Making History: Robin Roberts’ exclusive interview with VP-elect Kamala Harris

ABC News’ Robin Roberts sits down with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to discuss how the incoming administration plans to work with Congress to unify the nation amid the pandemic.
20:29 | 12/19/20

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Transcript for Making History: Robin Roberts’ exclusive interview with VP-elect Kamala Harris
Happy holidays everyone and thank you for streaming with us on ABC news live. In the next half hour we will take a deep look at the next vice president of the United States Kabul Harris I sat down with her for a wide ranging interview. At her armor mater Howard University just a short distance away from the capital where she will be sworn in on inauguration day. Alone laugh Atlanta just. But Howard University. Just a short distance course the capitol the White House. The student could you have a match and being just days away. From such a historic moment. And I really feel quiet muscle. I was just upstairs. In the area where I used to study and then you know the stacks around and and it it felt much bigger inning and you know the first office I ever ran and for the first elected office my health was freshman class representative of the liberal arts student council here. And hours and I would have never ever. Imagine that this would be let this three has been the bedrock for use in many women lie anyway. You know Howard university and by extension. The HBC you experience. It is an experience of being and in an environment. Other then your fame. Where everything around it tells you content from great people you are great you will be great you will be held to a high standard. By your community. You will be encouraged you will be challenged but you're not alone. There are many months. And in the tradition of all who came before go out. And that's what special that we could and Janice. Wright in on the campus the elect or old college votes now shortly thereafter. President elect Biden addressed the nation. And he said it was time to turn the page. To unite. And heal. What was your reaction to. The final vote the confirmation. Of the election. Pleased to announce that Joseph. It started to think really feel real. It it I'd have to tell you that even I was watching it. As this the states were coming in. With my husband and we are watching and he looked at me his senate seat. It's it's happening it's really happening and also because. You know it's it's it's also part of the tradition at the State's way and then and and the people speak. And it. It feels like our country is coming together. It in the spirit something we cherish very much about our democracy whoever we've helpful. Which is a peaceful transfer of power. Which is the respective are elect while process. But one person who has not and has repeatedly has not. This president from even after they elect or college votes even after the ruling of the Supreme Court. And president elect Biden in his speech set that that is unprecedented. Assault on democracy. What are your thoughts on his reluctance to. Acknowledge. The election is. His attack to continue to try. To. Change the results. And in this democracy about us as Americans. Which is our democracy is strong evidence than any one man problem. It is about the people. And people spoke. And make clear ours is not an odd autocracy it is not. We are this is not about a king or queen we are democracy. And and those of us who have these positions we have them because the people. Invested in us the trust. To serve them. And their best interest not self interest. And you're starting to hear now from. Mitch McConnell yeah for the first time that's right it's admitting victory by Biden for the first time again. Today I want to congratulate president elect Joseph Biden also want to congratulate the vice president elect our colleague from California senator Harris. Up until this point and there's so many who have not it's been on a private basis. As anybody. Any Republican GOP have they reached out to you not publicly but privately. To express anything to you. Well actually capture Amazon I was went to the senate to vote. And a number of my colleagues both Republicans and Democrats came up to congratulate mean and it's. And you know I I just think this is a moment where we all have to. Move forward. Look yes we ran as Democrats. Believe it will serve all Americans regard. Us of who they voted for. How do you go about doing that you and the president elect Biden have been very firm in saying even if it did not vote for you and that you are they're president you are there vice president now. But with seventy million did not housing specifically. Reach out of that amount of people. Full pardon it is is that. It is about happenings of vision for the future of America in which everyone can see them sounds. And ensuring that they are seen. So what does that mean come well. Let's talk about this pan am. And the number of people who are out of work hard working people who worked hard their entire lives. They they they they understand. And and through no fault of their own. Our unemployed. Our art our parked in in food lines for hours. And they need and deserve to have an administration and leadership that understands we have to get to work. And get this economy. And build it back better as we sang and and make sure that we bring relief to those fans. This is what the people want they want leadership that gets to the heart of the things that wake him up in the middle and I and I likes it again of the 3 in the morning thoughts you know when you. Wake up in the middle of the night. With that thought that's been weighing on