Joe Biden officially enters the 2020 presidential race

Joe Biden wasting no time with his announcement, calling the race a "battle for the soul of this nation."
30:14 | 04/25/19

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And yeah. Everybody welcome to the briefing room on Thursday have Devin Dwyer Washington what are these guys are new stars here at ABC news give a good wave guys it's take your kids to work day. These are not my kids but they're sort of the staff here at ABC news great to have him with us look at Malcolm's pretty awesome. Spiderman pace over their pretty cool give them a good high five Malcolm great to see you lies official is here as well. So many kids here at ABC news today but also in their of course and our briefing here and there were also at the White House briefing room today. They were over there with terra Sanders I think we have some pictures of that it's a tradition now with the trump White House. A lot of kids in those seats they were asking questions today of her and look at that guy there you. Climbed pictures climbing up on the on the podium at the White House pretty tentative there hasn't been a White House briefing. Since 42 days now 42 days at the White House so a lot of questions in there but. None from the press soar thanks to everybody that brought their kids to work today. A lot to talk about today of course it's Joseph Biden's big moment in the spotlight we have our deputy political director Mary Alice park standing by she's with us. From New York today where she's been analyzing. This video that caught us all by surprise this morning when the former vice president announced he's finally getting him take a watch. We saw Klansmen and white supremacist and neo Nazis come on you don't. Singing anti semantic file hurt crusher. And that's when we heard her words as a prisoner nine states that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. She said there were closed. Some very fine people on both sides and that moment. I'm new threat to this nation. Was unlike any I have ever seen in my lifetime. Core values of this nation. Are staying in the world. Our very democracy when everything is made in America Americans has stage. That's why today I am announcing my candidacy for president of the United States. And. Joseph Biden gets in the race joins a field of twenty other Democrats Mary Alice parks. As with us for some analysis on this maroth I was struck by how dark. I'm in tropea and in a certain way plane to americans' fears. Did the Biden video was obviously saying that there are very high stakes in this election. Right he's already monitors and could seek for not mentioning big democratic platform issues like health care the economy or jobs. Instead this video really focused on the president and he sent a the president was a threat to core American values. You heard the former vice president they're talking about American Identity those core values. He says that the essence is being an American is the American dream the idea that anyone can make it. Ands dignity. I it'll be really interesting to see how this video for her killing its I'm sure they'll continue Beilein conversation about it and it and that is nice ever wants conversation about their announcement video so in that way again and let. A big six that. But it was a surprising video. And anything I consider to be doing big event the next few days he eats here in New York on the view tomorrow a little plot it will be early exciting. Air you're looking forward to that here at ABC and then on Monday he has a big if extra kick off rally in Pittsburgh before you hit those early voting states. Yet he comes hot under the heat your house with a lot of advantages is take a look at this list of endorsements from some big political figures. Already today those are he's racking up Bob Casey of course from Pennsylvania a number of big name senators Chris tunes and Delaware his good friend at several other more. Endorsement yet so the the the polling just to continue take a look at the polling you know well Mary Alice he's already a top. Most polls national polls in Iowa polls so. He he comes in with a big leg up. There's a lot of questions though about those polls whether or not that's just because of name ID. Obviously as the for a vice president and one of the country knows his name a lot of the other Democrats that are running don't have that luxury. He'll a lot of back I get she's been in the public eye for so long decades serving in public office that means he's taken some very controversial votes. He's gonna have a lot of questions about his past stances about fund raising about money. About those recent accusations from when net about inappropriate touching. So one theory beauty comes a lot of advantages right at the gate the only former vice president among that big of a twenty. There's also a lot of of them tough questions as an act answer. And uphill battle even if you might be the front runner in some ways. Yeah and their fundraising challenge for sure as well comes out of the gate with zero money in the bank big fundraiser tonight out of some corporate executives and now puts me at things now stand by. Speaking have a lot of support the vice president has that right out of the at the start of this race I he has a lot from a number of unions in the country. The first of which is the international association of firefighters art we're joined now by herald. I sheep herder who is the president of that organization somebody who says he's all in for Joseph Biden Harold great to see you sir. So why is Joseph Biden demand for the moment for you. We'll Devin first of all it's it's great to be with you and let me start off by just making sure that I'm clear that. We've been preparing for it Joseph Biden's announcement for months. But tonight at 5 o'clock our executive board will be meeting to take its formal