Gun ownership debate in Lone Star state

Rev. Deanna Hollas, the first official Presbyterian gun violence prevention coordinator, discusses the gun debate in the state of "God and guns."
9:24 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for Gun ownership debate in Lone Star state
Welcome back to Houston while as Washington awaits word from president trump on what sorts of gun violence prevention proposals he might support. We decided to take a trip here in Texas out to gun country in a popular gun range to see how Texans view this Texas. Is the state in the country with the most guns and circulation than any other also. Claims for of the ten deadliest mass shootings hot in our history. Out and at this gun range we visited we heard from gun owners who are doubling down and stocking up on their guns at this time even in the wake of his recent mass shootings. Including everyday residents like amber Simpson who was in purchasing her first weapon in 800 dollar birthday gift from her seven Brothers. Handgun version of an AK 47. I feel it was candidate that is heavy thinking I really liked this part right here. Thanks Rick Perry the stooges museum. And let her anywhere and it's. Williams she. He's yet to pass a background check about it yesterday. How hard how heartless listen I don't know do you think everybody's you know one by one of us should be have to go through the process. Even if I heard a gunshot wound up you should have accidentally get back on my buddies event ended in this is that it. Brands and show us how you clean it has actually not taken apart and they could find. So step one quicker magazine. So to verify that it is in touch selling bitterness. Eight years. How is business right now it's its slot about 22 nephews business slowed down Houston we have the big flood. After the big flooded slowed down and it just hasn't really come I have seen the headlines after these mass shootings before Russian out. To buy guns business is booming guns powers I have to say is structure we have pro president for guns so the fear factor trying to buy again because my time it was not there. So people only buy guns because they you know they want your a lot of stuff here what's your top seller right now guns are seasonal. Sally you know you started and into the winter months going to be long guns. Hunting stuff like that but right now in the Indians lot of handguns that a lot of smaller guns for consumer care program that concealed carry classes are still well. Our governor you know in Texas is very pro gun. Any any really what people would carry out they dropped the prices on that carry permits and and the class is very easy very thorough but very easy to get through. In the carry guns what self as a gun owner do you think there's a gun violence problem in the country right now. Well it's even after the two mass shootings right now there's a mass shooting going on Chicago right now that people do bad things. Things they can use and I think is amazed that you know as morality you know how we are raised earlier throughout. You know opening again this man's hands can do that. And. It's slowly brought to the long range you want to try to have a competition you know what your friends I would go back to effect first person shooter thousand dollars. Revenue by the book. This is the weapon in the US military uses. All around the world this is totally a combat weapon if you didn't know what you're doing he's got the semiautomatic weapon used in spray a lot of bullets. Exactly that's why they only giving them military law enforcement. Trained professionals and not for civilians owning automatic weapons at all in this capacity because like it's it's not very accurate will. An incredible experience and education for sure here in Texas our thanks. To full armor firearms for having us and enjoy now by democratic strategist at ABC news contributor you that Simpson has talked a little bit more about the gun debate also join us. Via Skype is reverend Deanna Hollis she's a gun violence. Prevention minister with the Presbyterian Church USA thank you both. For joining the conversation you bet. Culturally here in Texas I was struck by how different this state is been so many different parts of the country. A big fear of a slippery slope here also an insistence that he gun violence problem. It's really no different than any other sort of societal ill that we face it's dark. Isn't sure in places like Texas which is going country places here where I live like in Kentucky and other places and you think about. The big broad expanse of bill that with the midwest have been. A lot of folks leather guidance here I think the challenge. Around a conversation we're trying to had a that there are some guys that just were not mix right for regular everyday people to have like these. Semi automatic weapons. Lots and lots of ammunition and they can kill me up like malt. Multiple people at a lot at a rapid pace sorry. You know that's not what we're talking about not I even think the conversation is happening right now the house that what we expect to hear from the president. Should be mostly about that right the idea that you not trying to take people's guns away not handguns but these really really powerful. I'm guns that are really killing people in these mass shootings are missing around. I was surprised by the first woman we saw in the piece was fine her first ever gone it was and and a handgun style AK 47. I asked her she thought everyone that purchased any kind of weapon like that needed background check she said absolutely they should be trained Michigan back Richard. That's surprised mainly on the 90% of Americans action and it isn't. Background absolutely that's. That is sort of the front line the low hanging fruit of this debate in Washington we'll see if they can move anything on that but reverend want to bring you into the conversation because. Texas fable it and famously has as motto in god and guns. I guess I'm wondering from your perspective are those two things compatible. And in what are you doing in your ministry to help prevent this this gun violence epidemic. When I hear that question I'm Daryn is that bursting dams and me it's what got its opt out it's not the water heaters. It's a lower through our neighbor. In his Santa. Some form that is set an all or gospels. Several IC is hard. To justice Friday. I'm violence. Orders neighbor it would use our follower of Christ. Doesn't mean com. Here's the reality that the world we live Bennett and people are struggling to reconcile asked as a pastor. You know what got me onto that he's looking dumb. In saint what you eat humans not only are we working teens and early rather you're welcome I want. And what are you doing as your role it's a first ever role of its kind in the Presbyterian Church as a gun violence prevention minister what what is your ministry. Senator I sit enact policy of the Presbyterian Church we. Strictures that see her fifty years. I'm policy Ers really get all seasons 2010. And so that's kind of I'm doing is helping churches. For. Progress and violence and several. Can take many different forms it depends on her congregation where Eric they are in this sense I seek that's. Main rotor that church has that we should be a place. Where discussions happened that we Ichiro. Our society our kids about as we have are from all odds and issued together so we can create a space. Can't we can't buy this spirit incidents that we can create something new a new path forward. And it's important conversation to be had for sure is it's important to create that space in a lot of places of worship politically of that. We know that's they got debate is taking place here on this campaign trail and there's so many of these democratic candidates tonight agreed that there should be stricter gun controls but there's actually some very interest in contrast in where they fall some of the candidates any Klobuchar for example. Leaning slightly towards those red state Democrats wanted to sort of be careful about how many controls are our. Help us understand this contrast. You know I think the bigger conversation. You're right so there are folks on the progressive and knowing that are saying let's ban assault weapons completely. Let's have bribe you to registration requirements let's make sure we do background check. And there are other folks who worried about the slippery slope rigidly those who are in red states are they gonna try to take Oliver guy who's what is dismaying Second Amendment right. At the end of the day I think we're gonna have a broad conversation this term about what we need to do starting with where we can agree which as most people agree the background checks we have the president. And I'm born Vinny wasn't so we'll see. Kind of what his announcement like him when he's gonna present but I think the bigger conversation is we cannot allow guns to continue to get in the hands of people who don't you don't need to make sure that we know where they are. And we have mass shootings like what we saw an El Paso right up the road from me in Dayton Ohio. We know we've got a problem it is a got a problem. Re directing an on mental illness and all of is completely a smokescreen for the fact that we have a lot of guns in this country. And a lot of people are dying because of it so hopefully that becomes a part of the conversation as the house takes this up. Hopefully the senate will get a part of the cover. Patients and Tim we will see if Washington get anything done there is an outcry for some action to be taking that Simpson thing exploded patting her horse of the conversation our thanks again reverend Deanna Hollis with the Presbyterian Church thank you ma'am for. Skyping and as well.

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{"duration":"9:24","description":"Rev. Deanna Hollas, the first official Presbyterian gun violence prevention coordinator, discusses the gun debate in the state of \"God and guns.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65574198","title":"Gun ownership debate in Lone Star state","url":"/Politics/video/gun-ownership-debate-lone-star-state-65574198"}