Doctors' Rally for Obamacare at Philadelphia Protest

ABC News' Josh Haskell finds doctors prepared to defend the Affordable Care Act at the protest outside the GOP retreat in Philadelphia.
4:18 | 01/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Doctors' Rally for Obamacare at Philadelphia Protest
Jury doctor exceeded crowd here protesting. You're so we were we're here to. The affordable care it's cracks a number of my. I'm not Affordable Care Act it's primarily. I personally. You know people who are home house paint and are not look forward answer otherwise don't like Medicaid and diagnosed. Marion and yeah I'm dying yet only answer by and he's. Numerous patients had a guy and he's not pirate. Politics so I think it's really really important working parking you know have access to help him. Jerry are not sure you're aware about that GOP retreat going on right behind those barricades a big part of that today is to come up with a replacement for Obama. All right existed in the we will repeal no doubt about it does that concern you. Sir Anthony terms of the well parent might. I'd have accidents and I carefully. And so you're out hearing you have your side mirror. Joined by some of your colleagues. This mess. We share this message. What other. Republican leadership know that. Obamacare is helping your patients. Wow you know I'm here I vote I encourage my. I donate to politicians that support access to health care and and rank wrangling to. I know that they might fit in the days this isn't instantly when asked aren't you. Instilled. Right now workers Obama left off him or spoke to leaders his own party saying you need to tell the story. Your constituents who've been helped by walking get out there have been many rallies like this. Skating. I'm very concerned it may not and we landed everything we can't help again. I think this right it isn't. Outside and its needs me I'm just at gets antsy. Many many people I'm sharing their parents or eight. Obama can't help them I'm gain access IC needs treatment it not. It's really moving to see what we do when we. I'm together to care about the well being of our analysts and it then and it's very terrifying defeat Al actress. You tell us a little. About what kind of doctors York and I'm guessing you receive Pennsylvania. I'm not actually worse worker federally qualified health care. I'm we certain issues running church have Medicare Medicaid and important here. Philadelphia and then he also rounded university hospital army. Many universities downtown Philadelphia. Many great hospitals reason why mention candies you're wearing. I am I Donald trumps all the longer. Now I am a moderate yeah I had to be out there fighting for the final acts I want can't act now and done. And that's the air at African companies. Silk tells us a little bit about what that. Here today. Many get pretty it is different backgrounds and a large contingent of people here because of the apparently. You're getting a little bit of everything. Several folks would benefit. From Obama apparent medical conditions treated but the announcement I just arrived I just finished drowning in the hospital he came down yeah. And even realignment and stories today I thought I'd be an unnamed you know only if you look at any inner on the parties. And thank. She Obama can't help track statement American. And he we unhappy to see if there is no such thing as something that makes its. It just breaks my. Patience is yeah. My name is some aren't going an up and make an actor and he went on the morrow. Turning to get dark and Gary it's not gonna work and come clean earth I would think you guys don't want.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell finds doctors prepared to defend the Affordable Care Act at the protest outside the GOP retreat in Philadelphia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45070497","title":"Doctors' Rally for Obamacare at Philadelphia Protest","url":"/Politics/video/doctors-rally-obamacare-philadelphia-protest-45070497"}