Election Cycle Stage 1: The First Presidential Debate

ABC News' Michael Koenigs gears up for his 1,000 mile ride--meeting mentors and voters along the way to Hofstra University where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in their first presidential debate.
9:09 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Election Cycle Stage 1: The First Presidential Debate
Journalists as it's pretty. He's talking. The hospital this morning good morning I. He's in England and wanting. I'm I'm chase is an aids bicycle like the challenge of it. Accounting and back again now around the country. King joins me. Me. OK yeah. It's amazing spend. And AM. God knows. Spectators weren't. Coal miners. And. Legendary daily land trial. Yeah. Yes. Isn't crucial snacks again again man. Right right. Well let me telling me then imagine crying and invited him. I've every known as an affidavit. I. Thanks for have a his own. They're saying that's learning. In a place where the I had take months long. And then one on one interviews both ground and Hillary. And their personalities were just taking recently sent applicable tickets and I did ask about the debate you know Mona. Are preparing which you lies and not surprising for anyone who's in the future or more knows her and I did ask companies guards in this. He says rob today so we'll see at this stage and we easily fifteen minutes the life insurance programs but not necessarily. On all together Helen thugs understand pain here this. Good museum unseemly irony of god right now and is a great man yeah not for the white rugby else. Naked cowboy land and they gave us day is bring about the next day. I think that they Canadian thank you thank you do you ran for president he doesn't yes he's. Speed on YouTube very entertaining and how strong many different venues. I think we're very similar both got there businessmen at the home of the big strong indeed it. Do you really well. And make America great. I'm really. I'm why. Is game next again. He painted beside the way campaign is not the case. From headquarters sits on the fifth floor in this building. And his department is on the top floor 63 floor it's a three story apartment. 30000 square feet department it actually started this campaign headquarters then jumped out. Probably leave the inside. Preparing for the debate tonight. Eight as you need Baghdad TV soon hey good. Doctor university double ridiculous but I guess these monster. Can these United Nations where Hillary Clinton designated state number time it looked at guard and active tonight. None of his grades. Let me burned out truck grew up. Donald Trump as a navy was brought here to this past. Trump's and it's a for sale sign. Or meet the guys on this home. With CNN. Bit of on the airliner eleven there. Eight years comes left here. We'll. If you think he's. Maybe the dog team. Well you've blown over we'll. Good job that is combative though high sheriff here. Okay. Now comes without wore his Stanley millions just around the block here in this mansion that large white columns. Beautiful but sad and I think it's missing. Large chunk letter. Okay. And has come here despite. You know the common man commonly. You. What's happening in the selection to limit the employees have doubts that idea okay. Yeah bad. I'm leaning towards Hillary tonight on stage competition online Alter beyond that we have hacks who exporter com. I'm looking forward to and entertain me I didn't believe that right now our countries and a little bit blows font size Fuzzy really looking Menino to thank some on the left. Martin back to the how the defense unsuitable. Be happy here. Okay. Your birthday like it's breathless and part of lying flat. You've done that make my. Hawaii is the lowest they've when it comes to voting. Especially hurt. People my age are everyone my age not his allowed boat basically doesn't vote because. They just don't feel it's necessary. Hilary I have to Bernie Miller. He brought bond back. I inside. I was irritated enough and clearly it. Down from 98. Now I think. No committee debate here. I don't feel it by the end is if they had to be blamed for everything that's ever. And why not why not yeah. You can't bring their well actually. I have thought about this quite a bit due to thirty years I have. Well not quite Delphi and you know what else I prepared for high prepared to be president and I think that's a good thing I will. Release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes. When she releases her 33000. Emails. Wrist Spinner. It's been a place but. Any news yes it's been six. Nice strong performance I like that exercise restraining the industry's average units in the president delivered him. He could've gone right where everybody's mind in America. Indigent and to jump movies. It's a jump. That was Donald Trump. We'll thorough interview look like the united. Fine thanks. I think that he did things up. Obviously didn't want to talk about packaging and services for everything. Chris hasn't hit 30000. Emails that this she didn't know the difference between. Fighting on how easy it was. Well at night and you don't know the difference. Programs to bring them she gave the example of the architect of the New York. He's that we had a lot class act they've got to think they did a very good job against them will be viewed longer treating these evil people. There is that god bless him and then I would like hello everybody aren't this good and I was. There was structured. You wanted this finger and that the about it.

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{"duration":"9:09","description":"ABC News' Michael Koenigs gears up for his 1,000 mile ride--meeting mentors and voters along the way to Hofstra University where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in their first presidential debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42450789","title":"Election Cycle Stage 1: The First Presidential Debate","url":"/Politics/video/election-cycle-stage-presidential-debate-42450789"}