Gov. Chris Christie's Deputy Shoots Down Hoboken Mayor's Claim

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadano denies that delivery of superstorm Sandy aid was tied to support for the N.J. governor.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for Gov. Chris Christie's Deputy Shoots Down Hoboken Mayor's Claim
This is a special room. A -- company -- -- this ABC news digital special report nothing to see here that is the word today from New Jersey governor Chris Christie's number to him quit Donahoe who is. Fighting some new and ugly charges against the administration. With more on the latest crisis in -- land running -- ABC's -- on Bradley to month. Hide and these are very serious allegations and today governor Christie's lieutenant governor said they are not true but the mayor of Hoboken is not backing -- New Jersey governor Chris Christie administration is fighting -- -- new accusations of political bullying. The mayor of Hoboken dawn Zimmer a Democrat claims Christie's team informed her her city would not get super storm sandy recovery money. In less she agreed to back one of governor Christie's pet projects Zimmer told CNN lieutenant governor -- would not -- approached her about it. At a public event she said that she had been with him on Friday night and that this was a direct message from the governor today it would Donald denied the shake down. Mark any suggestion that -- he finds that we're tied to the approval of any project. In a statement Christie staffers say Hoboken was approved for seventeen million dollars worth of recovery and rebuilding funds. But Zimmer claims her city only receive 342000. Dollars of the 100 million dollars requested yesterday the mayor turned over diary entries and other documents to federal prosecutors. In one diary entry Zimmer says the lieutenant governor to voter if you tell anyone I will deny it in if she backs the project the money would start floating -- Mayor Zimmer says the George Washington Bridge scandal caused her to break her silence. Christie supporters say Democrats are on a crusade to destroy the possible presidential candidate. Clearly this is a very very well orchestrated democratic. Kind of -- -- organizational. Effort to try to hurt Governor Christie. An interview with Yahoo! News Governor Christie said he will learn from the average scandal saying I can't tell -- yet what it is I'm going to learn. But I'm intent on learning from this -- And it is now another day and another issue for the Christian illustration to deal with so what's the reaction that from Hoboken officials. Well Hoboken officials today did respond to what the governor lieutenant governor said the mayor putting on a statement saying that. She is so surprised by this denial. That in fact she cooperated. With federal authorities meeting with them Sunday turning over these documents. -- so she is disappointed she said her statement by that denial. -- -- month rally following that's -- thank you. So for more on this it would bring -- ABC's Eric church ski -- Even find this case and and others that have been obviously taking headlines and New Jersey there what does the next step to expect federal authorities to get involved. Other involves in fact the US attorney in New Jersey Paul Fishman has already met with the mayor of Hoboken to hear. Her allegations and she said she promised to testify under oath about what she says of the facts -- case. The US attorney there is also investigating. The broader so called bridge gate scandal -- ensnared governor Christie's administration and really cast a cloud. Over his second inaugural which is coming up on Tuesday. And in the meantime we've just learned the next step is going to happen a bit later on today. When governor Christie's chief of sandy relief that distribution. Is going to get on a conference call with reporters to undoubtedly answer questions about money. That was distributed to Hoboken and money that was withheld. And perhaps the trying again to set the record straight. Let's kind of go up a little bit on this -- the everything that's been happening in the past couple weeks -- between the sandy ads debate. The lane closure from the George Washington Bridge how many investigations are going on right now. Well they said that there happening on several fronts the US attorney -- is investigating whether there were any federal laws that were broken this is a criminal investigation and and and could down the road. Result in some charges were not sure though whether any laws. Were broken the most obvious one depriving the public of honest services. Was a statute that was struck down by the US Supreme Court so it's not immediately obvious. What laws might have been broken but the federal prosecutors are investigating separate from that. There's a legislative investigation and subpoenas just one out toward the end of last week to a number of individuals and entities. As the state legislature controlled by Christie's political opponents are attempting to get to the bottom of all of -- And then of course there's the the -- the public investigation the reporters -- that the members of vote and of the citizenry. That are simply concerned whether in some cases they were deprived of good traffic or whether they were deprived of sandy relief