Health care on Trump's mind as he kicks of 2020 campaign

Trump vows a "phenomenal" new health care plan the day before his first campaign event, and Democratic candidates speak at the Poor People's Campaign presidential forum in Washington.
25:31 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Health care on Trump's mind as he kicks of 2020 campaign
And. Everybody welcome to the briefly remind Devin Dwyer Washington captain bowlers are White House reporters here great to have you with us on this Monday. A lot to get T today out of the Supreme Court Capitol Hill the campaign trail but we start today with president trumps. Reelection kick off this week it's a big one Catherine OB down. In Florida tomorrow and in an interview at ABC news the president says that he wants to make health care. The centerpiece of his reelection campaign you heard that right. It's an issue voters in 2018 said with a topless. Are you concerned citing overwhelmingly vote with Democrats in that possibility and this is an area the president. Has obviously struggled to make progress on you and I are talking that was before an unsuccessful. Last coming to this and that was of the Republican. Controlled congress a Republican controlled senate cell and in many people on his own party think they hey let's just not not do this now let's not put a timeline on it at least what we're hearing is that this probably won't happen until after the campaigns. Yes perhaps trying to neutralize grant Democrats as he kicks off his campaign Democrats out on the trail trying to capitalize an interest in health care issue. And so why is the president reviving his campaign promise on health care what can we expect from the president. As he kicks things off tomorrow let's go to our White House reporter Jordan felt she joins us from the White House north lawn. Yet some answers for those questions Jordan with us all about. Hey got any act helped there was a losing issue for Republicans in the mid terms. For the president thinks he can make it a winner he says he thinks he can make the GOP the party of great health care. But DeVon it's important to do a reality check here. The president might have teen star George Stephanopoulos that he'll be rolling out a phenomenal. New health care plan that's what he called it within a couple of months. But Devin the White House is not drafting legislative tax. And there are no plans to do so I've talked. To Kabul senior officials about this what they how things doing is drafting a set of core principles that the president supports. That's something the president could obviously some bonding you his. To help win the election. But dabbing it wouldn't be Intel after the election that they'd ever ever actually tried to do something. And there's a lot is riding on that first the president hats keep the White House they have to keep the senate in Republican hands. And a half to take back the house. And so when it beat her and tell 20/20 wine two years away and tell anything what actually happened with this phenomenal health care plan the presidents from. H Jordan and even got a lot of reporting on this so before in my mind I do Y just ask you we know the president's principles on health care he's supporter and the Republican health care plan failed in the senate with a thumbs down from John McCain. And that was pretty clearly laid out we heard him of course all of 26 team we know what he stands for when it comes to. Repealing obamacare G are any indication that the president. Is putting forward. You're looking at something new here is this meant to be a compromise proposal is there. Some sort of new structure concept that he's looking at rolling out what what are we here in an effort. Yet done in the White House right now is keeping us on our locking key it's still in the drafting phases are understanding. But really DeVon what's going on here is the president has demanded. A new health care plan and south his administration is moving to make that happen. But you are correct in pointing out that we haven't seen any. Major shift in where the president stands on anything so. We shouldn't expect any new help your Clinton is White House to significantly different from the previously failed. Hartford tops thanks for that Catherine it's so interesting is as the president is talking op. Health care in his interview with George Stephanopoulos the administration is still actively suing. In federal court to eliminate obamacare and they don't have a proposal on the table. Yeah exactly and you're gonna hear a lot from Democrats on Capitol Hill at this tale who as we were discussing before Nancy Pelosi Harry says and this plan would have higher costs horse coverage. An end in the end of the lifesaving protections for people with preexisting condition so continue and they. Answered a lot of ammo for Democrats headed into this although we should say that the White House has tried to nibble around the edges. On health care they've effectively ended the individual mandate they've allowed the sale of bare bones. Insurance plans would know very little protections in there and they are requiring drug companies. Now to advertise the prices of prescription drugs in TV advertising. But the costs are continuing to rise in this country take a look we actually. A way to the Department of