Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Presidential Run

Rubio tells supporters her has officially thrown his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination.
17:50 | 04/13/15

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Transcript for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Presidential Run
Thank you for being here. After months of deliberation and prayer about the future of our country I have come here tonight. To make an announcement on how I believe I can best serve. I chose to make this announcement at Freedom Tower because. It is truly a symbol of our nation's identity of the land of opportunity. And I am more confident than them. That despite our troubles. We have it within our power to make our time another American century. In this very room. Five decades ago. Tens of thousands of Cuban exiles began their new lives in America. The story is part of the larger story of the American marriage and how united by a common faith. And their god given right. To go as far as their talent and work would take them. A collection of immigrants and exiles. A former slaves and refugees. Together built the freest and most prosperous nation ever. You see for almost all of human history power and wealth. Belonged only to a select few. Most people who have ever live. Were trapped by the circumstances of their birth. Destined to live the life their parents that. And America's different. Because here we are the children and the grandchildren of people who refused. To accept this. And. Okay. Both hot both of my parents were born to poor families in Cuba. After his mother died mine my father had to go work when he was nine years ago. My mother was one of seven girls raised by a disabled father. Who struggle to provide for his fan. When I hear it when they were young my parents have big dreams for themselves. But because they were born into because of but because they were not born into wealth or power the future. Was destined to be defined by their past. And so in 1956 they came here to America. The one place on earth where the aspirations of people like them. Could be more than just strains. Here in America my father became a bartender. My mother a cashier. That I made. A Kmart store clerk. They never made it day. They were success. Two immigrants that little money or education found stable jobs. Owned a home retired with security and gave all four of their children a life better than their own. My parents achieved what it came to be known as the American dream. The problem is now too many Americans are starting to doubt whether achieving that dream is still possible. Hardworking families that are living paycheck to paycheck. Want unexpected expense away from disaster. Young Americans. Unable to start a career or business or family. Because they owe thousands of dollars in student loans for degrees that did not even lead to jobs. And small business owners who are left to struggle under the weight of more taxes more regulation. And more government. What why is this happening. Any country that for over two centuries has been defined by equality of opportunity. It's because while our people and our economy are pushing the boundaries. Of the 21 century. Too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the twentieth century. And. They're busy looking backwards. So they do not see how jobs and prosperity today depend on our ability to complete in and compete in the global economy. And sore leaders put us at a disadvantage. By taxing and borrowing and regulating like it was 1999. Okay. They they look. They look for solutions and yesterday. So they do not see the good paying good paying mater jobs require different skills and more education in the past. So they blindly support an outdated higher education system that is too expensive and too inaccessible to those who need it most. And they have forgotten. They have forgotten that when America fails to lead. Global chaos inevitably follows. And so. So they appease our enemies. Baby -- our allies. And they weaken our military. Now look at the turn of the nineteenth century. A generation of Americans harnessed the power of the industrial age and they transform this country into the leading economy in the world. And the twentieth century became the American century. Now the time has come for our generation. To lead the way towards a new American century. And. Okay. If if we reform our tax code. And reduce regulations and control spending and modernize our immigration laws and repeal and replace obamacare if we do. We know these things. If we do these things the American people create millions of better paying modern jobs. If we create its when he first since this 21 century system of higher education. The provides working Americans the chance to acquire the skills they need. That no longer graduate students with mountains of debt and agrees that do not lead to jobs. And now graduates more students from high school ready to work. Then our people will be prepared to seize their opportunities in this new economy. A it will be remembered. It we remember that the family not the government. Is the most important institution in our society. Okay. If we remember that all human life deserves protection of our laws. And every remember that all parents deserve to choose the education that's right for their children then we will have a strong people at. At a strong nation. And of America once again accepts the mantle of global leadership. By abandoning this administration's dangerous concessions to Iran and its hostility to Israel. Okay. I. By reversing the hollowing out of our military. By giving our men and women in uniform the resource is the care and the gratitude that they deserve. By no longer being passive in the face of Chinese and Russian aggression. And by handing the near total disregard. For the erosion of democracy and human rights around the world especially Cuba Venezuela. And. The event in