The Iowa Caucus, Explained

Iowa's Secretary of State explains what a caucus is and why it is important.
24:02 | 01/28/16

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Transcript for The Iowa Caucus, Explained
ABC's Josh Haskell joined by. Secretary of state degrees tomorrow hall Haiti we are clearly not at a campaign and all the way you're weird action happens. It wouldn't think there's a lot of action this lower cash flow is actually in the state capital and that's because. Paul and his team in the very important job this. It's been four years as the last caucus now Democrats and Republicans are voting in Iowa on Monday night. So Paul joins us talk in about this process in Warsaw Poland is so unique about cost process involves. Well it's an opportunity for Iowans to share ideas it's and humidity here together they hate your com cookies and I want to put it. And what support nationally and locally imminent. Carla presidential preference straw up incomes up to wherever he can you can think we think that's they expect. And why this process that so many Americans have such a harder time under state. Well I don't Cook County. Think costs musical. You have this many people coming from a lot different hands. A chance to cap we get out and bring to you too it's really folks. You know. So you think it would twelve candidates asking happened GOP right now. Is process helps kind of narrow it down your first in the nation I think it doesn't burst lit it takes. That also will Franklin and outside. It's so let me Chancy to. Answer the chance to public. So let's get down to business we're going to explain everyone first off. However GOP caucus works more you're with the professors. All it's a picket whipped. Nelson let's hear what the Republican most could and PLO and I are is represented. The twelve presidential GOP candidates are still in the race at one of the army soldiers represent. I don't voters I don't call her all armed and Iowa Clinton in this case Morgan goals in New Hampshire live free here. Take you where well get honest candidates and spent several months here come to cost night. They'll have local folks who speed on her behalf and help I. Dad. Uncles these folks here to salute you vote for their first choice. And the Internet and I will result he turned into Microsoft. In we will. A hard look at. Winner's car. There three. So who helps the voting actually work. Q how can make real simple. Really need it it's just case since and there. Make sure this place. Oh. And we who each candidate's chance to top. He critters workers receive cash in hand and think you're gonna be subpoenaed to vote. This building Guatemala. And write our honeymoon main issues are early going Friday Saturday we believe the secret act. Turn. Heller who total law and we poor results to their Little Lulu. Also our commitment two. Microsoft to me mate senator here. Else they're not going it's. Hugo Robert cone to. There's not an and it's also not something you can do whatever you want election this is sick time wrestling. No yeah. Sound o'clock. Oh. Seeing how cable. In the classroom I thought it was can classrooms and usually cheers here's yeah. They lost to caucuses and we'll hear her each represented as risky. And they're looking edge. He had and a few handouts. And he'll pass our paper ballots and it will not. Although. I don't have an ops. And then. All of these cars. Will disappear used except for three years there are three tickets. We'll speaking of three tickets kind of funny there's also three Democrat. So. Why don't we. Not it is our little three mark Hillary Clinton. Bernard Sanders marina and get rid of our friend and I'm sorry. We're gonna bring you know horse right now represented. It is this for Democrats alike could not climb. A more accurate change more. You and over it okay. Also. Less polluted without increasing attack who gets up. Didn't want to be used to tell all the rest of the voters this is why vote or less Avery. Well I Angel O'Connor we'll hear from a. Democrats. Because. What it'll do it is. Who each make their pitch KG eight represented. Well I'll. Basically these tracks there can't. Hillary's case. She's a former. Senators say. Personally eat the US owner insurer. Bernie Sanders oh talk you have Senator Edwards. You know. Are governor and his decision. They just. Where violence not only it's not Hillary it's your neighbor. He's quarter of this project diversity. All those priests they're getting up there and they're saying that. Student crowd of voters is what usually happens so what happens when a boat he's placed Democrats you can separate our little difference. The office or art. A PG and you know our chairs where there that. Two. That's. Scared. Stand next to their area. Now besides arrange car which can pass. But rumor but there are some leftovers eight the only call undecideds. Hand this is an amendment and it's feel love. Room because I am standing here and now he's younger groups have got try to convince these folks to join. And an empty net true. Conference. Lessons. In my mind last Wednesday at first when he. It. Me. You can call this the vote vote in Idaho. Clearly hear the huge increase in the quarter candidate you want and there are little more. This. Schools. You 50%. If you you hear. Me. And he reached peoples'. Our free agents have to choose. Who signed on to. Wannstedt and subtle. That theme of the night and that. Total again the votes are count how many people