Judge strikes down Obamacare

Millions of Americans' health care is in jeopardy after Texas ruling.
3:14 | 12/17/18

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Transcript for Judge strikes down Obamacare
Glad to have you witnessed today we have a lot of news to get you out of Washington on stories breaking over the weekend so we get right to our Terry Moran. To help us break down the implications. A major reeling from a judge. And carried this is about Obama carried the judge striking it down can you walk through exactly what that ruling says and what I mean. Sure Amelie a lot of people are probably saying wait haven't we seen this movie before he answers yes there's a new wrinkle however said the judge struck down the entire law. As you know Republicans have been trying to abolish obamacare since it was passed almost a decade ago Supreme Court upheld it actually a couple of times but last year the Republicans in congress they took out like agenda piece from it. You may remember that there's a mandate to buy health insurance everybody has to buy health insurance. The Supreme Court said that congress could do that under its taxing power. Last year the Republicans in congress took out that tax and the judge said well what that that he can't have a mandate the whole law passed the collapse what does this mean. Well it means the health care for millions of Americans is at risk. And health care market is in chaos. What what is at stake. Preexisting conditions coverage for preexisting conditions parents who have children adult children who can keep them under obamacare on their own insurance until 26 years old that's me and my daughter's 23 right now that would go away. Essential health benefits like pregnancy care and other things that would go away but. All of this is timeout. Wait for the appeal it'll take a while for this decision which does say all of the care all of obamacare must go. It's unconstitutional. And asked to work its way through the courts and get to the Supreme Court that'll take at least a year so there is some breathing room. But no one knows really what this from courts gonna do with this new version. Of obamacare when it gets to that court. Very employee an important point there Terry that nothing is happening immediately all those millions of people whose coverage. Now being question but that hasn't happened right this minute sale is. The appeals process it it does get upheld that ruling then what would happen. Well then we have a lot of chaos lot of people be thrown off the insurance rolls there's no question about it and it would be up to congress Republicans and Democrats because Democrats will control a house as of next month. And so they will have to do a deal. To reconfigure. The entire American health care market as President Obama and Democrats did almost a decade ago. And get president trump to sign on and find a way to pay for it. What you now congress is going these days he gets tall order for any congress is pressing for this incredibly dysfunctional congress. Which you know really can't even keep the government open this week you're gonna talk about that. So nothing's happening right now but you should start planning you can't count on the Supreme Court to uphold obamacare again. Chief Justice Roberts we'll take a look at a new law that jagged pieces missing. And you can't really count on congress and the president to get their act together and and find a replacement in time. Buckle your seat belts it is going to be a wild ride on health care for the next couple years while all right thank you very much at Terry Murray and in Washington.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Millions of Americans' health care is in jeopardy after Texas ruling. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59866641","title":"Judge strikes down Obamacare","url":"/Politics/video/judge-strikes-obamacare-59866641"}