Dr. Ben Carson Opens Up on Why He's Backing Trump

ABC News' Katherine Faulders and Lissette Rodriguez report.
13:17 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Dr. Ben Carson Opens Up on Why He's Backing Trump
Yeah. Cap dollars to. Today and we'll yeah. And it's okay. Speaking it learned that location. I mean you're holding a press Scotland following him around in the game after this. Preference. Any evening. Much of his life on the road. After being president headed out to me front runner for those few months after having Secret Service. Really find out what he and his wife Europe's human life like now. Gallery here maybe we're. Here. We're. What I would hope that the sprint. We're. The role. It's. We're already. We have a fiscal. We're. On our. It's who. Our children yeah. These are not. The somebody. And insurers. Mister tough early. In the process what was that she's on him that as the other Republicans might. Well what I saw. It is that we were heading to a brokered convention where no one would have what they needed. Which would ensure that we would have a continuation of progressive politics. We have. Point. Progressive ideology. Which is leading the an item. Nobody. Doctor Carson Cunningham yeah after he addressed the Florida delegation here at the embassy suites. He's now getting off his preference eat at the convention. For a night hours he's anything but analysts. You try to get away. When we're going to round of recommended counter tops and out of my home and read what it's like I'm. He didn't I yeah. Overdue and it. He's now. He's now talking just. Reporter synan. You know. It's everything my. Yeah. He's joining us I mean yeah. Here this morning went out and president. Graham I'm. It's not enough wind humorous comments. Winds still believes. Candidate okay. Listen carefully. It's perfect. I think it's. Our people. Receive a diploma hanging Rick Mitchell last night don't you think it was important. We heard them into the entire company went wrong it was about a lot of attention right now it detected village again this dispute. Hudson County come at any parent would do this here. That is probably would limit. Anything humanities and the united we stand. Great unfettered ability connections like Hudson's. Reckless. Executive mr. Booker. We're six usually everybody. Let them grow with the for negative things. I'm apologize and evidence that they did right here on its. My that's. Getting on the anything. My evening. I think the only good I don't like. I. Immediate apple here. Rely. On EC and digital and three years and it's not with you for a little and talking to them. About life on your parents not service motorcade. Or even east you know being in. Inaccurate statements being at home. This is Julie I don't know who aren't even that. I am getting used to Eden and it but one thing that I had lost her Everett that you. Anonymity and did you know longer due to take. Just. The amount of cars in your Medicaid is done dumb enough to cameras again. So tell me a little bit about really quick and you have to have an off but. I'm talks in little bit about unity comment affording Donald Trump had been talking about uniting the party wanted to meet means hearing community. However the co on the bus Stanley yeah. Com and Romney as well. A lot of people. We're talking about unity we're talking about the people we know that it may not. Necessarily be possible to get people. Whose motives are different. People who are interested in their power. And their position. Be they Democrats or Republicans they don't like the idea. But he ended a who is four. The political class doesn't matter who it is and apparently they do not. Want to. And if for instance when the Tea Party first came remember how much they were demonized they weren't for American citizens think don't we have something to do with its. All go back. And I think this is the way the political Klinsmann. And I noticed a lot of Republicans you included when asked why you endorsed Donald Trump he may not. You may not agree with lie that he says but the typical response is we only have two candidates who don't want Hillary Clinton but. Is Donald Trump somebody convened watts is a deep feeling like you how to. I think I like to know I've gotten to know he's a person who loves America. Anthony's and none of us will ever find anybody it was a 100% compatible with. Now now doctor Carson again we're here on abcnews.com. And ABC news concerts FaceBook you have to runoff back. You are paying a frequent guest on our digital snow so I appreciate you joining us we're going to be following you around for the day we're going to be green inside look into doctor Carson's life. And after the campaign trail and behind the scenes look. I'm that what you're doing during the day prepping for the convention you're going into speech I know you don't have speeches that you aren't going its feet. I don't agree with an announcement to think that we'll thank you I appreciate it I'll let you you will be seeing more about. Thank you doctor Carson. Thank you might. I feel. We. Heard from doctor Carson detox. He why he's doing McDonald's and if you like some time he has taught him a lot advising him on certain policies. Actually the outreach to count and hear him. Bring in. Said Rodriguez here we'll put the camera around. I. Act and some also look. Most of here at least that Ferguson were following doctor Carson around today how iron month on the as he pressed keeping him sitting around him president we had to escape from. The media gather he's not a candidate anymore but it seems likely cameras haven't gone away so we're here I'm here at least that. You haven't been out on the campaign much like sit him. Even doctor Carson in the room with him before it is exciting you know it's. Exciting night being you know I doctor Carson from you know an office fast and something I am only solidly. Catherine accidentally you know really be on top of it. Doctor Carson spontaneity and we kind of saw that every now and I think we're can see that wrap dresses and conventions so it's exciting. To get up close and personally came to see in the car with every now and you know capping it at lot of accidents so we're really lucky I just keep watching. Yet I think you guys we're in. Couriers sign off here but from money he's cap. ABC that aggregates stay tune to abcnews.com. ABC news phase that we're following around doctor Carson former presidential candidate. State didn't.

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