there are and that's it and then this group the ones that were viable they today. Have to go and cheese to go to candidates. So that's why you could tell our audience right now. Why there's so many questions. Someone. Here surrounding her arm around sports. And oh. In theory. We it used to topple. Cops as we are here and we saw earlier results very easy on national they'll. Am I. Clearly eight it was a huge. Her Terna or. Days. Yet. It ground and air. It would be all. So well its and it. There was form your morning on CNN exact it was on Monday night that exact same question was asked said Martin O'Malley and where you send your supporters. Because he's not doing as well poll he's more percent at least one register poll so. His supporters most likely in his candidate will not be viable. And many Democratic Caucus location so the question is which corner today go to sue the end of that. When malice towards choose your corner you're. I think it and it delegates from the democratic side war. Yeah. And of course. What's actually yes we have we have. I know who shot me and went. It. Are we or 15100 precincts. So. Means it's. It's. Will do very well. So. This book he did you point the end that. Makes more complicate the star state. Is it. He's not. Ease him. That is an. When we walked the listener or your office and this question that I really want to ask you just on the East Coast of new computers came out today. That's representative of Republicans and Democrats who were not registered four years ago and they are not registered to vote in Iowa. So my question is people would think oh well that might not Hillary voters because they've already had their mind made up. That's most likely jobs from voters burdened Sanders voters. Who does that help security piece basically say that 2000 plus registered voters on each side. If their candidate well it is. Our business is confidentially and but if you look back to Obama's first time now the bad the president. We saw some of this happened that you saw all the registration is flop on the Democrat side. And we're seeing someone at this time actually more than Republicans who's who series by. You know just in January for decades over 4000. In Mosul independence. She's in part because they wanted to cops so. Now you get your site articles. Don't trust people. Cruises and Williams and everybody had a strategy and you're watching C. So how much did it go in 2008. Because we open it you can just what was the figures again today but he's we went we went up a little most of 5000 total. In his that's significant here is. Did more interesting part of that was the Republican side tennis significant day she inspires home schooling. Please tell me you know what candidates. So that makes sense but definitely Republican number one more. And went back to get cut costs first time now we saw. A similar spot. They went up and seeing enforcement democrats'. Proposal Democrats. So I think it's coming over and resting and cuts. And you don't talk turner. I'm sure now. I don't that I challenged the adult Internet doing that you straw poll had 60000. Kids voted. Adults. Dresses up. So you better not better. We don't know yet snowstorms in Iowa and time on the things that were produced that snowmobiles. Quote. It. Whenever my colleagues asked older she's recovering person campaign for us. And says she's been on the road and spent a lot of time in Iowa almost as much as I have. And I know Carson I know lies you were just talking about the weather that's kind of interest staying in take Kuwait Catherine. His tough talk about the black pants through it you're supposed to be getting a big storm when is it coming and Powell have. How does that affect how well. More. Can be used to that in Iowa an old East Coast got a little snow lately so they're digging out from an. We have act and whether more than regular basis I don't think it's a big factor. What we'll do that might challenge some of the new faces the ones who never been to a caucus you know it well that's another reason why not to do it is the weather's great. But. Huge piece the ones who have ground force the ones who really organized in the ground in that talk about covering doctor Carson. There were looking means it has strong friend. Presence so they will meaning they'll be on the phones don't say got to go out. Governor Huckabee I saw him in the debris was telling people I noticed almost no common I don't care exploring just don't hear eight inches you got a head of the cops. We'll pass it helps and in product you first time caucus goers. Many Donald trumps supporters do you think that this process. May cause some confusion. Well first timers might be a little limit republicans' site and tonight is pretty user friend. You can physically it did not know where to fill in the web sites are set out put the Republicans and Democrats the interact with our office. But for precinct signals at the address anything go it's pretty user friendly. Millionaires and it. And in just for our viewers on to win and you. The cost is four years ago we saw. Results being reported about an hour and a half huckster you know it's. They opened at 7 o'clock and results by 830 what what to expect and Heidi well Iran. Jinx it but I think it should come pretty quickly. Because the at least against the Republican side because. We don't have been drawn out process. Have you have to go into groups in negotiating Wii and am partnering with Microsoft thinks