Detroit focuses on retraining workers who have lost manufacturing jobs

Manufacturing employees look for new opportunities as auto companies lay off thousands of workers.
6:05 | 07/30/19

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Transcript for Detroit focuses on retraining workers who have lost manufacturing jobs
As we talk about the auto industry restructuring. Transition into new forms of cars different consumer preferences shedding workers in the process. A lot of businesses here in Detroit are looking to retrain those workers. For new lines of work in our crews are actually a Schwartz of ours are aware of our reporters here at ABC news live actually got closer look at this today asked a great to see you. See you went out met some of these workers were transition in. Really charting a course for the future here in the midwest. Almost definitely. Then I would say that think you for having me that I. I'm definitely would say that the workers we spoke to today are motivated they're excited they feel like jobs are coming back to Detroit they feel passion about staying in Detroit. With a GM plans shattering in Warren. Many of them were telling us that there are encouraging their family their friends to come to Detroit the jobs are here that jobs are coming back to Detroit so. As a real excitement that's palpable and there is an injection of energy that's coming pack to Detroit and I think that they'll say say it better than I ever could here's a little bit more of what they had to it. Blah blah blah all of or. Little up for this trial was no word. The outward about a team that. Backup car like anything you Albert. Many dedicated people. Very hard Victoria work on the lot. And. They went about reform advocate. Kind of accidentally headed thing how active it summit on. That bill. They're body looked at it and did it. Right where you aren't working. And I have a heavy lifting. The savage. I had. Right now. The role. That that the right way. Its role. Different from them off. They're. I really don't think presidents. Macon different and that affects me. We aren't. Make it happen that would build and a lot of the profitable forty. When. People are on and this morning it is IB sorry. Equipment on Iraq the I've been let me coming from a long battle plan. Something I did not. All worked through. Right now. Sort line. We'll have the I'm not think Ballard who this evening powered. Facing down on your thing you have to like him. More plants. One home about three at all. Here saw that the Google and better about it. Out of like that that is made up at the email one. Is very I was founded picket when it says. I'm real revival under way here in the auto industry ornery and of course charged Freeman president and CEO of Detroit employment solutions joins us live got a call you pay your organization have really been leading the charge on. I'm retraining a lot of Detroit's workforce found so much success just let's look no further. In the unemployment rate here just about 5% right now ten years ago I was more than three times that so what's the secret and what role. Has the federal government played if any and in the work that you're doing. So were I will tell you the secret is are putting together employers went job seekers who want. I'll real opportunities and so what we've been able would you through to trade at work and implement solutions corporation as the engine that runs interred at work. What would enable would you is really talk to employers about their needs in a different way. Understand what's your front line short term pain. And how do we prepare to trigger street Arabs so certainly we use federal funding and its stake burning if you doubt that we have got the support don't -- investors and where investors as well. And your training folks firm for jobs and health care IT construction transportation manufacturing. A long list of diverse list at that about what it'll. The wages here are these jobs that workers can make a living wage should put them in the middle class. Yes it's a great question I mean. Clearly we focus in our work on jobs that pay a living wage and so to the extent that we can encourage employers to pay. Fifteen dollars an hour or above weed you'd. So many of the jobs that are available now especially those that. Are your prior guest were just speaking out so it's RF CA and other auto suppliers those are good solid paying jobs and start at 141516. To 1819 dollars an hour. And our entry level but with a clear pathway to choose the middle class and so not all the jobs pay back. But certainly they the preponderance of them goes. And the like everybody a lot of people lease in this town and we've been talking to Nicole watching the debates tonight tomorrow night the democratic candidates coming through. What do you hope to hear from this democratic field as you tune in these next couple days. Yeah it's I hope to hear more about. Practical plans like and we're executing and try it sell. And if you look at ground level. Sure if you look at what's happening with business community leadership the mayor City Council. Faith based organization leaders we've all come together to figure out how to solve real problems. In real practical ways I sure hope to Dirksen right. And we'll be watching right along side you Nicole short Freeman president and CEO. I've Detroit employment solutions corporation the head of Detroit works appreciate your time Nicole thanks so much.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"Manufacturing employees look for new opportunities as auto companies lay off thousands of workers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64666087","title":"Detroit focuses on retraining workers who have lost manufacturing jobs","url":"/Politics/video/detroit-focuses-retraining-workers-lost-manufacturing-jobs-64666087"}