position. A concerning his candidacy. And anticipating. Then believing that what that decision will be we will be announcing that formally early next week. As far as personnel they have is the reason also report Joseph Biden hasn't. I don't like to get ahead of my executive boards I've been making sure that that they hold the the the formal authority but. We certainly have been preparing anybody who watched. Joseph Biden attend our legislative conference was 900 leaders from across the the country and the only. Potential candidate that time mark candidate that was invited. We have a long history. With Joseph Biden and he has a long history. With us and firefighters across America. And an Arab. Our support over the years for him and my belief and why he will be an extraordinary. Candidate now that he's announced. Is because he'll be able to speak to and connect. With the electorate. With the voters with the workers. That quite frankly did not feel that they were spoken to or connected to. In the last presidential election. It Joseph Biden is. Or don't they but her decades of service and support. I was its vascular the last election because securitization did a poll of of of your members after 26 team many of them voted for Donald Trump. Sort as a question I have is it is it your sense that members. It now will be more drawn to Biden then then to trump in 2016. Well let me let me answered your question. Yes the is the facts are that that polls show that. Of many of our members voted for Donald Trump but that poll did not include Joseph Biden won the oh polling so that's a big distinction about then. And now what our lives are finally lands inches or what what is it that Joseph Biden has and can offer. Firefighters that Donald Trump can't. Forty years of supporting. Firefighters. And every single wave whether it is jobs money to protect their jobs during the Great Recession. During provide seen its support for their families with the passage of public safety officers. Death benefit bill going back to the late 1970s. To provide families of those. Who has made the ultimate sacrifice. With financial support guaranteeing over time to the fair labor standards act. Not just for firefighters but for all workers who deals has. He's been there for workers he's delivered with hideous illness her head and neck in the senate he can he has that legislative track record of accomplishment Harold. Before we let you go I want to get your reality admitted. Evan and I also he also has that he also has an accomplishment of leadership. An experience. And we don't think experienced an extraordinary experience. It's a negative but it's a positive. I'm looking forward to this. Great nation of byers a taken its rightful place back on the international stage and Joseph Biden has. The ability to interact and have relationships with leaders across the globe. And to put us back in a place you know where other countries aspire to be. So this is about a track record of service and delivery for the American people. And for workers and those workers who will be voting in the states that matter Pennsylvania Ohio Wisconsin. Michigan Joseph Biden will connect. And we will be watching men and certainly watching the vote died tonight of your executive committee Harold. And taking that boat tonight tap on his candidacy thanks so much or a particular time. Thank you very much for having me. Furthering the different perspective now let's go to Iowa where joining us now via facetime is a live behaving she's president of the college. A young Democrats of Iowa a hail of its great to see you I know your organization is in taking a position yet. On any of the candidates out there but wanna to. To ask you about Joseph Biden's candidacy and whether you think there's enthusiasm for Joseph Biden in the circles that you participated. Well for slumping U grabbing me aren't I wouldn't it so early race here a lot of grape nuts when he Internet. It's really hurt us any good has enthusiasm and who doesn't especially outwit. Joseph Biden just announcing. I'm sure that he and many other candidates will draw big crowds. Here in Iowa on campuses. How what are what is most important to young Iowa democratic voters college students. Like yourself right now is it where can you come again give us a sense of what's topping your list as you begin this very early early process. I key policy it is a big thing I'd. There's a lot of things and I hear in this state and this nation that are directly at yes. Such as climate change health care. Investment education and college dad's stuff like that I think that's not what we really care about and we look for those policies. Prominent candidate but we also Harold really want to see the candidate for who they are on their personality. We won Natalie just how needing greets are these candidates and have a little bit of immigrants that the candidates to get a little bit more Eckert. There are so many candidates as you know twining of and so far they've been swarming your state in many of and stopping by college campuses. I yearned to Moines is it wouldn't surprise you anybody kind of caught your eye just at this very preliminary stages just say hi. Didn't didn't think I'd like this person but while there she kind of interest in. I have to say I really do like the candidate soaked Ari think they're really engaging. I'm and narrower than they are definitely better than what we have great analyst and I hate that a lot of them in the future will be having a lot of fun events with us. College kids and young Democrats are already looking forward to your dancing at Mort that the team that's but I I can't really say specifically. Sort of sticking out to me but a lot of they're all very very very great and it. It and Olivia as as we take a look here this a recent poll democratic contenders Joseph Biden topping that list. Back in twelve or 2008. With last