Key swing district in spotlight ahead of 2020 presidential election

Community members of Macomb County speak out on issues and concerns important to them when voting for a presidential candidate.
10:50 | 07/31/19

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Transcript for Key swing district in spotlight ahead of 2020 presidential election
And and yeah. They're ready you're watching a special edition of the briefing room here at ABC news five come to you from Detroit Michigan on the second night. The democratic presidential primary debates on Devin Dwyer great to have you with us. Well this state the state of Michigan is going to be critical on the next presidential election Donald Trump. Won it by just 101000 votes in 2016. Today we traveled up to McComb county the key swing district here where it's fiercely independent voters will likely decide the outcome. Next election. This route 53 runs north and south through McComb county. All the way through the heart of this critical swing district. The north is larger lean Republican area to the south sort of means Democrat. Everybody we've talked to long. It's confirmed that this is an indicator. Really trying to make up their minds be sent Kennedy. As Japan and attention to them to the politics at all a lot of wouldn't it be just pointed the way it coming up the caller my question was but as it was today. Everything's so they're producing enough that. Everybody's in a different ideas. I was thinking and ten cents comes the mountains. Happy and still in jobs and excellently that don't. Governor wanted arc. Aren't excited now. We've lived here two years so we're very happy was doing. We've encountered it's been. The good. Fifty years. Let us. If you had it suits a witch who biggest worry is right. He. Cartel. I've been about how expensive it is against in this way yeah. I could ask for me it's the influence of television political work even sometimes the smallest incident becomes national. News. Site that would you know differently about. Thank you very much justice wells will Sterling Heights tell us about your city well it's a great city it's a blue collar town we've got hardworking people that. And sometimes they vote for Republicans intend to vote for Democrats are independent minded. And you know we we we have solid midwestern valley it's personal accountability responsibility. I raise a good family and have a piece of the American dream we we work firm on his race that we don't just watch our money accumulate. An account we we we may we earned. What we may be you've got a lot of trump supporters here trump won handily here I mean really easily he won it was surprising. For a blue collar town that really can. Go left or right he he won that town very he won this town pretty handily. And he has certainly there are people that. You know I think that wall is really in analogy an allegory for we we want. A president. Who puts America first and and that's what prompts all my actress. So there's a small group there's maybe twenty to 25% we're close on or they'll Republican inspired by 5% I was gonna go. Democrat but that 50% middle gathered there easily persuade of all I would say because. You can talk to them about. What is it going to what is it in your life. That I can do to make things easier for you and your Fam. What would you tell somebody who. Call me. This place is well it's wonderful I mean where I am. Kind of like a little bit of the country those last you know and in the city's behind them who don't mean creek orchards. Are some pretty. Sterling hostess went on that was one working class the working class. Have a nice community. It's what's the biggest worry you had her hands as small. He's feeling pretty good about the business here you what's on your mind. I think I mean sustainability I guess when you deal with little arms and they worked very hard to it. It there Protestants here it was not an easy task. You think the country's on the right track right now. I think we need some work. I mean. I mean it's emotions with nets you you know. There I mean seems like business and he. I mean there's a lot of states with the help him. Who is as good with his game. Now wants people are healthy and happy who worked Ian do out there you. And that's a tough question. And that McGwire ABC news in god that retirement. Things I'll. Talking about it all. It didn't leave within that we've been filled it that there is that like a key too much it's not. Regular guns at home for an afternoon. I for one in. We're. Today about politics very night plugin at all I'm and that's eight that's like them at every government would not watching. Because that kind of books he talked to you sort of thing our minds and I'm Vicky did not flag. Wheaton public. That's for. So you have a lot of ethnic it and have moved incidents that kids. You know 1 o'clock this a lot of which is nice when what do you think about sort of the state of her home and threw. It. Each other about. How do you make decisions that Al Fox News who had been improved through that you can over the since it up pretty personal decision. Person you want and need I ain't whether they're Republican or Democrat you want him to be an honest and that person would speak to. Significant you'll return was didn't. We don't want too many promises. Auto industry's rate of lifeblood of this. Part of Michigan everywhere you look you see auto factories auto dealerships. This over here again transmission platform what do I have to close this year will cost 60000 jobs over the next couple years people here it's just. There optimistic. There that's punishment. And a lot of optimism out there in McComb county Mary Alice I was struck by. He you know that even with that plan closing people feeling very good about the economy right now. Bottom line home overall in this I have to say is people are not that plugged in in the middle of the country right now the presidential election. Some of that to be expected I suppose but in light of our extraordinary political times I think for those who are sort of political junkies news followers we forget that in large parts of the country certainly found it today traveling all over McComb county. People are tuned in but there's a lot of time left before decisions either to gain about who to vote for. I wonder Thabeet is sane if you were in some of the immigrant communities that are in Michigan. And struck by the fact that upon patty is only an hour away from Dearborn and represented Irish it's a leaves district she's a member and that's why that president trump has been going after a little large Muslim population down there. I think that they think how did you chose to highlight really gets at. Back Kent Ervin worlds of by and it divide. The racial divide in America adds even playing on a midwestern states. It sure was send and Perry bacon junior at 538 dead is still witnesses while Perry bring you into this because. I'm you know a lot of these people in this particular county where senator you're familiar with they lean one way or the other they're not sleigh waving members of the party. They really evaluate their candidates. On the end here they want a candidate that speaks to them and I heard a lot today that Democrats obviously with the field so large don't have. I'm sort of a small group that they can kind of pick from a couple people simply sick there's so many of them I'm I can't keep up right now. I did you think that's a problem for the Democrats or do you think this is some they'll simply work its way out the closer we get. Yeah I think by next July when there's a democratic nominee people is still it was Joseph Biden might guess that yes people in McComb county they do know Joseph Biden is right. As problems gonna solve itself perhaps for sure and let out of this issue of race. Reality and this issue they. Black blazer to speak but I think bill Philip her name is Pamela as we go slower today. Put it the Michigan is so we've seen because you the a lot of voters split from Obama to trump and that's what I'm looking for a measure of unity and there. Those of the people that I did I'm trying to zoning on this kind of hard to find them in most places that a big part of the electorate there are very. Obviously very important part electorate being did you. He's on the mid term some of those people. If you interviewed them we're not happy with couch from govern and they sort of voted for a health care it is a Democrat that's different than voting. For a democratic president candidate against drunk. Yet sure it's very regular 538 thanks so much in Mary Alice. As as the Democrats sort of zeroing in on Detroit this week either surely keep their sights on a Wisconsin next story as well wishes reminded remain and that's where the Democrats are gonna have their convention this year an equally if not more important state. For folks were following us. A lot of the same issues that may be led some of those switches are those. Obama trump voters' issues of trade. Manufacturing. And of course healthcare I was struck by just how many of those people that you talked doing diners and around the county said that things like drugs covers the cost of prescription drugs and how terrorists on top of mind.

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{"duration":"10:50","description":"Community members of Macomb County speak out on issues and concerns important to them when voting for a presidential candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64692937","title":"Key swing district in spotlight ahead of 2020 presidential election","url":"/Politics/video/key-swing-district-spotlight-ahead-2020-presidential-election-64692937"}