the Republican and Democrat parties to you have technology so the instant. Before so I don't we gonna be a late night I think what has been a late night analyzing the data. Trying to figure out what does it mean is there are three tickets out of Iowa we talk about that but if there's a fourth candidate who's really close to illustrate. They might get a ticket out miles east of the Republican. People go with twelve candidates and the fact that you said that you're gonna get some first time voters. I mean. Don't you think that that might extend the process 'cause you you have you ever had twelve candidates. We've had pretty close to that and in it and yet organizing testicle. But once they're in the room we know you're supposed to be in the room it won't take long. Not for the Republican side and caucuses not don't know let's understand this but the voting party's caucuses and are much more than just straw poll. Good to talk about issues in the side platform ideas teller at a party when they won't go when he sees. We'll kind of peace is our party that. But the voting more Republican to pretty quickly the Democrats. Try to belongs accident in Vietnam. Part of it is there that trying to convince somebody Kabul to there's. So they might be a little later but I don't think that the only night some are predicting around ten or eleven and act. Well I don't think Tinsley but I would earlier I had my first caucus. Was make it okay. But yeah. I cannot at night more younger man's clothes it was midnight in hand. But it wasn't that the straw poll are the whole cops took a longer that's because we were really kind of pumped up and solve all the world's problems. What do you think the biggest surprise them. I think it's going to be more about for the Republicans whose that there. And how close is third fourth place is a set forth it's closer David lea Ortiz who lives. Which I think that's what some Republicans are trying to get to. Democrats he's lot of pressure on Hillary Clinton. You know she's supposed to be the front runner in theory if she doesn't win Iowa. That means New Hampshire's going to be Lockhart. And Atlanta that your South Carolina. This is this is not any short sprint this is a long distance runs so you've got to go run distance but you gotta. Keep momentum going and you don't want to. Might lose it. And the first time shoot so low pressure on Hillary and listen to the fourth candidate is for Republicans and if it's close him out. Sure you take a lot yeah but we want to come Tina rotunda. What a great buildings working and you're on the main floor. See a lot of activity out there and lots of news. Camera why can't fly as everyone in town. Here. You have all these medium heat killing. You Wear your folks. Good yeah. And yeah. Are you guys voting for. Two weeks. Fire. More now. The event record of voting. Obama. Chance to get everybody. And you see endless setting up stages. And nineteen. Is really right. About every and. You're seeing a live picture of the State Capitol in Iowa. It's not as. Drinks SE. Tidbit here. People are part in the. Every year. The floor here. Well. Why don't we ten things what are we stepping over works a little quieter. And we are in that side of the capitol right now Josh Haskell account holders and the secretary of state Iowa. I appreciate you joining if you want to come in just a little closer. It's one thing that I know that we were relieved to see ABC news talking about. Today was. People can show up at their caucus location can register there. Greco what is that you live in Illinois with your not a resident of Ohio. You actually have to be a resident of Iowa yes did he do that that you have to feel this notification shows. And what is that identification easily escape some kind of government nineteen. Driver's license military ID perhaps even university. ID cards were. That's what we're looking for they can ask also. Some others would address. Really skeptical but there isn't pretty fortunate against the neighborhood meeting cannon now lives in your neighborhood. And someone also about a possible changes in. Greeted clued into. So as everyone can hear. Talking about salon there's a lot of unknown. Monday night. That now thing. He percent of people I was a large business people I'm make up their mind. A couple days before. And good candidates have been here are laying off this round of campaigning across the stage. And at the end of the day isn't isn't worth it. Well that's that's the big question answered that one. It obviously is because what's happening is a lot of violence is letting them get a feel for what. The questions please yes. Into the Kennedy comes in in his stump speech doesn't mean necessarily what we in the violence and Americans. Want to know from cells each skater here we get better when we have some tough questions try to get city. Please unless 60%. New. Shopping for a car. Know what you're looking for this to me I'm just saying isn't going to be direct. I'm anchors to ship that's what's he doing. Well we really want to think you. Doss past couple lives. The capital which I was secretary of state. People didn't think some usually. Of this complicated process. Republicans and myself path. It's Monday night concert you got me pretty busy. Look at all nighter in your office. Yeah. So we're signing off from the capitol and the winds stay tuned for more coverage. Especially of the GOK come.

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