How Joe Biden did on ABC News' town hall

ABC News' political team discusses how Joe Biden did during the town hall and if his answers swayed any undecided voters.
8:00 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for How Joe Biden did on ABC News' town hall
BC news town hall with former vice president Joseph Biden just nineteen days until the election in this country of course voting already under way more than eighteen million Americans have voted. Tonight as you heard from the vice president there there was supposed to be a presidential debate president from pulled out of that debate when the commission wanted to virtual debated. After the Covert operative the White House Joseph Biden had agreed to do that instead been doing the town all here with the ABC and the president Italy moved this week agreeing to that. Town hall in another network sort of split screen in America tonight. We did hear the president. And the vice president depressed and several topics tonight the vice president in Philadelphia and now talking to those voters. Socially distanced in the audience Republicans Democrats and some. Undecideds they asked him about the pandemic whether he take a vaccine if ready before year's end he said yes if the scientists are behind it. He was asked if you would raise taxes on the wealthy and on corporate America even in a recoveries he said yes. There was a deeply personal exchange young voter asking Biden why young black Americans should go for him he made his case. He was asked about packing the Supreme Court and I want to bring in Mary Bruce. Who was outside the Constitution Center there in Philadelphia tonight because Mary you and I've been watching all week the confirmation hearing. But judge Amy coney Barrett president trumps pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Biden said tonight that it depends on how this is handled saying Americans are already voting. He was pressed on what that meant how this was handled he was pressed will he have a position on packing the court before Election Day. David Joseph Biden tonight notably went further on this issue than he has before he has been pressed on this repeatedly and while he still isn't giving a clear answer. On whether he would expand the court saying he's quote not a fan of court packing to nineteen notably didn't rule it out. Saying he will have a clear answer on this by Election Day after. The confirmation hearings for Amy Connie Barrett saying that Americans have and voters have a right to know with David of course voting is already well underway nineteen days ago nearly eighteen million Americans. Have cast their ballot so the question tonight is. What does Joseph Biden waiting for things. And merry stick with us on this he did say he got a position before Election Day and looking at live pictures right now. Interacting with the voters in that debate hall he was the one who first agreed to doing a town hall. After the debate was canceled this campaign. Certainly knows that they think these are good opportunities for the vice president to make his case by interacting with American voters. David here tonight we saw something that we really haven't seen very often in this campaign that has been up ended by the pandemic Joseph Biden. Having an opportunity to interact directly with voters answering their answering their questions about what matters. Most of them as they meet. This choice his campaign feels that he shines in these moments that he does best. When he is able to speak directly with voters I know that Joseph Biden misses having more of these opportunities. And I was struck tonight when you take a step back how much Joseph Biden tonight. Really talked about his plans there was a lot of deep diving that he was doing into his policy proposals going forward. This of the night largely about Joseph Biden and actually surprisingly not a lot about his opponent he didn't really speak that much about Donald Trump this is a night for him. Joseph Biden to connect with voters and talk about how heat. Would be changing their futures guess you rightly point out burial out more about policy and plans moving forward and we heard from but really either candidate in that first debate after the shouting match sort of erupted and really never ended as that debate played out in front of America as the vice president continues to talk with the voters there. A we also president trump in Florida tonight pressed in his own town hall on whether he was tested for Covert. But the day that first presidential debate is pressed a number of times on this if you took a test of the day that the baby says. I probably did it said he doesn't take a test every day. He was also asked if there was ever warn that this would be the greatest national security threat of this administration corona virus which has been reported that he was warning said he wasn't Warren. The petting zoo was a big threat. At the same time the presidents and I didn't want to panic this country have been Michael up there and say everyone's gonna die. Pressed on whether or not there's a middle ground whether or not he could have leveled with the American people he said no there's no middle ground. I want to bring in Rachel Scott she's live with us from Florida tonight where that town hall is playing out because as we're looking at pictures from Philadelphia we know the president tonight. Was pressed a net New York Times reporting on its taxes Rachel he was asked if he ever really did pay. Just 750. Dollars in federal income taxes he was also asked about the reported debt of about. 400 million asked who does he owe that money to. The David he was that he was asked whether or not he owes that money to foreign entities and he said quote not that I know what the president that downplayed. The amount of debt that he is in he obscenely said that it's just a tiny fraction of what he is worth. I'd even I was struck tonight about how much the president was on defense the president walked in tonight's into tonight's down hall. In that you know the behind double digits in the poll that time when he is under fire for its handling of the pandemic. And the president tonight spent much of his time on defense that any mishandling of not only the pandemic. Issues like health care as well as the economy what we did not hear a lot of tonight just nineteen days out from Election Day was the president talking about his rival Joseph Biden. And the president tonight was fourth. Southern front he questions about his how whether or not he tested negative up on that debate day is a lingering question one the president even said tonight that he. Could not even remember good adding them a call whether or not he was tested for run a virus on the day of the debate the president also tonight David downplaying. The corona virus insisting that we are rounding the corner. At a time when the CDC predicts that we may record 240000. That's just one week after Election Day David. Rachel Scott put us from Florida tonight and Rachel as she points out the president being asked was he tested on that debate night. In stark contrast to the image are seeing in Philadelphia right now former vice president Joseph Biden would his mask back on telling. A George just short time ago that he was tested again today daily testing now. Saying he would month of anyone in that room at risk and that he would. Followed the debate commission's rules but expect that everyone be tested before that final presidential debate still scheduled for next week I want to bring in our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Watching this split screen in America as I mentioned John very different answers in both town halls are I'm curious John if you saw anything tonight. That really moves the needle in any significant way which Americans already voting. There are so few Americans that are undecided at this point David this is such a deeply divided country but watching. These two town off and I tried to watch them as you can imagine bolts at the same time. Quite quite big quite a task. And I what what you know this is such a strange campaign we have heard very little from either of these two men about what they would actually do over the next four years. And Biden has famously dobbs this question of expanding the Supreme Court and George really pushed him on this and we have what appears to be a commitment that after the Amy coney Barrett vote. He will tell the American people should voters have a right to know. Where he stands on expanding the court on the other side Donald Trump was asked a very simple question by a voter what is your plan to deal with health care and rising health care cost. And it was abundantly clear that he has absolutely no plan this is something he has had. Four years nearly four years in office. To come up way it's. He basically said that what he has done is he's done away with the individual mandate. With a obamacare and then talked a little bit more about how obamacare. Is is is not a good thing we need something better but absolutely nothing about what he would actually do want health care. And John as you've been reporting he's been saying for a very long time now have that plan in a couple weeks and aunt and still plan. Still a pleasure Jon Karl watching people debates we think you can tell you were watching you BC one in front of you. How well you were trying to watch the one on the other network at the same time we sure do appreciate that.

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"ABC News' political team discusses how Joe Biden did during the town hall and if his answers swayed any undecided voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73646789","title":"How Joe Biden did on ABC News' town hall","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-abc-news-town-hall-73646789"}