wage jobs that come along with that and we're gonna pay farmers for the environmental services that they want to provide planting cover crops. Keeping more land under conservation using. No till farming regenerate to the agriculture can pull carbon out of the air and can drive it and sequester it into the soil. That's the way that we're gonna meet this challenge and we bring everyone into the solution. Many of you want to comment in this district as we can go very fast some of overture thank you. At this is the axis dental crisis of our time it's you know that movie the day after tomorrow. It's today. We have seen a warming in our world like never before we're seeing flooding in the midwest flooding in Houston fires in the west and and I think having someone leading the ticket. From the midwest will allow us to talk about this at a different way and get it done. On day one. I will get us back into the international climate change agreement. I'm Dave two I will bring back. The clean power rules that President Obama had worked on -- day three I will bring back the gas mileage standards you can do all that without congress which is good. Day four or five and six. I will working with congress and mayors and business people all over the country. Introduce sweeping legislation. To get at that 2050 goal and I days seven you're supposed to rest but I won't let senator learn what we need to do if we're gonna get it climate change we have to take this. On as a crisis that's happening right now and so were insured American foreign policy debates are on the principle of time change. Yes all we need to work on every front unemployed and change it is. The threat to every living thing on this planet. And we are running out of time every time the scientists go back until we have Lance and less time than we thought we had. But that means we've got to use all the tools one of the tools we need to use our regulatory tools. I have proposed are calling governor ends like. That lead by 20/20. Eight cut all carbon emissions from new buildings. By 2030 carbon emissions from cars and bikes 2035. All carbon emissions from the manufacturer of electricity. That alone those three will cut our emissions here in the United States by 78%. We can do this. We also need to help around the world to clean but understand this one more time why doesn't happen but as long. S Washington is paying more attention told money. That it is to our future we can't make the changes we need to make we have to attack the corruption had on so that we can save our plan. Tens or hundreds for the country from crew and I think about this issue it really is through the lands of my baby nieces loan one and a half to three years old. When I look at what is going to be the world if we do nothing when they turned funny I'm really scared. And when I've been in the United States senate for now last two and a half years and I look get our counterparts. The Republicans in the United States senate. That they must be looking at their children and then when they look at the mayor I don't know what they see but it's a lack of courage. And these this is an issue that yes it represents an existential threat it is also something we can do something about. This is a problem that was created by human behaviors. And we can change our behaviors in a way that saves our planet. I've seen it happen in California I took on as the attorney general of California I ran the second largest Department of Justice in the United States. Second only to the United States Department of Justice I took on the big oil companies. And we saw progress if any of you've been to Los Angeles and one years ago you'll remember it that's I was brown. You go there now the sky is blue when you know line. Because leader just decided to lead and we spoke on these big fossil fuel companies. We have some of the most important and strongest laws in the country much. And we made a difference in my point being I've done it before and I will lead as president on this issue because. We have no time the clock is tipping thank you to England will need courage and we need courageous leadership. We can't get this done mr. again. So to follow up. On what Elizabeth said why are we losing to the fossil fuel company announced why are we losing it to the gun lobby in the NRA. And the answer is this we all know everyone on the stage knows that our government has been overrun by money and corporate contrasts. Know everyone here has a plan to try and curb those corporate interest but we have to face facts. Money finds away money will find its way back in so what is the answer the answer is to wants the money out. With people powered money. My proposal is that we give every American a hundred democracy dollars that you can only give to candidates. And cause that you like this club lost sell the lot is cast by a factor of eight to one. That is the only way we will win and as someone running for president I'll tell you there's people on one side in the money on the other the only way for us to win as we bring them together.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"Univision’s Jorge Ramos asks the candidates what meaningful action will they take to reverse the effects of climate change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65582962","title":"Democratic candidates debate: Climate change","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-candidates-debate-climate-change-65582962"}