the. If we did these things then our nation would be safe for our world more stable and our people more prosperous. This these are the things that we must do. But this election is not just about what laws were going to pass. This election. Is a generational choice about what kind of country we will be. Not just yesterday. A leader from yesterday. Began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. Yesterday's over. And. We're never going back. We Americans are proud of our history. But our country has always been about the future. And before us now is the opportunity to author the greatest chapter yet in the amazing story of America. But we can't do that by going back to the leaders and ideals of the past. We must change the decisions we are making. By changing the people who are making them. Okay. Good. Old. That is why tonight. Grounded by the lessons of our history. But inspired by the promise of our future I announce my candidacy for president. And. And I. Okay. Okay. I know my candidacy might seem improbable to some watching from abroad. After Ryan and not many countries. The highest office in the land of dessert is reserved for the rich and the powerful. But I live in an exceptional country. I live in an exceptional country where even the son of a bartender at a Maine can have the same dream. Okay. The son of a bartender and a mate can have the same dreams and the same future as those who come from power and privilege. OK. It's. I recognize. I recognize the challenges of this campaign. And I recognize the demands of this office that I see. But in this endeavor as an all things. I find comfort in the ancient command. Be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed for the lord your god is Whitney wherever. And I've heard. I've heard some suggest. I should step aside in and wait my turn. And I. But I cannot. Because I believe our very identity as an exceptional nation is at stake and I can make a difference is present. I'm I'm humbled by the realization that America. America doesn't owe me anything. But I haven't debts American Imus try to repair. This isn't just a country where I was born. America's literally the place to change my family's history. I regret that my father did not live to see this day in person. He used to tell me all the time he's to tell us all the time. And your ticket prices fell on outlet Nevada though and of course a commercial and a willingness. That means in this country you will achieve all the things we never. On the days when I'm tired or discouraged. I remember the sounds of his keys tingling at the front door of our home. Well past midnight. As he returned from another long day at work. When I was younger I didn't fully appreciate all he did for us. And now as my own children grow older. I'm more fully understand. You see my father was grateful for the work he had. That was not the life he wanted for his children. He won it all the dreams he wants hat for himself to come true for us he wanted all the doors that close for him. To open from eight. And so my father stood behind his small portable bar. In the back of a room for all those years. So that tonight I can stand behind his podium in front of this room just next. Okay. June. That journey from behind that bar to behind this podium as. That's the essence of the American dream. And whether we remain a special country will depend. On whether that journey is still possible for those were trying to make it right now. The single mother who works long hours for little pay. So her children don't have to struggle the way she Haston. The young student who takes two buses before Don. To attend a better school halfway across town. The workers and our hotel kitchens the landscaping crews and our neighborhoods. The late night janitorial staff between our offices. And even the bartenders who tonight are standing in the back of a room somewhere in America. If their American dreams become impossible. We will have just become another country. But if they succeed. This 21 century while also be an American centric. Nall. A. This will be the message of my campaign. And the purpose of my presidency. And to succeed on this journey I will need your prayers. And your support. And ultimately your vote. And so tonight I'm asking you to take that first step with me by joining us at our website Marco Rubio dot com. My wife Jeanette in my four children are here tonight. The next nineteen months we'll take me far away from home. Always I'll miss watching a man to run track. And any other play volleyball. And Anthony play football and Dominic place or. But I have chosen this course because this election this. Election is about them. Bears is the most important generation at. It can help my wallet. Because if we can capture the promise of this new century they will be the freest and the most prosperous Americans have ever lived. But if we fail. They will be the first generation of Americans to inherit a country worse off than the one laptop for their parents. The final verdict on our generation will be written by Americans who have not yet been born. Let us make sure they record that we made the right choice. That in the early years of this century. Based for the rapidly changing and uncertain world our generation rose to face the great challenges of our time. And because we did. Because we did there was still one place in the world. Where you Wear or who you come from does not determine how far you go. Because we did the American miracle live Don. Because we did our children and there's lip and a new American century. Okay.

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{"duration":"17:50","description":"Rubio tells supporters her has officially thrown his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30293992","title":"Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Presidential Run","url":"/Politics/video/marco-rubio-2016-presidential-announcement-speech-florida-sen-30293992"}