Marco Rubio Wins Second Term in US Senate

Surrounded by his family, the Floridian thanked supporters and said "We will turn this country around."
7:06 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for Marco Rubio Wins Second Term in US Senate
Let me first I've I think this is a lot better than the last time either one of these in my. Okay. Let me. Let me begin by -- a few moments ago like I got off the phone with the congressman Murphy and I congratulated him on race. The congressman Murphy's a young man with a bright future and I thank him for his willingness to step forward in public service guys running for office part. Putting your name on the ballot as hard and I congratulate him and his family now look forward to seeing the ways he is going to serve our country in the future. I want to begin by acknowledging what I always do and that is absolutely should after it ran a great race. All out. The glory and praise belongs to my creator to god from my personal faith. I've already stated. And we have carried out thing every moment of our life than the good times in the difficult ones and twists and turns and there's been. A number of twists and turns this year and so. I always acknowledge god and I thank god because the greatest blessing he's given me after the opportunity to be a citizen of the greatest nation on earth. Is an extraordinary woman to share my life with my wife Jeanette and my fourth. And we. We had a great campaign team and I it was second Mets and all other names of so many great people. But I do want to acknowledge someone who came here and help this run this campaign and did a phenomenal job there is no one better in the country right now my opinion running these things. And the person who ran mine his name's Clinton read I want to thank. The staff and my senate office I can't tell you how many people came up to me and said you know I'm not Republican. Vote for you because you guys help me. You help the Social Security claim you help me with an issue at the VA and that's the work we do honor to do it and that is the people that work in my offices in Washington. And all across Florida we have the bass and its staff in America and I'm grateful. Mark I want to thank. The people this extraordinary state for giving me another opportunity to continue to serve them and the United States and this is an extraordinary place fla it is the collection of all the things that make us the greatest nation honor. Of people I've lived here for decades. Of the descendants of slaves. Of the children of immigrants. Florida is America. Atoms at such an honor to be represented this extraordinary state. I wanna say if you weren't Spanish because I know people get their news and Spanish a lot of people vote me learned about me in Spanish you know that's not what a sad. Acting without. And it up policy on the port but he annually and I. And I mean my what the what could it affect the only. Rounding up literally minutes went a problem with that is an act Costello and it's a lot of. And beyond are bound to yank them at both sides Emilia. Area mandate. Local want to let up podium I'll. We have been there are an interest in years the nation. And we'll rate the results of tonight's election. But here's what I know pressure. Here's here's what I. Bynum. There is still no nation on earth and I would rather be. Despite all of our challenges there is no country and there is no people on this planet that I would play trade places where. Glad I'm an American in the 21 century America's going to be OK we will turn this country around I have faith I know god is not done it America yet. Yes great I. In the days and weeks to come. I hope that we as a people here in Florida helped set the example in this great state. That while we can disagree on issues we cannot cherry country where people hate each other because. Other political affiliations. We cannot move. As a nation if we cannot happen like debates about issues. You can disagree with someone without taking. And you can disagree without without legitimizing their point view. That doesn't mean our diversity not continue to divide us on critical is. It doesn't. That there is not wait for this nation to move forward if we leave anyone behind. I hope that I and my colleagues returned to work in Washington DC and set a better example. Of how political this courts exist in this country. And I know people feel betrayed a right. Every major institution and our society has failed us the media. The government. Big business Wall Street academia. That off ailments. And so people are so frustrated. And angry. But we must channel that anger and frustration and something positive. Lot of movement but it will sport energy. We confront and solve our challenges and our problems. America has never had an air Florida has never had an easier arts. Has always confront the great challenges and soaked as our. And yet each generation Americans that port to confront their challenges and embraced their opportunities. And now the time for this conference that is thing. I believe my heart that it would it would down in the years to come. My children and yours will be the freest and most prosperous Americans that a government. We start now. For while we still have time to get this right we do not have for a I will close by saying that while I have the belief. But the decision making government are important. I know that in the end America will not be saved by well. I hope that we as a nation returned to our roots of the people in the nation. Respecting our diversity and understanding. Ultimately unite the people is the dream come home like. And that we can achieve that we all she. And I hope I get the opportunity. Closes. I hope this nation tonight irrespective of the president. That we lost a prayer for our great country. Because that the work description talents. Let's or built a house labor's main bill and let the lord our city and Spain as the guards keep watch. Let us work together. God bless this great nation thank you property it.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Surrounded by his family, the Floridian thanked supporters and said \"We will turn this country around.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43400381","title":"Marco Rubio Wins Second Term in US Senate","url":"/Politics/video/marco-rubio-wins-term-us-senate-43400381"}