Democratic candidates debate: Opening statements

Intro statements from presidential candidates Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.
13:47 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Democratic candidates debate: Opening statements
This debate are very basic tonight as have been agreed to buy all the campaigns in advance candidates will have one minute fifteen seconds. To answer a direct question and 45 seconds for a rebuttal or response has directed by one of them operators. Candidates will each see green and yellow lights there you see him right there indicating how much time they have remaining and when time is up politely turned red. Candidates who interrupt will be subject to having their time reduced later Ron. But this is democracy the great American experiment and the candidates are here tonight. To make their case. The put in place is based on their current standings and nationally recognized a poll nationally recognized holes of the leading candidates in the center. All candidates have been told they can have one minute to make an opening statement and we begin and reversed pulling order the secretary who Leon Castro. Good evening. BBN venue sucked ass. While the taxes. It's great to be here Ed TSU home of the tigers. You know all I'm January 20 20/20 one. At 1201 PM. We're gonna have a democratic president a democratic house and a democratic senate. There will be alive out there or Donald Trump. But the truth is that our problems students start just with Donald Trump's and we won't solve them by embracing the old ideas. We need a bold vision. Universal pre K and universal health care unleashing millions of new jobs in the clean energy economy. Our tax system that rewards people who have to work for a living did. But first we have to win and that means exciting young diverse coalition of Americans were ready for a bold future. That's what. Kennedy did. It's what Carter did it's what Clinton did it's what Barack Obama did and it's what I can do in this race. Get back Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Florida Georgia and Arizona and finally. Turn Texas blue and say goodbye. Senator Klobuchar. Good evening Texas southern its. I believe that what unites us up here that ten of us is much stronger than what divides us and I think that's true of our country to. Now I may not be allowed as personnel care. But I think we've already got that in the White House. It's used then we have a problem. This. We have a guy there that is literally running our country like he gained shot he would rather buy than we. I think we need something different I am someone that tells the truth. I don't make promises that I can't keep. I have people's back and I believe that to win you bring people with you and that is how you govern as well. You're gonna hear a lot of ideas up here some will be great but if he seemed that some of them seem a little off track. I've got a better way. If you feel stuck in the middle of the extremes in our politics and your tired of the noise and the nonsense. You've got a home with me. Because I don't want to be the president for half of America. I want to be the president for all of America and. Congress and general roar. It's an honor to be on this debate stage it is wonderful to be back in Texas in Houston back here at CSU. On August 3. In El Paso, Texas. Two things became crystal clear for me and I think produced a turning point for this country. The first is just how dangerous Donald Trump is the cost and the consequence. Of his presidency. A racism and violence that have long been a part of America was welcomed out into the open and directed to my hometown of El Paso, Texas. We're 22 people were killed. Dozens more grievously injured by a man carrying a weapon but he should never been able to buy in the first place inspired to kill by our president. The seconds is how insufficient. Our politics is to meet the threats that we have right now. The bitterness the pettiness the smallness of the moment. The incentives to attack one another and try to make differences without distinctions mountains out of mole hills we have to be bigger. We have to see clearly we have to speak honestly and we have to act decisively that's what I wanna do for you as president of the United States. Thank you. Sinn. Corey both. There was over twenty years ago that was a law student and moved through inner city Newark, New Jersey. To service attacks rights lawyer to Trotter or dress the challenges in my community and I was sober by them gun violence those sub standard housing but it was my greatest mentor woman named. Miss Virginia Jones who challenged me she said Boyd. If all you see in this neighborhood is problems that's all there's ever going to be. But you're stubborn and defiant. And had to put forth a vision that can unify people. Then we can make transformed of change she was a church woman that said without vision. The people parish. Well that's exactly what we did we created extraordinary unity in our community and we did things that other people think thought war was in possible. That's the story if America at our best we unify we find common cause. And common purpose. The difference is amongst us Democrats on the stage or not as great as the urgency for us to unite as a party not just to beat Donald Trump. But to unite America in common cause and common purpose that's why I'm running for president and that's how I will lead this nation. It's me Andrew Young. In America today everything revolves around the almighty dollar our schools our hospitals our media even our government. It's why we don't trust our institutions anymore. We have to get our country working for us again instead of the other way around. We have to see ourselves as the owners and shareholders of this democracy. Rather than inputs into a giant machine. When you donate money to a presidential campaign what happens the politicians spend the money on TV ads and consultants and you hope it works