Major election results

Kentucky governor's race too close to call; Virginia legislature flips blue.
2:08 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Major election results
I'm Mary Alice parks in Washington DC for ABC news alive. The democratic challenger in Kentucky's governor's race declared victory Tuesday night and you this year thank the unions and his volunteers. For putting him over the edge though as of late Tuesday night the Associated Press said that the race was still too close to call. The incumbent governor Matt bed and did not concede instead promised a long fight if need be. He talked about the need for a possible recount president Trott won the southern state by 29 point eight percentage points and points sixteen. And travel to the state Monday to rally by a bed inside. Kentucky does have a history of electing governors from both parties this year is in fact this out of the last democratic governor who left the office and 2015. Still the results of Kentucky will likely send shockwaves through Washington. If that and were to lose it would undercut the president's prediction. That the impeachment inquiry would rally the Republican base. At the event the president Monday bed and specifically said that his race was about national politics and that a vote for his opponent was a vote for the house impeachment inquiry. And in Virginia another sign that traditionally Republican suburbs have moved the live in the last few years. For the first time in 25. Years Democrats have secured a trifecta in the state. They put the governor's mansion two years ago and this year took majority control of both chambers of the state house tale. Two years ago Virginia forecasts and a larger blue wave for Democrats to come. And twice 171 averaging a house seat was so close they drew the winner's name from a bowl. The Republican one that drop of the Democrat won the seat outright this year. For a vice president Joseph Biden said in a statement Virginians were not fooled by Republicans who spent the campaign pretending they're moderate pretending that for health care. Pretending they don't even know who Donald Trump it is. Traditionally the state has been fairly purple so majority control mistaken really help Democrats. Going into 20/20 it could have a real impact on redistricting and future congressional seats. I'm Mary Alice parks you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Kentucky governor's race too close to call; Virginia legislature flips blue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66787367","title":"Major election results","url":"/Politics/video/major-election-results-66787367"}