Health and Human Services for a look at where health care spending is renowned this country. Scott it's up big over the past couple of years up. Almost 4% in Torre seventeen the most recent numbers. About 101000 dollars per person is spent. An aggregate each. Each year in this country it's about 18% in the nation's GDP is on health care spending in just take a look at prescription drugs. This is something they gets everybody in the pocketbook. Almost prescriptions are climbing it's not just used their 41%. The prices of drugs over the past ten years in this country. Very significant cost a lot of Americans. The situations forcing many. To find more affordable prescription drugs have specifically insulin which they need to treat type one diabetes leader greens. Green C joins us from Saint Paul, Minnesota she's a diabetes advocate also joined by Julian rip alone. She is from Michigan also I diabetes advocate want to serve with you Rea thanks for joining us. So when did the light bulb go off for you that you needed to begin traveling to Canada. At to get these drugs how did that come about. But I learned early estimate was diagnosed that is I was extremely expensive in the United States. And while proudly we found we can get is lunch at a fraction of the cost in many countries. The idea district candidate came up just a couple months ago. I'm and I realized that there is an opportunity here to Minnesota to drive just by hours and to get insulin at a reduced cost. So that we didn't. That's what she did and Gillian you also have made trips from Michigan. Up into Canada any concerns about the safety or quality of the drugs you're buying over the border. Know that and the type one diabetic and sit with my brother and live in that she won her that you're right what are. Cat act and vision and teacher rage simply take each race tunnel right over Canada which is about thirty minutes and eat stuff back. That letter and custom and we just explained that we're going to insolent and it's so common these custom each and that it's just kind of thanking each and they just let you end eat and then he purchased your Ecstasy. It's reached that I know a lot he's over here all the same laboratory. Oh he is there an or yes. Isn't exactly known as CE concerns on each and then aren't we back over Cyndi laughs I now we just say we are excellent and let us on our merry way. Ground we were seen some pictures of the insulin you brought up in Canada there about a tenth. The costs in some case hosts remind everybody how expensive insulin is obviously a a mainstay in American medicine it's a critical drugs here just in the past five years. The cost. Nearly doubled and 2012 is about 4800 dollars on average is includes out of pocket costs and insurance costs. Up to in 2016 of 5700 dollars and that's continued decline. We are who do you blame in all of this what do you make. When you see these prices going up I imagine your angry and frustrated that you have to take these steps. Or where do you place the blame. Well certainly there's many players in the system who are making money V pharmaceutical companies and the pharmacy benefit managers. But honestly I believe our politicians for not listening to Americans who are saying this is critically important to us. And not and making changes soon enough to give us release. And and how what you Gillian when you think about this that. The fact that your family to get an affordable. Dose of insulin has to go to Canada of all places. How does that make you feel it in court you making your feelings known on this one. Well I think a lot of us using our voice I'm in our community and also council should be platforms just two to raise nor even about this issue. I'm and law breakers right now I know they're tackling like this in crisis to me it's more work. But we don't know how long we're going to be eating for this because you do now everything antiques a longing congress to pass and go do this and it and that kind congress and everything so it's just ditch it didn't take a really time but I think the community we get scratched easily stay together and just kind of reached at sea every single day I think that's what's really whole. But the clutch. And the idea that the truck administrations talked a lot about him receive bipartisan support for the site yet advertising the price. In those TV ads we see him all the time the drug ads. In prime time television around our news programming. Do you think that'll make a difference it will we see those ads in they have to actually put on screen how much. In slowing cost you think that that would help pressure them on the price front. But the Americans know how much prescription drug costs and we know it cost too much. So I'm not overly optimistic that the advertising and the prices might help significantly. I think we need to pass laws right now that her diet really. On in the short term and then he's look at the whole system and encouraged. Grant competition on an insulin market there are only three manufacturers of insulin and they've been raising their prices lockstep now for many years. We need to get generic sense the market for insulin and that we need to be regulating the pace at times like they do it every other country. And finally a chilling and I just want to ask you we arm presidential. A