time Joseph Biden participated in an Iowa caucus. He came in fifth behind Barack Obama with 4% of the vote. As you look at it Joseph Biden now as it insert ask you put your analyst had on here do you think he young voters like yourself particularly women in Iowa are they paying attention. To this controversy around. Are around the vice president's treatment. Of women his touching of women that's made them uncomfortable is that even on the radar out there. I would say it's yes I think every one is being mostly about their past. And will be very very knowledge landed here I. And we are excited to to keep hearing from year in check payment due Libya. Hitting president of college in young Democrats of Iowa great to see you good luck out there think so much for coming on. You and we should say that Joseph Biden app will be sitting down BBC news tomorrow as -- house mentioned a little bit earlier on the view meaning the ladies that you at 11 AM eastern time check that out in your ABC stations. And our Robin Roberts Good Morning America has an exclusive interview that'll air Tuesday with Joseph Biden and has worked after Joseph Biden. It's a should be interest seemed to see both of them out in the spotlight shifting gears now last week. Talk about these democratic candidates and their appeal to not just young voters are also appealing. A two minority voters particularly women of color a big summit is under way in Houston this week. Called the women of color summit she the people it's a national network. Of women of color the first ever presidential forum there in Texas joining me now on the phone is Amy Allison she's the founder of she the people. And heads of the event has hosted eight democratic candidates so far Amy thanks so much. Opera call an end so a gig tell us about your event and what's at stake for women of color in this race. Well as 17100 women of color gathered aren't that Texas Southern University. Campus Q. You know we're really creative space to the conversation. For these top presidential candidates to make their case to be strongest Democrats in the book progresses courted Democratic Party base. I mean look we're telling this story that none of these candidates not a single one including Biden jumped in today. It going to be successful in the primary or in the general without the enthusiastic support when their tolerance this was too. That this event really opened up that conversation and that reality. Mary Alice we've seen so many hot candidates not just trying to appeal to women voters this year but women of color in this self. I've been struck by how many events is like the one happening this week that that Amy is sponsoring. Are drawing candidates to the south. Los illicitly in 2016 Hillary Clinton really ran up the score in the south pretty centers on an able to gain a hardly any delegates in that area. And now with. Overt probably over twenty cannons but time we're all done. They are well aware that there are just so many delegates. To be one in an area that for a long time didn't have a strong base of support the Democratic Party still feels like a rich referred that untapped frowned. And also we just seen incredible mobilization is scenic specially African American women. Connecting. Talking to people lion named rightly get a lot of credit for getting the democratic senator Doug Jones elected Barron Alabama. I think there's a real excitement about the Democratic Party 2.0 in the deep south largely led by African American women. And Amy Allison. From Houston with she the people in art art Rihanna Stewart has done some reporting down at the summit this week she said she's been here from a lot of people. Attended the conference they want to hear about the issues they don't want to hear pandering. What did you hear this week from there's a Kennedys did anybody stand out to you on that front. Well it was. Quite something to be up on stage but with each one of the candidates and you know all of them are greeted it with percent you know the warm reception some of them like Kabul Harris. And Bernie Sanders. Of very rousing welcome but I think that. Apparently need really come down to it see the crowd. Was looking forward concrete plans to address. But racial economic and gender justice and that's you know. Due to extend pathetic candidates could credibly and authentically speak to this week. And connect with the audience are women of color that's that's currently sky. Candidates like senator Warren really pull out front. It was remarkable. What she was able to do in that room yesterday remember. A look at what has got a lot of coverage she's been very very. Busy focused on. A lot of southern states a lot of states. That trumped weren't but that the highest vote turnout a group of voters that's black women. You don't that's the key I think that that's it took you know what you personally connect with and built trust with. With black women as a very important. Core of the African American. Vote but also the broader coalition that in the candidates have to fill. You know I I I say I was its warrants really really did a stellar job in terms are connecting with when they're curry after. He really interest in stuff Amy Allison founder of fascia the people one of the organizers of the woman of color conference thanks so much Jamie for joining us on the phone clever analogy to grant. She's a freshman at Morgan State University join us from Baltimore she also spent some time. I down there at this conference did a great to see you guys I want your take on the candidates you've heard from down there did anybody stand out to you who is most interest in. And how evil that the that we be at the conference but firm protection act carried. Our president candidate I Elizabeth Warren belief that out of the people are expected rather. How can she did a great job connecting with the black women. At the car that