Judge Roy Moore announces controversial bid for US Senate

The conservative judge narrowly lost the U.S. Senate special election to Democrat Doug Jones in 2017.
5:47 | 06/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge Roy Moore announces controversial bid for US Senate
No for the past several weeks months really there's been a wrong. Like never before. Information about weather out wrong. I think never before in history of our state. And history of our nation is have been center an outcrop opposition. And favoritism. About running in isn't right. Especially when you got elected. Have not announce any intention. My question is is viewed the media wasn't such a fear was such a anger. Why such hatred. And opposition. Just somebody Iran is it wants not mere mention my name because people just to get up in arms and Washington DC. To become the must not conservative views because I believe in and strong. Rights for people to bleak look at them believe in smaller government. Less regulation. That what they believe I would hope so. If you because I believe in god and Mary morality in our country. I believe in the rightful baby in the mu. Have a life. Are these things embarrassing to them that while there potent. For him because I stand up the United States constitution. Stronger border. Security. To keep right keep and bear arms. These things up leaving the things that's good for. I want Steve Jobs back in our country again along street trees like NAFTA and captain Doug white it is taking jobs from our country. I can't understand. Why. There's such opposition from Washington but I do know one thing. Night for us than anybody else as he's been mentioned project Birmingham one time. In recent one month. If you've got to you've forgotten the group in Washington in September when he seventeen. Came out with its project put out this information false flag operation. Using Russian packed all we all know about the annual report. We although if singing what. The president go through this. Scenario. Fact have gotten a report upstairs is that it. We've all cleaned. And they found no pollution but in this case project Birmingham there was not only collision. But a clear evidence. Of intent to disrupt est Cindy writes. My democratic operatives Washington the street. And the people Alabama. They know dirty politics. Here. Angry there are after cap and all revelations came out and after Cabot not survive them. They've realized myself route when it happened to me. You know there's no claim you can fool all the people some of the time. And some of the people all time educate fool all the people all the time that would mean they're trying to do in arc. Rice is an election today. People Alabama not only angry but they're gonna act on that anger. They want Washington and other people outside this night out hope their election. Picked well glamour tired of politicians saying one thing and doing a note. And we've seen it clear here Alabama with the death tax. Supposedly Republican administration. Passed the guest act which I can't find many people like. But they passed for the reasons. The same thing happens in Washington we have them all talking about abortion. It's still fun Planned Parenthood. With over 500 million dollars in tax Payer government. We think special interests or body. In Washington border security and talked about it for how long now. Leno back 2005 and one of my campaigns. I came out against open border. And it's this many years later we still have open borders not believe in America. I believe we got him politicians'. The go to Washington to do what they site. We still have health care debates health care route have we got more health care. What I find businesses struggling to provide health care. They can't do it. And yet we have over and over and over. People in Washington saying we oppose with the can't do anything about. You know I believe in America with that pledge of allegiance. One nation under god. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all a lot of people skip over that word indivisible. To me that means we're one people. We have one common denominator. Sensibly and god. That's a belief that our rights come from god. Anti government can't take them right from us. I fought for our country Vietnam. I fought for our country and its Wall Street justice. Clock for morality and reserve immoral institution. And I'm ready to do it again. And yes I will run the United States in it and when he when he. My campaign thought would be more more dot org for example. I hope you can go to it and look and see what we stand for and what we're gonna do in Washington. Cannot win. Yes I can win. Not only cannot they know what. That while there such opposition. Thank you very much appreciate your kitchen.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"The conservative judge narrowly lost the U.S. Senate special election to Democrat Doug Jones in 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63843928","title":"Judge Roy Moore announces controversial bid for US Senate","url":"/Politics/video/judge-roy-moore-announces-controversial-bid-us-senate-63843928"}