political season here how important is this issue. To you as a voter. In presidential on the presidential campaign and where do you put this year. Order yeah well somebody's first somebody that Eagleton though and I can't type and eaten my brother and I mean influences are so we're going to be voting for people helping. Yet all those bills passed to help us get emergency act influence in the heat in. Affordable for all. Top issue for a lot of people drug prices health care Julian ripple loan from Michigan thank you so much and we agree inside thank you so much from Saint Paul, Minnesota mining. Hometown for join and us as well great to see about thank you. Moving on now we mentioned at the top of the show it's the president's reelection campaign kick off weak and there's no one else better to talk about the president's reelection campaign that are too. Intrepid trump 26 teen campaign reporters including our veterans senior editorial producer Johnson Tucci who looks so thrilled. Chinese if you from recovery you're still recovering from back campaign warriors yeah yeah I agree at Seattle with a flier miles last I eagle and I'm active in Florida and guns aren't. I. I hate my opinion I and good. Some Elton John songs anywhere EST yeah. So much for coming out of the opera that was hit me. But that's let's talk a little bit about the president's reelection campaign as he gets underway this thing's certain look John. Very different from what you saw up close and 2016 much more corporate much more disciplined. Not the shoestring operation that we sought his basically. No staff yet no no escalators in this production. Com and it's a very different. Set up you know you remember the 2015. Campaign when things started. It was Donald Trump's campaign from Donald from his building. It was actually camp mine it operated out of the fifth floor drum tower which was the old sat. The Celebrity Apprentice so think about that now the campaign is right here in the DC metro area they have even we'd been there yeah beautiful. Campaign office I I'll I walked around and rarely say okay this is one section hour and who somewhere else. There is a very very very long way from five people much more compassionate warriors got much more traditional much more support from the party also I think he. Relationship you're gonna see between the campaign and the republic. And Marty smooth it out around very dancing and he was the outsider he's got a guy he's got everybody united still a fair a fair bit of leaking any infighting though which was a hallmark in the last campaign the case in point is internal poll numbers here from campaign which leaked out in the past week. Hi George Stephanopoulos as you know John Catherine asked the president about some of those poll numbers in the exclusive interview. Here's a little bit of that. Don't believe this as he beats me in Texas so that even hero polls show your behind you know my polls show that a winning everywhere. People we've all seen reports that fifteen out of seventeen states that you report your mind. If it's that nobody should get those goals because as poles something's. Those polls don't exist. Beyond losing and fifteen out of seventeen cents. Principles that exist I just was given the meeting that might bolster. I frankly don't even believe it posters warning it could just run a campaign and whatever it is it is but I just had a meeting with somebody that's upholster. And I'm winning. Everywhere. That is just one of the many headlines that we can spend thirty hours with the president and and we were on board. Air Force One Marine One in the beast with the president is limousine. And also of course at the west wing and the residents from a trip last Wednesday. I'm but you know I do think what we saw in all the time and George Stanley and we've been working on this and you root for quite some time actually George. Interviewed the president June 12 2018 in Singapore won your leader is when we got this so we took a seat here we are on our he. A lot of these it and I I have I I think that. You know not to get a secret way to others of how I would do an interview again but. We Donald Trump not doing any formal sit down interview lights camera action here we go can give you see the moments that mean the most news in George mean news across interview in his interview with president. But the moments we are it's more relaxed in the back to the beast he's talking at the campaign about the poll numbers with Joseph Biden. In the Oval Office he's talking about the special counsel's investigation and the relationships with capital so you actually get a much more. Candid look at Donald Trump can't look away look shots and his ally prime I don't easy easy with any presence is no edits and and you listen we we've been working with a team their for quite some time they had some idea as we had some ideas you know and the president is forever and always a producer and chief. Other opinions and we got to see a little bat as so I don't that he had with some of his senior staff kicking revolving army. How much you can see the full thirty hours of presidential emissary right here and ABC news live later tonight 7 PM EST yesterday. Highs seventy M 10 PM 11 PM you can catch it. Several times tonight in fall and it is a really interest you watch really