out. It's time to trust ourselves more than our politicians. That's why I'm going to do something unprecedented tonight. My campaign will now give up freedom dividend of 1000 dollars a month for an entire year to ten American families someone watching this at home right now. If you believe that you can solve your own problems better than any politician. Go to Yang Tony Tony dot com and tell us how 1000 dollars a month. We'll help you do just that. Our code you working for us again the American people. It. That's original dividend. The American people are divided. And doubtful at the very moment we need to rise some of the greatest challenges we've ever seen. As the mayor of an industrial city. Coming back from the brink. As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan I know what's at stake in our national leadership. We keep sending politicians to Washington asking them to fight for us but then when they get there they see more interested in the part about fighting. Then the part about ops. Good politics is supposed to be not about to dated a fights of the politicians but about that. Day to day lives of Americans. Which is mark the anniversary of nine elevenths. All day today I've been thinking about September 12 the way it felt when for a moment we came together as a country. Imagine if we'd been able to sustain that unity. Imagine what would be possible right now. With ideas that are bold enough to meet the challenges of our time but big enough as well that they could unify the American people. That's what presidential leadership can do that's what the presidency is for and that is why I'm asking for your vote. A senator Tom. Let us. Think it's great to be back at CSU sat around spending tonight talking. With you about my plans to address the problems that keep you up that night. The first of a few words for Donald Trump. Who we all know is watching. So president trump. You spent the last two and a half years full time trying to sow hate and division among us. As and that is why we've gotten nothing done you have used hate intimidation. Fear and over 121000 lines as a way did distract. From your failed policies and your broken promises. The only reason you've not been indicted is because there was a memo and the Department of Justice but says the sitting president cannot be charged with a crime. But here's what you don't get. What you don't get is that the American people. Are so much better than this and we know that the vast majority of us have so much more in common and what separates us regardless of our raised. Where we live are the party with which were registered to vote and I plan on focusing on our common issues our common hopes and desires and in that way unifying our country. Winning this election and turning the page for America. And now president Tom people go back to watching Fox News. A senator Sanders. Well let me be blogs. And tell you what you don't hear much about in congress. Or in the media. And that is it goes without saying. That we must and will defeat trump the most dangerous president in the history of this country. Mark leave marks dual law we must do malls. We opt not to recognize. That this country is moving into an outlook talked tick all of society. Were a handful of billion as bold economic and political life of this country. And as president I am prepared to take dumb ought. Yes we will raise the minimum wage to a living way yes we will finally. Big draw that every American has health care as a your little bright not a privilege. And yes we will address. That Scottish rock but prices of climate change. And transform. Our energy his home away from fossil fuel. I'm. Then there live this morning. So I was born and raised in Oklahoma but I'm sure glad to be an Texans tonight. I am my Brothers served a military bases here in Texas that was their ticket to the middle class. Me I got my big opportunity about a half mile down the road from here. At the University of Houston back when it cost fifty dollars. Current price that I could pay for on a part time waitress in John. I got to finish my four year degree and I became a special needs teacher. And after law school my first big job was back here in Houston my damn. I had two little kids and one child care nearly brought me down. My can't be moved yen in saved a small. The pants to America's middle class. Have gotten a lot smaller and a lot narrower. Today service members who preyed upon by predatory lenders students are crushed by debt and families cannot afford child care. I know what's broken. I know how to fix it and I'm going to lead the fight to get it done. Vice president Joseph Biden. You know president Kennedy announced the moon shot used the phrase sticks from me my whole life he said redundant because we refuse to postpone. Well I refuse to postpone one more minute spending billions of dollars on curing cancer. Alzheimer's and other diseases which of reinvest in and we can find cures. I refuse to postpone. Giving every single child American managers have code. A pre K all the way through high school and beyond. I refuse to postpone any longer taking on climate change and leading the world in taking on climate change. Look this is the United States of America. There's never met a single solitary time we've set our mind to something we don't able do it. We're walking around our heads down like woe is me. For the best equipped nation in the world to take this off it's no longer time to postpone we should get moving there's an enormous enormous opportunities once we get rid of Donald Trump. And it's thank you.

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{"duration":"13:47","description":"Intro statements from presidential candidates Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O'Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65579046","title":"Democratic candidates debate: Opening statements","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-candidates-debate-opening-statements-65579046"}