Democratic debate: What to watch for

ABC News' campaign reporters discuss what the candidates need to do on the debate stage Thursday night.
4:33 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for Democratic debate: What to watch for
Andrew Yang has campaigned as a way to the debate fades. Offering to solve the issues he says got Donald Trump elected. His universal basic income plan to give 1000 dollars a month every American citizen has drawn the support of the strong. Group a fans but he's going to be the only candidate upon that states who have never held elected office that he's gonna have to show American voters he can go toe to toe with a lifelong politicians. And tackle on these issues important. The American people. I'm here in Houston Texas just the rally has devised former Hud secretary including Lancaster it's says that take place. Feeding us this week after they've been telling voters across the country and that that it. New Hampshire South Carolina that you want to show he can eat on more than just immigration on this busy city in the meanwhile senator Amy Boccieri says so focused on telling yourself as a moderate. Festival when it comes to getting things done and making sure she's being honest voters actually keep them. Elizabeth Warren is coming into Thursday's debate with a big boost in the polls. She's already been rising steadily and now she'll go head to head with fellow front runner former vice president Joseph Biden. They'll be sharing that center stage even though their miles apart in ideas one wanting to shake things up calling for big structural change. An annual will be looking for that collision between them but she'll be there showing that she's the one not just the big bold vision for the woman with a big bold plans to carry it off. For the American people. Senator Cory Booker has failed to gained much traction so far this democratic primary race if not for lack of name recognition. The popular senator who is widely expected to adequately when his hometown of Newark, New Jersey where he previously served as mayor before being elected. Bennett has also been in this spot lately over lead contamination. Drinking water if you asked about that during the debate expects a certificate until larger answer revolving around the need for infrastructure improvements across the country. He Peter Jensen relatively unknown at the start of this campaign but he's proponents also be one of the top five or six candidates polling wise so far this election. The South Bend, Indiana mayor has spent a lot of time battleground states pitching to voters that a Washington outsider is the only thing that he. He president Donald Trump in a general election the 37 year old really haven't had a standout moments in the previous debate takes something he needs to do on the stage in Houston. Commentaries jumped into the fold after she was on offense is still fight for in the first debate but those big numbers he got a big boost we'll they're now back to Cambridge at the we're the first to me that she is looking for a big week at this week's debate. Kelly emailed supporters yesterday she says that this election is more than just philosophical. Theoretical arguments. If you could get tickets and those other candidates he's up against he said this week city she'll share her agenda that. Help but real people and families that we got hurt trying to show that she's and it does it get. Former vice president Joseph Biden is meeting with advisors ahead of taking the ABC news to beat teams where he's going to face off with senator Elizabeth mourning for the first time. There's a lot of anticipation arresting east UConn defeats seats together they represent different means of pretty Biden is more moderate while Elizabeth Smart it's more pressing. But don't expect these to go after each other necessarily on the debate stage both Biden and Warren had indicated that they can't focus on their plan. For American voters rather than go after each other on the stage. Bernie Sanders has occupied a spot top tier democratic presidential primary school. Since entering the race earlier this year but his level of support has been relatively consistent. Usually alongside longtime friend Elizabeth Warren and behind the race's front runner Joseph Biden. On Thursday look for Sanders to remain as consistent as ever on favorite topics like. Economic inequality universal health care but as he seeks to expand that peace can be try to win over Biden supporters placement into the blue collar issues. I proposed protections for labor unions. And engine factory farming. In Warren support. Spike in touting his leadership and making them. Rest of the issues mean streak telling the party's liberals that his long record of calling. Higher taxes for the wealthy and checking the power forward corporations they can best suited to implement the. With the debate taking place here at tech that the better all over it actually has the hometown advantage of foot long ago we actually have twelve gave me. Violent and deadly shooting. Canada and the fact that now he's bringing all of that emotion to the city's eight expect less than middle ground. Issues like immigration and gun control will be taking his staff directly to practice try.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"ABC News' campaign reporters discuss what the candidates need to do on the debate stage Thursday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65542004","title":"Democratic debate: What to watch for","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-debate-watch-65542004"}