Joe Biden pressed whether he would take a COVID-19 vaccine

Joe Biden says his mandate on vaccine distribution and consumption would depend on the "nature" of it and how it would be distributed.
5:34 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden pressed whether he would take a COVID-19 vaccine
Kelly Lee she's facility OIQ Republican. Voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Undecided now we Kelly how are you Imus to buy and my question is about the corona virus vaccine you have potential. Senator Harris stated that she absolutely. Would not take a vaccine from president trapped. And of course we all know it's not president trump that would create this vaccine would be doctors and scientists that presumably we all trust. So my question for you is if a vaccine were approved. By between now we ended the year. Would you take it and if you were to become president would you mandate that every went have to take it. Two things number one. President trump. Talks about things just aren't accurate about. Everything from vaccines are gonna have one right away it's gonna happen and saw the point is that if the scientists is the body of scientists say. That this is what is ready to be done and there are as she spent tested they've gone through three phases yes I would take and I encourage people to take. But president trump says things like you know everything from as crazy stuff he's walking away from all inject bleach in your arm and that's who work I'm not being a bit. I'm not being facetious hundred actually said he states. And now regeneron is the answer that's gonna cure everything finished with 500000 doses we've got a couple you know we have much more than a few million people. Palm you know and so. And most of them have you noticed most other companies were developing these vaccines. Are working and they're making real progress. I meet with foreign leading scientists. At least twice a week in the beginning four times a week giving us the DT on what kind of progress is being made. And right now they do the right thing when they run into a serious problem a halt test. They don't continue until we're sure you know what the problem was there or not there yet and the most scientists say this not likely to have a vaccine that would be available. Until the beginning of next year into the into the spring of next year. And in the meantime what I worry about is the same thing with regeneron which is which is a useful. Antidote cannot antidote I useful. Tool. But what's happening this. There is no plan to figure out how to distribute it how many you know we have 500000. You know. Vials of it. Well we don't have all the testing equipment we don't have all they voted to give it to the people who need it. What we should be doing now allegedly is happening but I've not seen it yet unorthodox and I've talked to the student there should be a plan when we have the vaccine how do we distributed. And once we get it if it's safe it's if it's effective will he mandate its use. The answer is depending on how. Clear. Version of vaccines they say have a very positive impact and I'm gonna affect positively 85% of the American public. Our there's others say this vaccine is really key this is this is the that this is the golden key it depends on the state. The nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how it's being distributed. That would depend on but I would think that we should be talking about. Ten did depending on the continuation of the spread of the virus we should be thinking about making a mental would you enforce that. We couldn't that's the problem just think you can before you can force measles and can't he can't come to school lets you have measles shot. You know you can't put you can't say everyone has to do this but you would just like you can't mandate a mess but you can't say. You go to every governor get smaller room all fifty elements present say. Ask people Wear the mask everybody knows if they don't tell I don't know not want that I go to every governor I go to every Mair. I go to every council when I go to every local official say mandate the last. Meant to say this is what you have to do when you're out make sure you encourage you being done look. George you and I know and I think you do to his well the words of the president matter. Absolutely no matter whether good better and different they matter. I want a president doesn't Wear a mask or makes fun of folks like me when I was wearing a mask for a long time. Then as you know people say well it mustn't be that important. But when a president says I think this is very important. For example I walked in here with this mess but I have one of the money five mass underneath that I left and in the in my depression and the dressers. Do you believe the room I was employed rider. And so I think it matters what we say and we're now learning. That children are getting the virus not weakness caught as serious consequence. But we haven't there there's been no studies done yet on vaccines for children. So there's a long way to go but we can make progress in the meantime and save lives and last will make. If you sit if you listen to the head. The CDC he should stood up and he said you know already for vaccine help a mask. You Wear this mask you'll save more lives between non union the union if we had a vaccine. And we had a vaccine. It's estimated by every major. Study done from universe to Washington. To Colombia that if in fact we wore masks. We can say between now the end of the year a 100000. Lives and avoid lock downs who can avoid locked out yes you don't have to locked out if you're worried Max.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Joe Biden says his mandate on vaccine distribution and consumption would depend on the \"nature\" of it and how it would be distributed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73643531","title":"Joe Biden pressed whether he would take a COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/Politics/video/joe-biden-pressed-covid-19-vaccine-73643531"}