Hillary Clinton's Full Concession Speech for the 2016 Presidential Election

The former secretary of state told supporters to keep an "open mind" about a Donald Trump presidency.
24:09 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Full Concession Speech for the 2016 Presidential Election
This is an ABC news special report. Election 20s60. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. We're coming on the air right now because Hillary Clinton about to appear in New York there you see them came her vice presidential running mate let's listen then. She will concede to Donald Trump. I'm proud of Hillary Clinton because she. Has been and is a great history maker in every thing she has done. As a civil rights lawyer and first lady of Arkansas and First Lady this country and senator and secretary of state she has. Made history in a nation that is good and so many things but that has made it uniquely difficult. For a woman to be elected to federal office she became the first major party nominee. As a woman to be president and last night won the popular vote of America. I'm proud of Hillary Clinton because in the words of Langston you she's held fast to dreams. She was it inspired at a young age did. An epiphany that if families and children do well that's the best barometer for weather society does well and in everything she's done she's focused on that she. We know she would have made history as the president and one cents but we never have had a president who's made their whole. Career. About the empowerment of families and children and I was excited about that in the Oval Office is I was excited. To have my friend Hillary there and make history as the first woman president. I'm excited and proud of Hillary because she has built such a wonderful team. There is say. There. And beautiful and kind of comical parable in the new testament about a vineyard owner who hires people to work and says in a minute pay in this. For a full day of any hires people and and I'm gonna pay the same thing for them half stating hires people one hours before I'm gonna pay the same in those who started earlier today said Almonte. You know we we we don't like this that you're treating everybody who came late just as well as you're treating us I monetize something here's what I've come to know. So well about Hillary did team that she has assembled over the years. People that are so deeply loyal to her because she's so deeply. Loyal to them is inspiring that I've seen that same degree of loyalty. And compassion. And sensitivity extended to the most recent folks who joined the team then the folks who came to the vineyard with just one hour ago. Her loyalty and compassion Hillary and bill. To people if if you're with your your with yet and that is just something so remarkable and finally democratic Heller could she loves this country. You know nobody. Nobody. Nobody had to wonder about Hillary Clinton whether she would accept an outcome of an election and are beautiful democracy nobody had asked that question nobody had to. Doubt it. She knows our country for what it is she knows that. System that we have been in its warts and blemishes she's deeply in love with that in accepts a cheese. Then in battles before aware that didn't go our way she accepted it but then woke up the next day and battle again for the dreams that she's held fast to and that love of country is something that I think is. Is obvious to everybody obvious to everyone. I want to thank Hillary Clinton for asking man and I'd to join. This wild cry and we about a week before she testify would be a running mate. And and I went up to Westchester and we sat down with Hillary and bill and with Chelsea and mark and we Charlotte and Aden for about three hours. Of conversation to try to determine whether we would be the right people to be on the ticket and when we got. In the car to head back to the airport after the three our discussion I said Dave and honey I don't know whether going to be in this ticket or not but I do know this we're gonna remember that three hours for the rest for the rest of our life and now we've. We'll remember a 105 days that we've had with this fantastic couple of public servants and all of you for the rest or a life. I'll just say this Hillary nine know well the wisdom in the words of William Faulkner he said Dick helped us but seeing what this yet. Because. Okay. Empowering families and stronger in Maine and in that work. That important work that we have to do as a nation it is so. Comforting even at a tough time. To know that. Hillary Clinton is somebody and tell her very last breath is going to be. Battling for the values that make this nation great and the values that we care care so deeply about so now please join me. In welcoming secretary Hillary. Okay. Thank you all very much. You so much. Thank you my friends. Thank you so very much for being here. And I love you all. Hot last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans. This is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for. And I'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share in the vision we hold for our country. But I feel. I feel pride. And gratitude. For this wonderful campaign that we built together. This vast diverse creative. On brutally. Energized campaign. You represent. The best of America and being your candidate has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I know how disappointed. You feel because I feel it too. And so do tens of millions of Americans who invested their hopes and dreams in this effort. This is painful. And it will be for a long time. But I want you to remember this. Our campaign was never about one person or even one election. It was about the country we love and about building an America that's hopeful. Inclusive. And big hearted. We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. But I still believe in America and I always will. And if you do then we must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. Our constitutional democracy in shrines. The peaceful transfer of power. And we don't just respect that we cherish it. It also in shrines other things. The rule of law. The principle that we are all equal in rights and dignity. Freedom of warship and expression. We respect and cherish these values to it and we must defend. And let me add our constitution all democracy demands our participation. Not just every four years but all the time. So let's do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear. Making our economy work for everyone not just those at the top. Protecting our country and protecting our planet. And breaking down all the barriers that hold any American back from achieving their dreams. We spent a year and a half. Bringing together millions of people from every corner of our country to say with one voice that we believe. That the American dream is big enough for every one. For people of all races and religions for men and women. For immigrants for LG BT people and people with disabilities for every. Now our responsibility as citizens. Is to keep doing our part to build that better stronger fairer America we seek. And I know you well. I am so grateful to stand with all of you. I want to thank Tim Kaine and Anne Holton. It has got a joy getting to know them better and it gives me great hope and comfort. Ten know that Tim will remain on the front lines of our democracy representing Virginia in the south. To Barack and Michelle Obama. Our country over issues ended. We thank you for your graceful. Determined leadership. That has meant so much. To so many Americans and people across the world. And to bill and Chelsea. Mark Charlotte eight and our Brothers and our entire family. My love for you means more than I can ever express. You crisscross. This country. On our behalf and lifted me up when I needed it most even four month old Eitan who traveled with his mom. I will always be grateful. To the creative. Talented. Dedicated. Men and women. At our headquarters