you. We'll see that the vast majority of us were we wake up with that. Has very little to do with the party with which are registered to vote. Ended due that you have to work together as two parties and when you have 60% of house Republicans. Who went to the Supreme Court who won the election overturn. And when you see that amount. The American public is saying can you can you then president elect Biden work. Together with Republicans when you know you have that kind of opposition. Here's how I think about it every elected leader in the United States and it's still have to go back. And speak to their constituents. And look them in the and they're going to be talking with folks who personally have a friend or loved one was contracted closet or has died. And those folks are gonna look at their elected leaders and say. I need you to do your jock in your job has to be about lifting up the people especially at a time of crisis and need. And united speak to Joseph and me. We were elected to do it. We were elected to do it and we intend to do that and we intend to bring everybody along wants to do the job with. It's he has said a hundred tape mask mandate. Has laid down some specifics from day 100 days. Mast mandated other than that what specifically. Will this administration do to turn this pandemic ground. You know and the hundred days of them ask you what he's it's he's urging Iraqis not you know punishment nobody they don't have to but he is saying as a leader. Please everybody who work with me here for the first hundred days everybody is wearing masks. And CN CB outcomes there because of course the scientists in the public health officials tell us they'll be really great outcomes. It is about giving through the pandemic around making sure that everyone has access to the vaccine and that they take. And that's going to be about one. Determining the priorities around who accident what phase but it's also going to be about having a plant for distribution. And working on. A real issue which is encouraging the American people to trust the science. And how do you go about doing that when you know there's so much this trust especially. In the community of color yet and that's real and we have to deal with that and that means that listening to the people means not remembering history. And why people feel the way they do and then also remind folks this vaccine is just about one thing and one thing only saving. When we come back Robin Roberts exclusive sit down with the vice president elect Kabul Harris continues. Going back to. Working together in. And Georgia is vital. Georgia is very vital that you brought off racist there. And former president. Barack Obama he said of this about the race is there that they are quote going to determine ultimately the course of the Biden presidency. And whether Joseph Biden and come what parents can deliver a legislative slate. All of the commitments. They've Nate. Do you agree with that he needs Georgia to be able to do that. Well. I think what that the former president is referring to his bat. It is and it that the majority of the senate is right now. Controlled by the Republicans and if we win those two seasons origin and the majority will be it'll actually 5050 in. Then. I'll have to go on and break into. It. And ends sir explain the bottom line that that is that is present here is that. That president elect will need to work with us we need to work with us again back to this plane about. That democracy that we have crafted that has been respected around the world. We you rightly designs are democracy with three coequal independent branches got. And we designed it in such away that there had to be some level of respect and cooperation in particular between the executive branch and the legislative branch. Which means between them. The presidential administration. And the United States come. I'd like to think it regardless of who runs a majority. That everyone will approach it that. The stimulus package when you're you're talking about how to work together and come together and knowing. There are people in need. What needs to be done or assured to make sure that it gets passed. Rob announced in. Eight. I don't understand. The hesitation. The people. Are suffering. That the extension that people needed benefits. Is very real and the people here in Washington DC taxes stop living in a bubble. And understand that we are facing eight an economic crisis that is being compared to the Great Depression. That the 88 health care crisis in terms of this virus calls it. That is one of the greatest mass casualty offense we've ever experience as a country. The people have a right to expect that their leaders in congress seed. And packed in there best. And you've often said if you are watching our leaders. You know and. When you see. Leaders of both sides. When it comes to the pandemic. Date will put out strict guidelines and anything your colleague. In California. The strict guidelines but yet they don't follow through what message does that send to the American public. I think we have to. Understand that right now this is a moment for everyone to sacrifice. And if we're gonna get through this together as a country and we all have to do it I mean. You know look on the mass issue the I don't know anyone that likes wearing pants. I don't like and that's I think you don't but we do. And we do for a number of reasons. And one of the first that is to live that saying. You know love thy neighbor if you look it if this is about. In a moment of crisis the spirit of the American people. Has always been to rise up together in saint work off. When we return more Robin Roberts exclusive sit down and plays president. Kabul and there. Back