'Friends of Bill': Clinton Controversy in Haiti After 2010 Earthquake

ABC News investigates emails between State Dept. and Clinton Foundation officials after the Haiti quake.
3:21 | 10/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Friends of Bill': Clinton Controversy in Haiti After 2010 Earthquake
He was the UN special envoy to hate and see what the secretary of state. We believe and Haiti's promise and to gather the clintons played prominent role after the earthquake. As for profit companies and aid organizations rushed him to be part of a ten billion dollar reconstruction program. Now new emails between the State Department and the Clinton foundation obtained by Clinton's Republican opponents appear to show that those considered. FOB friend of bill are using their initials WJ CH RC friends got special attention from the State Department. Need you the flag when people are friends of WJC. Wrote one State Department official to her counterpart at the Clinton foundation. In one of the emails provided ABC news when you look at the records people who have been contributors to the foundation have been close with the clintons who have benefitted from reconstruction and eighty. The State Department says it's only hope was trying to figure out who could best get aid to quake victims as soon as possible. But even before last week's hurricane we found tens of thousands of people still living in what was supposed to have than temporary shelter. Do you think you'll have a permanent home at some point oh. I don't know. And while the emails do not indicate who did or did not get a contract and they do show what happened to those with out a connection to the clintons. Is this FOB. Asked the State Department official of the foundation if not they should go to a public web site clearing house. The foundation told ABC news no special treatment was expected are given and he. Or anywhere says the president. Nothing was ever done for anybody because they were contributor to the foundation. Nothing. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Clinton reconstruction efforts in Haiti was a Korean garment company recruited to this new industrial park. Build at a cost of some 400 million dollars including almost 175. Million in US taxpayer money. The company called say one of the world's largest garment manufacturers. Now has some 9000 workers in hate. And proudly shows off the two local schools it built nearby. But the company was selected to spot a track record. Worker abuse and sexual harassment in Guatemala. Company officials told us those were isolated instances. We've seen the record. Company has a history. That it knocked me. I want to thank. Chairman cam and say out. For many things. Say out later became a Clinton foundation donor and its chairman has since helped finance a private business for top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills. Who was instrumental in bringing the company to hate. Even as the clintons have been praised for their efforts in an incredibly difficult place to operate. The new emails provide a rare glimpse of the cozy connection between Hillary Clinton State Department. Bill Clinton's foundation mr. Clinton declined to comment for our report but in a recent appearance he talked about the issue. I'm sure we write a few mistakes were way way more good than harm was done. Brian Ross ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"ABC News investigates emails between State Dept. and Clinton Foundation officials after the Haiti quake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42740478","title":"'Friends of Bill': Clinton Controversy in Haiti After 2010 Earthquake","url":"/Politics/video/friends-bill-clinton-controversy-haiti-2010-earthquake-42740478"}