Montana Governor Steve Bullock enters 2020 Presidential race

Bullock becomes the 22nd Democrat to announce a run for president.
2:54 | 05/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Montana Governor Steve Bullock enters 2020 Presidential race
And just when you thought there was one too many democratic candidates entering the 20/20 race. There's one more Montana governor Steve Bolick so want to bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein. And our DC bureau with more. Yeah the governor of Montana and is making a play to be known as the guy that one of the red state he won reelection in 2016 the same time president trump. Won his state of Montana by twenty points he won by about four points his reelection race. And that is his calling card that he knows how to going to trump country and win he doesn't think it's too late although it's going to be hard to make a splash in a field this big 22 candidates and counting. I write rakes so as our political director we know if anybody is keeping up with all of these candidates its yield. So guess what it's time for. So now it's time people are gone. Rick I want you to name all 20/20. Of that money to candidates in this race where removing your feet so only the viewer than I can see the answers so whenever you're ready dividend up all right. Bolick Castro Sanders war in. Booed is edge Harris. The lady Klobuchar I'm going in random order here are some kind of hold on all over the map yes feel tired. Booker. Wayne messed them. Elizabeth Warren Seth Moulton Eric's wall well. What are we have here we've probably got and the view right now bets or or how many do I got so far you keeping track. You that you have about ten or eleven keep going out ten or eleven that I get how will Harris yet that I get Bernie Sanders yet that I get Joseph Biden yet. And Kirsten Gillibrand. Yen them. What are we have how many do we have left Andrew Yang can have a big event New York tonight as a matter of fact got him yeah. We're gonna we're gonna go with Hulsey Gabbard is an to its ads or less Zairean I'll have about four more or more. Four or five more gets I have more that's intimidating. It's. I think I'm I think I'm about tapped out. Our diet they that's. That's impressive I must say I'm did you think John Delaney I don't remembering what did I got delayed pocono got Delanie did you say Tim Ryan. Did not gives him Ryan you did not say Tim Ryan did you say John Hickenlooper. Move Graham didn't want to say the only there and I got on this day in lead Zumiez long today Donovan is day and did you say they don't. I did I got that's up as an interview as we speak. I write so that was our study for this question next time you this is the second time I've gotten stumped on this you think that these things I learned my lesson. Okay we'll live next time honestly to be honest with you we were trying to make it harder. We're gonna have you save them in the order that they entered the battle for next I don't study but. Study you are right Rick thank you so much from playing a line.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Bullock becomes the 22nd Democrat to announce a run for president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63032984","title":"Montana Governor Steve Bullock enters 2020 Presidential race","url":"/Politics/video/montana-governor-steve-bullock-enters-2020-presidential-race-63032984"}