didn't. She she laid out our plan and where to order to her make up for. Down. Just heard any talk about Warren as well. Although is at the specificity that she brings to the table what what is it that speaks to you. About her candidacy. Arm is the fact that it's the document saying you know being able to lay R&B singer Democrat Barack and economic immigrant than black women acting out that this that we should make being you know all the dollars in the bears the brightly and agencies are being health care. She's able to lay out you know her plans but it does in the locker and the French. And when you talk about those plans and those policies you're young college student I presume this will be your first. Vote for president coming up from 28 point out what what's the top issue for you as you going to that voting Booth forty looking for any candidate. All of the top issue for me you know at a young people ever get the university is a speak move I think it's actually addicted apparently Arab. It's pretty remarkable that the U Carlo it is compared to other if you should. That the number one topic for being has been a parakeet budget for HBC news. It in certainly school funding college funding is the top of the list on a lot of students list this year a lot of proposals out there too for cut. And solving college debt have you have you read up on warrants proposal on. College debt free college tuition is that something that would be of interest to you. I didn't warrant. It. And there's some excess and then that's caught your RJ to grant a freshman at Morgan State University. From Baltimore thanks so much Jadox. Pink is. And Mary Alice does seem like as we or wrap up this block that. The Democratic Party is is taking an entirely different approach than Glasgow last around in terms of. Where they're focusing their early attention not just geographically but demographically. I think you're vast array and I was really struck by that line that would. People are going to be judged in the candidates abilities to speak authentically. On these issues. You can't fake that her head that that's not the cracks about weren't some candidates are going to be able to talk about issues of race and gender and diversity. In a way that others are gonna struggle wet and audiences. Acutely. Aware of hula. Dick van and end its heart it's hard to explain to a diverse room that you understand. The issues that they're struggling wet and and the candidates are gonna sixty year going to be Candace that can figure that out. I'm Mary Alice parks are deputy political director great to see from New York where all thank you so much shifting gears now speaking of democratic candidates talk element about the one. A from the twice sixteen presidential election Hillary Clinton she has broken her silence. On the Muller reports since it came out in an op Ed overnight in the Washington Post. Are talking about a path forward for Democrats this is what she said she said the debate about how to respond for Russia's. Sweeping and systemic attack and how to hold president from accountable for obstructing the investigation. Has been reduced to a false choice immediate impeachment or nothing. She soon went on to say. That she thinks that Muller's report leaves many unanswered questions in part because of attorney general bill bartered actions and that's. Indications said it's a road map is that the members of both parties. To see where that road map lead she's basically calling. For further investigation. Not a rush to judgment on impeachment for little more on the sort of brand. I guess not Mandarin three are from my New York she's internist who's a former national political director. I'm Hillary Clinton's campaign also actually happening have been down at the she did she the people of women of color conference and and it's great to see you went straight to new year. So what a picture in your reaction to secretary Clinton's it's sort of prescription for the Democratic Party. As we head into this campaign with respect to the Muller reports she's basically saying. I don't rush to judgment on impeachment keep the investigation going. And focus on the agenda something that sort of they can do at the same time do you think that's a good approach. I do and as I was reading through and I was the chief of staff and US senate. Worked there for about nine years and it very much ran it what should the senate do what should the house view what's the right policy process. And it is true there's no reason arrests rush to judgment. And in fact you know there's a thoughtful report that really did leave different strands to investigate and has. You know what happens on the hill as everybody dives into that policy work. And follows it through and I think she's absolutely right about let's do this and a thoughtful way no need to rush and let's see where it leads us. You make of of Elizabeth Warren's argument that we need to launch headlong into impeachment the evidence is all there are no further. Investigation is needed and in fact. Democrats even as Hillary Clinton says can walk and chew gum at the same time and should also focus on policy. Do you think that that would be political. Liability for for candidates try to challenge trump. You know I I read the report. Particularly spend a lot of time reading volume two and it is hard to get to the end of it and not see how this doesn't lead us to an impeachment proceeding. But I think it's Smart and I think it's worth the time to spend a really understand all the different. Really all the different actions a took place and particularly important with the lens of making sure this doesn't happen again mean there's no doubt as I finished it. I couldn't help but say we cap we have to do everything possible. To make sure that no for an enemy enters our demy and democratic process in anyway and when each one. Yet you're pretty a high official in