Marco Rubio on 2016: 'I'm Not Arguing That This Is a Race Between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington'

ABC News' Jonathan Karl moderates the Florida Senate Republican debate
6:31 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Marco Rubio on 2016: 'I'm Not Arguing That This Is a Race Between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington'
Let's turn to. Your party's. More here. You question Donald Trump's and it. You call them a con man a lunatic. You city couldn't be trusted with nuclear codes. You say he is quote. The most vulgar person ever to aspire to the presidency that was months ago before the current revelations. Now as congressman move Murphy is loaded to. At least ten women have come forward to allege that they've been inappropriately touched or worse electro in ways precisely. If you described. So my question to you is how do you explain to yourselves. Entered the waters. Why do you believe that a man who boasted of committing sexual assault should be president of the United States of America. Why are there any kids in America who understand what or find towards America hasn't selections like what's mine. Because they've lived through the last fourteen months. It's not just my children I feel terrible for the young people across America I run into every data tell me this is the first time I'm ever gonna vote. And what they have before them RT deeply flawed candidates. I stand by everything I ever said in the Republican prime. And I would admit right off the bat this is the not most inspirational choice program in American history and terms of these candidates. There's no doubt that there's a lot of things I disagree with and the nominee of my party and I've taken him on when he says things that are wrong on policy and I condemned them. When he said things that are aggressive outrageous vulgar and inappropriate and I will continue to use. The problem as the other party has nominated someone who has repeatedly violated federal law. They violated someone who destroyed evidence they violated someone who that we cannot trust with classified information they nominated someone who lied. To the family of four brave Americans who lost their lives in the service of our country and then got the and who today on this very day it was revealed. From documents from the FBI. That her State Department was trying to get the FBI unclassified certain documents so her emails would be compliant. Us personal at the thirty year record. A thirty year record. Scandal outrage. That's an eight nominated and so this election. Is a disturbing choice between someone that I disagree with on many things and some public disagree with. On virtually everything it is a difficult and less than ideal choice. And that is why it's so important that our next US senators someone willing to stand on and take on whoever the next president of the United States and the only one running on the states might do. It's me but senator rubio is there. Anything Donald Trump could say or do. It would cause him to rethink your decision. To support him to be president of the united states of course like a lot of things that Hillary Clinton stands for and does if you were to do those things that we would have no choice in this election. Let's. I think it's pretty clear Donald Trump was not my first choice or even attempt choice to be the nominee of the Republican Party fourteen million voters in the Republican primaries chose differently. But one of the reasons why a change my mind and ran for reelection it's because I know that no matter who wins this election. You were going to need people in the United States and willing to stand up to the next president of the United States when they are wrong on policy when there are wrong and their behavior. And I'm the only one running that will I have repeatedly done so when it comes the nominee of my party. Congressman Murphy hasn't. Wants broken with a nominee of his party when she's been caught doing all these things. He has not once condemned they're not want to point a finger at her has not want broken with her on any of her behaviors are quite frankly and any of the major policy I it's our turn. And I'm interject I am thinking about the next generation congressman I'm taking specific about my four children. Which is why I don't want to see Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States because she will redefine the Supreme Court away. That will redefine the constitution of the United States for the better part of a quarter century. And I also thinking about my children because of the Iran deal which this president put in place and which you wholeheartedly support in Iran deal that delivers. Billions of dollars to the world's leading sponsor of terrorism. An Iran deal that already delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to the Ayatollah in Iran. In a deal you support a deal that you said is gonna lead to peace in our time. We'll look at the history books the last person that that has regretted it for over eighty years this deal will not lead to peace and our time. It will lead to a nuclear Iran with missiles capable of reaching the United States of America that's the feature that I'm concerned about and those policies Hillary Clinton supports and sodium. You said you don't trust Donald Trump with a nuclear codes you sit on the intelligence committee you know what's at stake in this election. Donald Trump wants to be buddies with Vladimir Putin. Says there's nothing wrong with and that he's a strong leader you should know better than that I'd where both on the intelligence committee the difference is I show up to those committees I show up. And I'm there because it's important when its national security at stake but my opponent continues to put his own political ambition. And for what's best for Puerto at for the protecting our country. I am ensor you on the intelligence committee congressman and it any of your staffers had ever done what Hillary Clinton did with classified information that would have been fire and it would have been prosecuted. And and yet you still stand with her. I don't trust Hillary Clinton classified information she has proven cheat that she cannot handle it and that she would expose the foreign intelligence agencies actually had asked can you trust don't throw with clubs went from me. Well again god lets this this now but this choice. And it comes to this election I've already admitted to you this is blessed to less than ideal options that we have before this country. I'm not arguing here that this is a race between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. These are too deeply flawed candidates which is why it's so important as I've already said repeatedly that we have a candidate for units and that if elected. We'll stand up to these people in this election the only one that stood up to both candidates is me. Apparently congressman Murphy thinks that can do no wrong we and the vast majority of Floridians disagree without them. We have to get to the panel with but one other question on the nuclear codes. You've said you don't trust Donald Trump nuclear codes because his temperament he's unstable because he said he was lunatic. I have deep reservations about the nominee of mark or do you not trust Hillary Clinton with a nuclear codes I don't trust Hillary Clinton on foreign policy. Which could lead to a conflict anywhere in the world this nation cannot afford and should not be involved. I don't trust on foreign policy because he's the author of the Russian reset which is involved in Russia and the way we had never seen until she not only injured and that agreement but bragged about it. I don't trust on foreign policy because she supports the Iran deal which is delivering. Billions upon billions of dollars to a radical nation led by an Ayatollah in Iran that don't want to acquire nuclear weapons but it's Britney used them against the State of Israel. I don't trust her foreign policy.

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{"id":42885194,"title":"Marco Rubio on 2016: 'I'm Not Arguing That This Is a Race Between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington'","duration":"6:31","description":"ABC News' Jonathan Karl moderates the Florida Senate Republican debate ","url":"/Politics/video/marco-rubio-2016-im-arguing-race-abraham-lincoln-42885194","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}