Gov. Gavin Newsom says schools can reopen after declining COVID-19 cases

Republican critics said Gov. Gavin Newsom's urgency on opening schools changed because of the growing recall efforts.
5:00 | 02/24/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gov. Gavin Newsom says schools can reopen after declining COVID-19 cases
There's another democratic governor in trouble California governor Gavin Newsom. He could be facing a recall. Over the State's response to the ten dead organisms now pushing for schools to reopen. And out of Dakota rates are back down to their lowest in most of California teachers' union is pushing back saying they do not have the resources to reopen safely. ABC's are in shop has her story. In the end of the day. We can do this now California governor Gavin Newsom telling ABC news in a one on one interview that he thinks kids are ready to go back to school immediately. Let's not use purpose as an excuse. To safely thoughtfully judiciously and strategically. Good our youngest kids back in first. It's the most pressing issue in this. I'm really tired of waiting I know it's possible. Please please please open school. I really miss just seeing my friends and being with my teachers because the teachers at my school really care about us. Music now appointed the State's plodding case rates to reopen schools and increase in vaccine supply starting the first week in March. There three point 1% positive he's a quarter of Texas as its half of what Florida is. We can do this. The governor is caught between two groups teachers unions pushing back on opening classrooms without specific safety protocols and vaccinations. And a recall led by Republicans fueled by the State's coded response. The State's largest teachers union saying this month. School districts had made very clear that they do not have the resource is to make sure the proper ventilation is in place. Testing PP each other multi layered safety measures. And we have to get shot in the arms of employees were required to report in person and before the students returned to campus. Or use of appearing to straddle both worlds say he wants teachers to have what they want to but also wanting to get kids back into school ACP. It appears a lot of teachers are pushing back saying they want that's second just before they go back to school you written gives you divert shield. I mean how cheap but what do you say to those California teachers I want them to happen. That's why we provided flexibility for over a month 35 counties are already in ministry and that's why we set aside 75000. Doses so they can feel confident. We're come we're not. Interested in that we're committed. To keeping them safe. Uses critics say his urgency to get kids back into class comes after Republican opponents have placed the blame on him for schools not reopening fast enough. And threatening to challenge Jennifer recall qualifies for the ballot in just three week. This is hardly sit started saying schools you know. But it's too little too late. Gavin nuisance failed leadership. Has left an entire generation of kids falling behind. Our schools are still shut down our kids are still not going to a two two schools they're not. Involving their activities where we're inflicting on hold to damage on our kids that last week even the governor can relate to. What would you. 81 grade gas and you sound had been like would add a year. School I wouldn't be here and mean this is why I'm this is why it's so personal. Not governor recall and didn't date has only made a ballot for things that foreigner and hire it street. It's only been seen it twice before are a lot and actually in big the teen years ago the rate eight. And I remember that during the Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Madden do that a political moment I'm fascinated by this recall effort. It is so rare so I guess they're in that state. The recall but just and qualified to be on the ballot with signatures what are what what is a timeline look like they're like challenged. Gavin Newsom for his job if he does get recall. Yet scary it is really they're not to be one point eight million in their ice that it dirt. Bite marks seventy most experts think that we're gonna get there and many greet people in the state are incredibly frustrated political sop response. Most school and you are still not back okay so it back all of fight for that not pre election later on its ear. Hundreds of people expect it's a dog in this race including that two men you just heard problem. Or any mayor and plot here. It is meant John hot but not expected to be a prominent data challenger and that is really interesting to get that need to Indian prime uphill. Museums holy is far higher ratings than ever let's around as high. Gary. And with that visit to the French laundry restaurant. I guess these projects orange. Actually likes trigger. For people each understandably bags or in.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Republican critics said Gov. Gavin Newsom's urgency on opening schools changed because of the growing recall efforts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76093886","title":"Gov. Gavin Newsom says schools can reopen after declining COVID-19 cases","url":"/Politics/video/gov-gavin-newsom-schools-reopen-declining-covid-19-76093886"}