the Hillary Clinton Campaign obviously directly impacted by the Russian activity in 2016. As you look at this field of candidates you look at the reinvent invigorated Democratic National Committee. Do you get the sense that the party is on proper footing. With respect to Russian meddling in that could likely continuing to 20/20 do you think lessons have been learned from Alaska around. So I think lessons have been learned from a campaign side I have seen very little on the cyber security side on the investment side there are bills out there that have been waiting. Didn't really put some teeth accountability enforcement and resource is to making sure that 20/20 orb. So making sure no one is able to actually enter that's when he won an election except for the American voter. And so what I do hope is that every single candidate. We'll start to think about that on a broader scale how we protect our democracy when it comes to coming to that when it when it comes to going in voting box we have to bring back that trust again. And Amanda before we let you go I'd be remiss of that and ask you about the and the Biden news today. By former rice present in the race so what do you think a divine. I love when candidates jumped and I am one of those people were very early on we've got a lot of time to get to know everybody he's gonna have some questions answered no doubt. But it's also great to have a voice US and polish foreign policy experience. Was generic really bring a different perspective to the table so I think this is exciting. To see all the different perspectives across the Democratic Party. The man directory of former national political director of the Hillary Clinton Campaign it's great to see Amanda thanks so much for coming in appreciate your time straight year. And finally today here in a brief here we want to conclude with a look back far five years ago the Flint water crisis. Hit that small community out in Michigan. Our team of reporters went back over the last couple of weeks to check in our residents there to see. I just how things may or may not have improved since that time. Here's a look at our new documentary here and ABC news law. Thinking of the opening world. Isn't it an investment music and the Eagles. I'm a social epidemiologist and we work here and went to use trauma informed approaches. To support community resiliency and what we do is try to contact 210 households. It's represented in sample. For the city of Flint specifically in that survey. We addressed where people were getting their information. Whether they were trusting the information they were getting. Where they were getting water. Win if they were able to get water some of what we learned is that from 2016 to 2018. Initially about 56%. Of people had fear of using sun filtered water for drinking or cooking. And that's slightly down to about 50% now adding to remnants of this crisis will be here for years. For decades it will cross generation. And really because we don't know what that intergenerational impact will. Whenever I use water for cooking its. How easy. I'm cooking spaghetti for dinner and with their little before bump up the water used for those spaghetti notebook. This afternoon east of Fernando Padilla on the OK go through a whole case was on me. One day they'll fix the problem. But still yet that they fixed the problem ones like us and once again I'll still never ever gonna think I'm Fawcett remembered. They can tell me. A million times that the waters perfect fits best in the nation we have a little luck and we'll probably be able start moon and on but. As long as we resided inside the city. An eye opening look at the water crisis five your summer join over to the producers of that program Stephanie ads are environmental reporter Janet. I Weinstein are ABC news live producer you guys great work with that it fascinating to see. Real life. Five years later how shocked that so many Flint resident steel used bottled water home. He had a necessity or just because there's sort of a psychological fear. It depends on the harassment a little bit about for the project kind of started because of that we were tied he now. Doing a story about water and people early. Let's go and I think we hear people say a lot Flint hills and have clean water is that trail and and we found it's really. More complicated than not there has been a lot of changes they don't use the water that caused a lot of those problems anymore so a lot of the tests they say are really positive but. A lot of people say you know. We reliant to the Jefferson when I received. Some of these pictures and passions are from five years ago you didn't see the water and other Tampa's Joe Brown. So we embedded with one family and though is where we solve them. The water being poured out one week it was a Braun and their hat and their home Ron Howard these families handle in this survey who are they seeking donations are they having to spend money how what. Part of a get through this yes saw a lot of. You know a lot of water is still donated to the city through some private foundations companies like nicely of donated millions of bottles but they are not getting as much resources as they once David partly because. The state and I says the water looks. Good compared to what it was then I'm so people are having to spend more money out of pocket have a little harder time finding now bottled water if that's what they. Choose our need to rely. Incredible work very compelling very movie human stories of those families. Hot and plants you can see much more of that Janet Endesa please document or hear anything is live in an It's a great watch that you both. Opera network thank you for watching us here in the briefing room on the Israelis he Thursday on Devin Dwyer Washington hope to see you back here tomorrow we 30 eastern time CNN.

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