here not too far from here man it's been announced that that's worthy of inauguration we'll take place yes. Do you know anything more about the plans. And I mean it's going to be very different men and anything that we've witnessed before because of cold. And we're gonna ask people x.'s enjoying. The moment from their homes weren't I think do it very much like we did the convention. And you know figure out a production. In a way that people all over the country get to participate. But the first thing and foremost is yes there will be an inauguration there will be that swearing. We will be sworn in. At the capitol. But we want everyone to enjoy it and went they can also be safe because of course. Listen my perspective the beginning is January to money and so we want to make sure it goes into it. To the coming months. In with it there healthiest states what is going to be going through your mind. When you take that oath of office. Abby think about thing. You know I was raised my mother but said that to me on the time coming may be the first to do many things make you not the last. End to. That's how I feel about this moment. And what is most important to you and also vice president you have your marching orders man but. Have you carved out any special initiatives. That you want. To see that you want to. In force there in the White House much like we've seen previous vice presidents what is most important to you. So. Outside Joseph Biden and I are full partisans and and I am. Fully and deeply integrated everything went down and for me the priorities are at the nation's pride strength and working with the president. Elect. Allen will be the press. Sit to address again these crises that are very real sense perhaps and that's the start with deal with the pandemic to the economic. Out come of it dealing with what we need to do to get our schools back up and running all of those are the primaries. And I'll be of ups and. It came out on that stage to Mary Jane lot. I know countless people have reached out to. Was it that surprise you the most he reached out after that. It adds I've heard from. Witt the children of colleagues that I've had over the years who wrote notes and say you don't know me let you work with my daddy you worked with my mom you know the way I see is that when I walked through that door I walk through that don't awful lot of people. And the people who have pounded go right down effect. Generations. That people who. Take pride in it people who. I just walking in that door with me you know if you navigate the weight of responsibility and don't say if not a way but there. But doesn't help you do it physically but it is it is Oakley in it is. It is that the responsibility. That comes with knowing that one. The bottom line is that the decisions that we are going to make going to be decisions in fact. Hundreds of millions of people if not people all around the globe. But it also comes with the weight of responsibility I feel. To honor. All of those particular when. Who. Came informing women of every race every ethnicity every background. In four years from now. If you were to look back as your role as vice president. What will be your definition. Of success. Joseph Biden success. Because it's soul. And I were elected to do which which used to. Build back better and to fight was the best who. Jan it. He and I as partners if we are able. To do act together and I think our country. That's about. Are the whole point of what we endeavor to do by by running for office. Which is to see the American people to have a vision in which they can seasons. And exit actually have an impact on the airlines in a way that we value work. We value things we value communities need values office and we looked them especially on the crisis. Thank you for that. And the few minutes we have left would you rather be wears a checked it was right now. Up you know I it it's Vista those. Only about the collection. Okay. I loved acts of ideas I do and I always have. And yak. My. Must separate checks but when it acts like I have some leathers. And then of course is in the woods don't have delays and ambulance he accurately. Those are great. Well they're campaigning I I got a pair I. That was made by a local. Design element whose. Design. And silent acts. How are you let it. Keep a sense of normalcy had no you let your Sunday dinners would you have the time and how he going to be able to maintain. Well I intend to maintain I intend to get back to money and I can't as we all can't I can't wait until. We can all be together around one big table I'd I'd love to cook we have a big modern family means so I am very much looking for two. Making sure that everybody wears a mask gets vaccinated. Let's reopen our businesses reopen our schools. And get around a big family table and the accounts and for me personally I'm just gonna cut. Gross ticket rose six. Yeah and a whole the whole list of things. Thank you you up thinking they think he. Thank you for joining me for that sit down with vice president elect come while Harris. That is it for this half hour but don't go anywhere there is much more ahead on ABC news line again thanks for streaming with us. Happy holidays.

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{"duration":"20:29","description":"ABC News’ Robin Roberts sits down with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to discuss how the incoming administration plans to work with Congress to unify the nation amid the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74817362","title":"Making History: Robin Roberts’ exclusive interview with VP-elect Kamala Harris","url":"/Politics/video/making-history-robin-roberts-exclusive-interview-vp-elect-74817362"}