insightful Johnson two to take you so much Catherine folders think you very much. Are we can it now here in the briefing room down to the democratic race the democratic candidates who have been out on the trail over the past couple weeks or here in Washington today attending a form at the poor people's campaign. An initiative founded by Martin Luther King Jr. to draw attention to economic justice for people of low income backgrounds in the United States are. Political reporter Beatrice Pete Peterson is there on site Beatrice great to see his self former vice president Joseph Biden just finished up. Addressing the group what was his message and how was he received. But thank you for having me Dan and I he receives kind of with a lukewarm reception. A lot of attendees here at this event. Seem like you really excited to see Warren and he. Barney standards and not Biden so much he spoke a little bit about its history to his background his family's background with. Working with people cholera communities of color. I'm his wife Joseph Biden got a shot at at the beginning it's their 42 wedding anniversary. But during his remarks he admitted that. Perhaps give some comments about our race and a potty he says quote I vastly under estimated how deep and systemic racism and it's. And why in fact it never gives up. That Aaron. That comment really didn't get a big applause from the crowd but they were listening a lot of people or very attuned to what he was saying. And it was a very interesting. Dynamic in the room. Yeah pure grade and that Ingrid kiddie parade of the candidates come and coming after him as well right I mean Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in particular. Have made economic inequality a cornerstone of their campaign right and it's caring for the port isn't. Usually a top talker on the campaign trail but but those two have prioritized it. Yes and I'm right after and Biden spoke. Andrew yanks spoken one of his key messages is a thousand dollars for Americans. That really Stevenson. To get much and applause line from the crowd. Later in the day. Marion Williams I believe speaking right now. Warren will speak. Senator senator common shares that's because well also there's a full slate of candidates. At this event in Washington DC I'm here listening to see you see what the candidates have to see about poverty in America. All right Beatrice Peterson thanks so much much warrior reported an you can catch some of that. Poor people's. Campaign at a conference later on world news tonight thanks answer her for that. Turning out of the Supreme Court it was a big day up there as the justices look to finish up their controversial and contentious term. There were four new opinions released today and they took action. On a number of petitions are legal analyst Kate shot and I were at the Supreme Court this morning brawl dashing cape great to see you again and again I you're back in New York let's start with the court's decision. I today a duffel jeopardy I think most people know that the constitution. It says you can't be tried twice for the same crime but the justices today. Affirmed that there's an exception to that. Right so there isn't this question of whether the justices might actually roll back the rule that says. Okay you can't be tried twice for the same crime. But you can be tried twice and being tried by different prosecutors so if the feds go after you and doesn't stop the state officials from going after you subsequently. And vice Versa I. So we had a real question whether the court might revisit that rule and actually rule that double jeopardy prohibited a subsequent prosecution. Even by what's called a separate file for an. And here the court decided to essentially stay the course in reaffirmed the rule that allowed these successive prosecutions against a long as it's not the same entity. Doing the prosecutors yet and in this case it was a convicted felon from Alabama who had happened have firearm in his car he was. Prosecutor by both the state. And by the federal government hit with penalties for both in the court today upheld those that. I also want to ask you about the and the implications for pardon power because a lot of people watching this case. To see if potentially the president's pardon power could be expanded. We'll also a so I think that the thinking was that for individuals in the president's orbit like. A poem in a fort who have been convicted for federal crimes if in fact the president chose to exercise his pardon power which of course he could still do what. What power when states have to essentially prosecute him for the same kind of conduct but for different offenses. And coming out of today's opinion. There's nothing in the federal constitution that would stop a state from essentially pursuing charges against say apartment or even if he had been pardoned by the president. For federal offenses now I should say. Some states have actually erected their own limitations. In terms of whether they'll go after someone who's already had a federal conviction and then say federal pardon. But. But he you know there is and essentially it's the status quo remaining in tact. On ends and that is good for state officials who might want the ability to say bring subsequent prosecutions even in the face of a federal. Pardon. Fascinates