New fallout after Trump floats delaying election

There's also growing concern about delays at post offices, with a new report claiming the U.S. Postal Service is facing backlogs. ABC's Alex Presha reports.
2:29 | 07/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New fallout after Trump floats delaying election
This morning new concerns about delays at the post office. As the debate reaches over mail in voting ahead of the November election the Washington Post reports the Postal Service is experiencing d.'s long backlogs across the country. After a top trump donor running the agency put in place new procedures described as cost cutting efforts. Which the post report's could undermine the postal service's ability to deliver ballots on time for the November election. The election is expected to bring in record numbers of mail in ballots because of the corona virus pandemic the president Thursday suggests that the election be delayed. Tweeting with universal mail in voting tweets when he will be the most inaccurate in fraudulent election in history it will be agreed embarrassments in the USA. Diddley the election until people can properly securely and safely votes top Democrats and Republicans immediately shut down the idea. Never in the history of the country's. Through wars and depressions. And the civil war at William Burton got out of generally. Federal election on Cobb. Later in the day the president downplaying a suggestion I don't want to delay. I want to have the election. But I also don't want have to wait for three months and then find out that the ballot -- missing and the election doesn't mean anything. That's what's going to happen she just common sense and everyone knows it. Smart people know stupid people may not knowing. But vice president Mike Pence did not reject the idea when asked about the president's suggestion I think president just expressed their reopens. About the integrity of our election. President trump himself voting absentee earlier this year in the Florida primary has claimed to mail in ballots would lead to widespread fraud. ABC news reached out to election officials in every state to see if the are worried. We've heard from 27 so far across the country and not one of them Republicans. Democrats not one of them. Are they have expressed any concern that mail in voting would cause any significant fraud. As for the biting campaign it's repeatedly warned president trump might try to use the pandemic to delay or delegitimize the election. My greatest concern. My single greatest concern this presence from trying to steal this election. The president does not happy authority to delete the election that. We take an act of congress meanwhile with Joseph Biden leading in the polls ABC news has learned from campaign has pressed pause on TV ad spending. To conduct a review of its old royal strategy. Just three months before the election. Can Mona. Alex thank you oh.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"There's also growing concern about delays at post offices, with a new report claiming the U.S. Postal Service is facing backlogs. ABC's Alex Presha reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72098716","title":"New fallout after Trump floats delaying election","url":"/Politics/video/fallout-trump-floats-delaying-election-72098716"}