Martin O'Malley's Closing Statements: 'Anger and Fear Never Built America'

O'Malley made his closing remarks at the ABC News Democratic presidential debate.
1:52 | 12/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Martin O'Malley's Closing Statements: 'Anger and Fear Never Built America'
I want to thank. The people who tuned in tonight I want to thank the great people of New Hampshire where despite all of the cynicism about big money and and big banks taking over our politics here in New Hampshire the individual matters. In a mob wife Katie and I have four terrific kids and like you is probably nothing we wouldn't do to give them a future that safer. It's healthier. Where they have more opportunity than our parents and grandparents gave to us. Tonight what you listen to was a health exchange of ideas. About how we do that that which we have always proven and a capacity to do better than any nation in the world. To take actions that include more of our people more fully in the economic social and political life of our country. When you listen to the Republican debate the other night he heard a lot of anger and you have a lot of fear. Well they can have their anger and they can have their fear and anger and fear never built America. We build our country. By adopting wage and labor policies including comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway of citizenship for all. We do it by investing in our country. By investing in infrastructure by investing in the skills and the talents of our people with debt free college and we can do would again. And we also. Create a better future for our kids when we square our shoulders to the great challenges of or times whether it's that terror trying to undermine our values or Republican presidential candidates trying to get us to surrender our freedoms and our and our values in the face of this threat. The other big challenge we have is climate change. The greatest business opportunity to come to the united states of American a hundred years we need to embrace this I have put forward a plan that does this then loses to a 100% clean electric grid by Tony fifty join this campaign for the future new leadership is what our country needs to move us out of these divided and polarized times. Thank you.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"O'Malley made his closing remarks at the ABC News Democratic presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35869286","title":"Martin O'Malley's Closing Statements: 'Anger and Fear Never Built America'","url":"/Politics/video/martin-omalleys-closing-statements-anger-fear-built-america-35869286"}