a potentially some implication there for people caught up. In some crimes around the president financial crimes perhaps in the state in New York we will see finally. Why just ask you Kate about this this case that the Supreme Court. Sort of engaged on but punted back to the lower courts this one involves a case of religious liberty same sex marriage and a couple of acres in Oregon and sir refused to bake a wedding cake. For gay couple or with Tulsa vote the court did here you know after sitting on a case for quite some time the court sent it back down for another look and that strikes me as sending a message that they wanted to avoid. A really divisive ruling and instead to get the lower court a chance to take another path there's still feeling each other right now this is the first term of the Kavanagh court. And I do think they are trying to avoid weighing in unnecessarily on divisive issue so I suspect that was what was at play in this case. All right senior legal analyst Kate shot joining us from New York we'll see you back down here on Thursday or next week Kate thank Dexia there isn't much for coming and finally today it is the heat of summer travel season and it doesn't look like those Boeing. 737 Max planes getting up there any time soon our senior transportation correspond David Curley is here great to see you David you can. It's the Paris air show Boeing has in the spotlight they're taken a lot of heat. What are they saying about when these plans at the back on the air there are not saying. They're not setting a date they say before the end of the year that's as far as the CEO will go but it really has changed the Paris air show that your this is a show where you. Bring your wares and say hey what would you like to box. For Boeing completely different this year it really is. A mere Coppola an apology tour to apologize to the families in the airlines because of those 2737 Max crashes. They were loved to sell some aircraft but that doesn't seem to be the mood right now partners or show. So Airbus has already sold some aircraft at the show their archrival. Including a new mid size is jetliner which is what both Boeing and Airbus think is the future. Market that they need to be in and Boeing still. Basically is not decided what they're gonna build in that middle size. They've generally been in a bind with with the bad press over the 737 Max in the safety. Investigations what's what's the road ahead for this and and we were told first by the airline by the airplane maker that by this summer perhaps. We could see some of those planes how far out now is that horizon can back up. So Boeing is done with in software update that it says will fix the Max giving three additional levels of security so that this. Part of an anti stall system doesn't activated again. They are waiting for the FAA to say okay we want to take a test flight. We thought that was gonna happen several weeks ago the F a asked for additional information. It's probably coming in the next week or two the FA tells us it's not going to be this week that flight is very important because that will signal if everything goes well. The Boeing then can submit the software fix for certification. And the FAA you'll priority a couple of weeks to say thumbs up or thumbs down they've been very involved throughout the process so they know exactly what software is doing. And there were some reports today that perhaps Boeing might consider changing the name of the plane because so many passengers are afraid of hearing. You know you're on a 737 Max and panic is that on the table for them it's problematic. From the CEO said no this first came from the president actually mr. trump said that they should just rebrand it and called something else. If they do they you have to recertify the aircraft. They're trying to recertify a piece of software right now to rebrand were ten to recertify the entire aircraft could be quite difficult. To do. And then if you call it something else you when you get on the plane you can probably still figure out whether or not it out Matt. So by the end of the summer perhaps there early fall we could see some of these back up in the air meantime before we let you go. How in packs full world this ground need be through the summer we'll have the airlines absorb this. And are we you know we are we so expecting to see worsening delays because of this what's kind of the real and. So for the three airlines that fly at American southwest and united. I it has been difficult because they can't they've got all the aircraft they can get house plan for these planes they're big plates correct but they've known it's been coming in they've been telling passengers in fact American just extended. And southwest and their early September. What what is happening though is those that don't fly a delta jetBlue. Alaska. If they can get some planes out of maintenance than they can absorb some of those seats and some of that demand itself had an advantage there are good news bad news depending on what you flyer and current dislike him for coming in the prefer appreciate the update and 737 thank you for watching us sitting here and ABC news live we're here every day 33530. And 6:30 eastern time. And doesn't harm Washington's student.

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