Inauguration Day: A look from inside the White House

Angella Reid, former White House chief usher, explains what the changing of administrations actually looks like from inside the White House.
4:22 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Inauguration Day: A look from inside the White House
And now want to bring in former White House chief usher Angela read for more on what does so looks like from the inside and led such a pleasure to have you. You never really unique perspective on this so why. What inauguration day look like inside the White House how does the changing of administrations actually work. The Diane thank you so much her having me so. This particular day is an epic day it's a very friends they had. Environments we typically start the day off at around 4:30 in the morning when everyone arrives in getting sacked. For the start of the tick tock. And yeah that we have a plan the plan has been in place for twelve to eighteen months. And so about it how we get to moving day which is today we are pretty much ready and sad and so the team stands by. They typically wait for May president to make. His final visit to the Oval Office and that's where the transition begins where they members of the residents team. Well move to the oval to begin they got to get on a park service and Secret Service to make that transition. To get the Oval Office ready. And meanwhile we are standing by in the residence. Traditionally there has been a T. For the president elect and First Lady hosted by the the president and First Lady this year however that was not the case so. This morning I believe was a real gift. To be residents steamed because they got two additional hours to get the house prepared. So they may go through you know very strict cleaning protocol of the entire. Private quarters and guest quarters on the second and third floors and they have the opportunity to move out to be. Former president's. Personal belongings and furniture. And they also simultaneously begin to move in the personal belongings off from the president elect which at this point is now our new president and First Lady. It's quite a task but it sounds like it's all a very well oiled machine at this point. I'm curious though how is called it change the way the White House operates. You know I wouldn't expect I am not able to speculate analogue changes may have taken place when I can say is that. We have always had a very strict cleaning protocol. And I am absolutely certain that Matt has only been around top and enhanced. As a result of the virus and I have no doubts that the team has. You know managed to. Take care of the cleaning process in an extraordinary. And safe fashion for a welcoming the new president Biden and doctor Joseph Biden to the house today Daryn getting hands it sounds like an Angelo what's your advice to the Biden's. As they get used to their new home. Things that strikes me is that. President Biden and doctor Biden are very familiar with the team with a staff and the residents cells. I am of the opinion that Lee walked in today you whip. Receiving a very very warm welcome and that they are familiar with the bottlers that left. Some of the housekeepers shares the chefs for certain. I I recall that during the Obama administration at the end of every event that. The band vice president the president attended. He would always without fail stop on his way out and walk into bill family dining room. Tim green. The staff that are behind them back there and at first I thought he just loved pastry is this just as quickly. It was just his way I'll always going back and saying thank you and having a moment with a staff so. I think they're just gonna be themselves he is an extremely ill warm friendly personable person and so is Dr. Joseph Biden so I think they're going to be completely at home. And they will have take time. To acclimate and you know transform. Transition the residents into exactly doubt what the they would likely to be carrying former White House chief usher Angela reed Angela it's a pleasure thank you. My pleasure.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Angella Reid, former White House chief usher, explains what the changing of administrations actually looks like from inside the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75390342","title":"Inauguration Day: A look from inside the White House","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-day-inside-white-house-75390342"}