Impeachment showdown

Another public hearing is set for Monday with House Democrats poised to make their case to remove President Trump from office. ABC News’ Serena Marshall reports.
2:04 | 12/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Impeachment showdown
We turn now to Capitol Hill and the fast moving pushed to impeach president trop and other public hearing is set for today. With house Democrats poised to make their case to kick president trump out of office. The president is refusing to participate but the Democrats worked through the weekend rapidly moving to draw up articles of impeachment. ABC Syria Marshall joins us from Washington 3 and a good morning. Kennedy good morning this week it's gonna start with Democrats introducing charges against the president that's likely to include obstruction enemies of power. And it will wrap up with a committee vote on impeachment. The second official impeachment hearing underway this morning and this time it's the lawyer is testifying before congress we're in the process now of focusing that into something that. You hold him accountable Democrats working through the weekend as lawyers from both parties from both the judiciary and Intelligence Committees will present findings of their investigation. And Democrats say there's a shows he was rock solid case. I think the case we have if presented to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat not participating though the president's team even as his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani spent the past week in Ukraine. Some think even Republicans were uncomfortable last but it is weird but he's over there. I think you want to go be booked congress and today at all Doug with the ability general of the department of god did I hear it about letting. Some Democrats are pointing to bats as a reason to continue their breakneck pace. Are you moving too quickly that would be about concern the president wasn't being quickly to have his lawyer Michael Ukraine and continue to cheat. Our elections. The president meanwhile continues to call the whole thing a sham. We had a perfect conversation it. Even as he took to Twitter Sunday firing off nearly 100 tweets and three tweets and just one day most targeting Democrats and the inquiry. Republicans remain united behind him. There are currently no hearings scheduled for after today but we expect the chair the judiciary committee to introduce those articles of impeachment in the coming days Kenneth Tony all right sir and I think you.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"Another public hearing is set for Monday with House Democrats poised to make their case to remove President Trump from office. ABC News’ Serena Marshall reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67592579","title":"Impeachment showdown","url":"/Politics/video/impeachment-showdown-67592579"}