in Brooklyn and a cross our. Now how hard your hearts into this campaign for some of you who are vet trends. It was at campaign after you had done other campaigns some of you it was your first campaign. I want each of you to know that you were the best campaign anybody could have ever. And two. The millions of volunteers. Community leaders activists and union organizers who. Not Don doors talk to neighbors posted on FaceBook. Even in secret private FaceBook. Sites. I want everybody comment out from behind that and make sure your voices are heard gallon forward. Every one who sent in contributions. As small as five dollars and kept us going. Thank you thank you from all of us. And to the young people in particular I hope you'll hear this. I have as Tim said spent my entire adult life fighting for what I believe and I've had successes and I've had setbacks. Sometimes really painful ones. Many of you are at the beginning of your professional. Public and political careers. You'll have successes and setbacks to. This loss hurts. But please. Never stopped believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. And so. We need you to keep up these fights now and for the rest of your lives. And to all the women and especially the young women. Who put their faith in this campaign and in me. I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder. Than to be your champion. I I know. I know we have still not shattered. That highest and hardest glass ceiling but some day. Someone who will and hopefully sooner than we might think right. And. And to all the little girls who are watching this. Never doubt. That you are valuable. And powerful. And deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world. To pursue and achieve your own dreams. I mean. Finally I am so grateful for. Our country and for all it has given to me. I count my blessings. Every single day that I am an American. And I still believe. As deeply as I ever have. That if we stand together and work together. With respect for our differences. Strength in our convictions and love for this nation. Our best days are still ahead of. It ties you know. You know I believe we are stronger together and we will golf car word together. And you should never ever regret. Fighting for that. You know scripture tells us. Let us not. Grow weary in doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. So my friends let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary let us not lose heart for there are more seasons to com and there is more work to do. I am incredibly. Honored and grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you. In this consequential. Election may god bless you and may god bless the United States are. She came to the podium of the small. Voice gained strength. As she finished track and the words painful to talk to her supporters. Clad in purple you see it there along with her husband former President Bill Clinton both wearing purple clothes perhaps to signify. That idea that we are stronger together red and move together and that was the message that she delivered in mall. Speech and grace conviction and gratitude. Walton saying she hopes about triple B a successful president. Called on her so. Quarter to accept this result. To accept Donald Trump is present when an open mind give him the chance. To leave. And to see evading abilities campaign from the start those supporters in the room with her you could feel that raw emotion. Entered and struck by how quiet it is in here right now as she is greeting her supporters this is her core group for top aides right there in the front row. I also am really struck by what a gut wrenching. Seeing this was for Hillary Clinton to have to do today let's not forget she did this back in 2008 when she conceded to. Barack Obama. You could tell that she was especially. Moved on that stage when she was talking about her message to young women and the young women in this room who George are still shocked by what has happened here and you're here crying. Let's not forget about the message of this campaign no matter what your politics are right now. In this room that people are the people who campaigned all around this country for Hillary Clinton. And they believe this was an election about what. And much more so today now that Donald Scott for the president elected them in very simplistic terms this was a race about good vs evil about right vs wrong about justice. And they feel. So much like that is. Out the door out of the window for them that they have lost that. She said that this was painful and you could see that on her face and I will tell you George from my vantage point here and look like President Clinton was very angry. Look like her running mate Tim Kaine was near tears. At one word for you shell shock. A fact they are still shell shocked. But she did what she thought she must do. As the defeated person in this election because there are received in your family through defeats like this is well through occurring when she talked about. Writing that speech have concession to Barack Obama the speech was hard right. It was even harder to deliver I felt let down so many millions of people especially the women and girls who'd invested their dreams and need. How much harder for her now we Barack Obama she shared use for words values and vision not so much for Donald Trott. Right and she added lose it must have been incredibly hard to do this. And with all those people so disappointed she did make a point. After saying I wish him success and that that that the constitution requires the peaceful transfer of power but she said it also requires the rule of law. The dignity of three of every person freedom of worship. An expression respect for those values to and we must defend them so she was making a point about. Some of the things that Donald Trump could set in the course of this campaign but then in the end coming back around that question of when and who else. And saying hey I was proud to be a champion getting through that this very tough and PTC saying to little girls. You know that you are valuable. Powerful and deserving. Of every opportunity. That you want to. Pursuit and Jonathan Karl the speech certainly had a valedictory. Feel she did what she had to do. As a defeated candidate for president you also heard though her voice cracked when she spoke directly to young people working for her campaign she hoped. They would carry on these fights de. Actually set up I. Sorry we did not win this election and that was that I am sorry. Not just that I regret. She thought she let them down it was really I mean you you could feel it. And we're gonna hear shortly George from President Obama was going to be speaking in the Rose Garden. This election was a defeat for Hillary Clinton but it was also a big defeat. For President Obama who saw his legacy on the ballot and now president elect coming in. Who has vowed took on too much of the biggest achievements the biggest. Accomplishments of his president and Cecilia Vega just to underscore how shell shut this could campaign as any kind of photo. From just the day before for Hillary Clinton's signing. The cover of Newsweek magazine. Madam president. Right there on I covered George madam president she signed this on Monday. They thought they were going to win this race on their final stretch of this campaign the very last night urged they had champagne that they passed out to everyone in that haven't. Hi there is not one source that I talked to in this campaign over the last year that who thought that they would lose they always that this would be closed no one thought they would be here today. She says we must move forward now and make downtown do everything possible to make him. The successful presidents John colleges said Cooley back shortly pres Obama expected to speak in the Rose Garden at 12151215. Eastern. Please join Stan. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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