money all for politics. Earlier today -- lieutenant governor what Donahoe -- a pretty forceful statement this is at a news conference action -- event earlier today. Marking Martin Luther King Jr. day but addressing though this very concerned let's listen. Mayor Zimmer is version. At our conversation. In May -- 2013. Is not only false. But is illogical. And does not withstand. Scrutiny when all of the facts. Are examined. Any suggestion. Any suggestion missing any funds that were tied to the approval of Haney project. In New Jersey. Is completely. False. -- in union -- As we are today. With some of the mayor's. Whose towns were devastated. By C ending. And also being -- eighty victim myself. Makes the mayor's allegations -- particularly. Offensive to me. Some pretty strong words there and words that were heard by the mayor of Hoboken and mayors ever released this statement in response lieutenant governor -- -- Donna has lived up to her promise that she would deny. -- -- his application for sandy hazard mitigation funding. Which expediting a private development project. I met with the US attorney for over two hours yesterday answered all their questions and turn over my journal. Which -- describe my conversation with lieutenant governor and commissioner constable. I stand by my word remain willing to testify under oath and I will continue to answer any questions asked of me by the US attorney's office. Given that kind of rhetoric it would seem as if perhaps someone -- not telling the truth and either one of those instances. Votes it -- she said she said so which one is it -- do you believe if you believe. Don -- there was this conversation back in May. Where and by by what Donald's own admission today that -- they did have a conversation she says it was about development and job creation. And and mayor Zimmer says that development and job creation was simply tied 22 -- relief money quid pro quo now. Hardball politics and -- for Governor Christie say politics isn't bean bag specially not in managers. But today it went hardball politics crosses into outright extortion. As the mayor says it did in this particular case. That maybe something else entirely in life federal prosecutors are are a little more carries than perhaps -- -- otherwise be. Mayor -- when pressed on why she didn't bring this up sooner. Said that you know despite the timing this is what happened and she's turned over the diaries but it does have the feeling to some of her critics that this is just piling on. At an opportune time for Democrats what what about the governor himself that has Chris Christie had an accountable. Response to all this has been going on not really know he and his most recent comments. Came in an interview published on Yahoo! News by men behind said that and this came before all this broke over the weekend. But cities hoping to learn from all of this although he didn't say exactly what lessons he hoped to draw because it -- and all the facts yet but he certainly does. Repeat what he said before that this makes an angry especially the of the bridge gate scandal when his aides he says betrayed him in lied to him. And here again. A message communicated by the lieutenant governor. And is now being question and we know that there have been other mayors -- question. The tactics of the Christie administration they may not rise to -- level that's part of what the legislators are trying to get -- But there are questions that the lawmakers have as to why these needs this lieutenant governor. Others in his campaign machinery. Would feel it acceptable. To do some of these things -- what's it what's in their head and that's the question that he says he still is an audience -- as this back and forth is only getting more intense look at legal legal precautions now. Are being taken by the Christie administration -- the governor himself against potential everybody's lawyer up it is a crude term and and we know that that includes some of his appointees some relatives of former aides. Everybody who's been served of legislative subpoenas is undoubtedly having attorneys take a look at these things the governor himself. Has hired outside council to look to Tryon and and and stands. Some of this or at least did to decide what's appropriate to share with the legislature in what may. May not be four you know may be better brought for executive privilege so did -- these inquiries are going to persist the governor against his second inaugural address on Tuesday this was supposed to be a time of celebration for governor Christine widely thought at least perhaps until now to be the front runner in 2016. Even though now he says his plans for 2016 -- on indefinite hold. He told a group of fundraisers do you talk to him about this next year. But he still says he wants to focus on being governor of managers Ian and we know now we -- to focus on getting into the bottom of what happened on a number of fronts with the staff. Yes his agenda this -- grew up a little bit over the weekend ABC's Eric just keep on latest on this Aaron thank you for that. Certainly inching developments in New Jersey and all the latest right here at ABC news dot conference on Dan -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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